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Issue #108
Current Issue

Submission Guidelines


It doesn’t sound flippant, we hope, if we say that the most meaningful guide is the magazine itself. We’ve published it continually since 1966 so, to some extent, past is prologue. While we hope we will always be open to new ideas, it seems unlikely that we will develop an interest in formula romance or sing-song verse. Sample copies may be ordered directly from us ($14.00 including postage) and are also available at many bookstores and libraries. Writers who send work to publications they’ve never seen are usually wasting time, money and effort, theirs and ours.

Magazine Submissions

As a rule, send up to six poems or one story at a time. We rarely publish non-fiction, but there are exceptions. We do not publish reviews. Manuscripts must be legible and be sure that includes your name and address. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope of adequate size or we cannot reply. If you don’t want your work returned, please make that clear. Cover letters are welcome if they contain pertinent information, but they are hardly a requirement. Because we read all submissions carefully, please allow up to three months for an answer. That’s also why we will not consider simultaneous submissions. We also cannot accept submissions by fax or e-mail. We never have contests or theme issues. We do have a regular section of work by high school writers: special guidelines for high school writers. All contributors receive checks on acceptance and copies of the issue containing their work.

Artwork and book manuscripts are by invitation only, without exception. We cannot be responsible for unsolicited work.

High School Submissions

Hanging Loose magazine welcomes high school submissions. As with other writers, we reply within three months, and high school authors whose work we publish receive the same small fee and two copies of the issue in which their work appears. We feel a special responsibility to those young writers who look to us not only for possible publication but sometimes also for editorial advice, which we are always happy to give when asked.
Our work as editors is of course time-consuming, but we feel a strong commitment to give as
much time and attention as possible to the work we receive from high school age writers. We urge
writers of high school age to follow these guidelines, in order to help us respond to their work.

* Send all work to High School Editor, Hanging Loose, 231 Wyckoff Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Please also send us a note identifying yourself as a high school age writer, and telling us
your age, and be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient return postage.
* Send 3 to 6 poems, or 1 to 3 short stories, or an equivalent combination of poetry and
prose. This enables us to get a good idea of what your work is like.
* All work should be neatly typed. High quality photocopies or readable computer-generated
hard copies are acceptable. A brief biographical statement is welcome. We are always interested in knowing how you found out about us, what school you attend, and so forth.Please Note: We prefer to receive submissions from young writers themselves, rather than from their teachers. We strongly discourage teachers from submitting samples of work from members of their classes. Similarly, we discourage teachers from asking students to submit their work as a class assignment. We prefer teachers to encourage students who take themselves seriously as writers to write us directly.

Hanging Loose has long been known for its special interest in new writers. We read manuscripts throughout the year and we look forward to reading yours.

Send all work to: Hanging Loose, 231 Wyckoff Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217.




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