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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

Every title published by the press has been kept in print. Good literature stays good.



Zakosek, Chris. "After First Grade," 48.

Zander, William. "Poem against Insecticides," 19.

Zane, Geneva. "Pig," 103.

Zapruder, Matthew. "She's Trying to Sell Me Something," 70.

Zavatsky, Bill. "Bald," 49."Sleep" 74. “Beetle,” 88. “Ode to the Maker of Odes,” 91. "Young Telemakhos at the Shore," "Choices," "The Woman Upstairs," 101.

Zealand, Karen. "Before the PRINCESS Was Lost to a Shoe Store," 58.

Zeavin, Hannah. “Someone’s Talking about Mal Waldron,” 90. . ““Don’t Forget the Motor City!”” “Mama!,” 91. “Lineage,” 92.

Zegers, Kip. "Ceilings," 47. "A Promise," 52. “How to Stand,” 87.

Zerick, Trina M. "How to Make a Bed" 74.

Zetter, Sharon. "NC-17," 76.

Zexter, Melissa. "Ten Images" (art work), 69.

Zhang, Albert. "Erasure," "Glory Days," 110.

Zhang, Zixiang. “In the Heart of Summer,” “White,” “When Riding at Night,” 97.

Zheng, Jianqing. “Hunger,” “Picture Taking in the Chinese Cultural Revolution,” 88. "Snapshots of Delta Shacks," 107 .

Zhao, Grace. "Athazagoraphobia," "Coca Cola," 106.

Zimmerman, Rachel. "I wouldn't have returned your overdue books," "Ink Means Never Having to Say Rewrite," 42.

Zirlin, Larry. "The Rubber Dagger," "Epitaph," 49. "New Year's Day," "Chronic," "36 Today," "Weegee," 53. "Anniversary," "Under the Tongue," "Press Check," "The Moon Plan," 56. "Mary, Not Mommy," 59. "Counting," 61. "On the F Line," "Laundromat," "To Friends in the Country," 6?. "Sunday," "My Mother's Double Vision," "The Mistake," "Night Owl," "The Extreme Myope," 69. "People at Pay Phones," "From: Corner of Clinton and President," 72."Fasting," "Final" 75. “The Parables of Choice,” “Let’s Just Say,” “We have no time to waste emotion on anything,” 82. “Culling Books,” “Key West,” 90."Moving," 100.

Zuckerman, Marilyn. "The Body Manufactures Designs," 25.




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