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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

Every title published by the press has been kept in print. Good literature stays good.




Wachtel, Chuck. "Purely Coincidental," "Hans Frank the Butcher of Poland Takes a Rorschach Test," "June 1, 1968" (fiction), 42. "For a Reason" [fiction], 50-51. "Four Real Dreams," "The Funeral," (prose), 61. "Five Documentaries" (prose), 62. "Sin Embargo," "Again," 64. "Her Husband, Standing Beside Her on the Platform..," "When the Dust Settled the Dow...," "Supply Side," "Our Love," 65. "If You Are Not Vigilant, a Language You Do Not Speak Well Will Force You to Rely On, and Abide by, Stereotype and Over-Simplification," "In Time," "The Storyteller's Motivation," 69."My Best Interests" 74. “Someone Who Could Be, Though Is Probably Not, an Exterminator,” “A Midwinter Night,” 86. “Elegies,” 94. "The String," 100.

Waddell, Sarah. "that bum is late," "working," 34.

Wade, Erika. “God of Green,” “Death of Dogs,” 94.

Wade, John Stevens. "As Always," "Chrysanthemums," 3. "Dexterity and Common Sense," "The Roosevelt Dime," 7.

Wagoner, Charles. “Forgetting the Magic Words,” “In the Kiva at Old Oraibi,” “That Bird,” 78.

Wagoner, David. “A Woman Driving a Car Full of Flowers,” “Trying to Make Music,” “Introduction to a Poetry Reading,” 82. “Almost Waking Up in the Middle of the Night,” “For a Man Who Wrote CUNT on a Motel Bathroom Mirror,” 85. “The Moth,” “Elegy for a Safety Man,” “A Lesson from a Student,” 87. “Up Against the Sea,” “The First Touch,” 90. “At the Farewell Performance of Henry Ellsworth Robinson, the Magician Known as Ching Ling Soo,” “At the Ostrich Farm,” “At the Scene of Another Crime,” 93. “The Salute,” “The Devil’s Used Car Lot,” 95.“The Walk of the Nine Afflictions,” “The Old Poet Considers New Directions, “Thoreau and the Football,” 97. "The Stink Bug," "The New Tenants before Their First Sweet Sorrow," 100. "Walking around a Baptist Church," "The Listener Who Sometimes Didn't Listen," "Stilts," 106.

Wainwright, Kim. "Of Ron I dreamt," 23.

Waisman, Sergio Gabriel. "Six-four," 63. "The Chase," 65.

Wagner, Ken. "The Litany of New Things," 104.

Waksler, Norman. "Force of Nature" (fiction), 62.

Walker, Sarah Beth. “White Paper,” 86.

Waldman, Anne "Contemplating a Portrait of Myself with a Hyacinth Flower." 96.

Walker, Jim. “For Roy Jones Jr.,” “Open eyes blues,” 80.

Walsh, Erin. "Summer at Brooke's," 68.

Wallace, Sara. “Midnight,” 86.

Wallin, Jessica. “Photograph,” 80.

Wampler, Jane. “Crazy Ants Attacking World-Renowned Red Crabs on Christmas Island,” “An Entire Room,” 85.

Wang Ping. "Phantoms of the Rose" (prose), 73.. "Wet Nurse, Rhymes of Mother Goose," "Crush" [story] 74. “Opening the Face,” “Heart and Liver,” 82. "Kelisu Diner." 99. "Things We Carry," "We Are Water." 109. . "Carcass," "My Slum," "My Amaranth," 110.

Wang, Tina. “In This House,” “Portrait,” “For a Moment,” 82.

Ward, Patricia Sarrafian.  "A Moment of Quiet" (prose), 73.

Ward, William J., Jr. "Little Big Things," "Butchers," 48.

Ward-Vetrano, Gianna . “Why We Call A Mangiare.” 83.

Ware, Beth. "The Sea," "I Look Out the Window," 31.

Washabaugh, Cindy "Spells for Banishing Fear: VII," 101.

Washick, Lindsay. "Second Meaning of the Rose," "Petal" [prose poem], "Sunday Night," 76.

Washington, Marcherie. "We bounce over potholes and," 38.

Waters, Jacqueline. "#77 Revisited," 62.

Watkins, Janiko J. "Whole Note," 67.

Watkins, Melanie. "Dancing with Your Devil," 57.

Watson, Craig. "(from the Anna Poems) who freed these skeletons," 24.

Watson, Ellen. "Dear Barbara," 26.

Watters, Elissa. "Untitled" 99.

Wayman, Tom. "Ark," "Dino," 101. "The 21st Century Limited," "Rant: Poems," 104. "œDesolatia," "œHeavy Water," "Letting Nature Take Her Course," 106. "The Breast," "The Future," 108. "The Penis in Autumn," "A Meeting With Pete Seeger," 110.

Weaver, Michael S. "South African Communion," "USA Truckers," 42. "Currents," "The Aftermath," 46. "The Dancing Veil," "Luxembourg Garden," 50-51.

Wechsler, Peter. "Citrus Fruit," "The Garbagemen," 39.

Weeks, Charter. Covers and Portfolio, 87.

Wei, Shao. "A Small Finger," "Ten Combs," "Farm Chicken" 75.

Weible, Kennedy. “Phone Man,” 89.

Weik, Molly ."On Ghosts," "Runaway Letters," "Eyes." 109.

Weiler, Sarah. "His conceit is everywhere, it follows him," 45. "I am sleeping in the freezer frozen," 46.

Weinberg, Viola. "Dear Pablo Neruda (no.30)," "Monet's Kitchen," 69.

Weinstein, Evelyn. "Lovely," "After the Wings" 101.

Weise, Jillian. “Spaghetti Western,” 90.

Wickes, Helen. "Single Thread." 99.

Wiese, Anne Pierson. “Welcome, Stranger,” 90.

Willey, Mame. “Group Therapy,” 93.

Wing, Avra. “The Old Men,” 94.

Wing, Elise. "The Microscope," "The Living That Terrifies," "In Each a Nourishment," "Tomorrow, the Seagulls," 108.

Weiser, Chloe' Skye. "Fire and Cold," "Looking through You." 96.

Weiss, Marta. "1945," "M4 at 4 P.M.," "Painted-Perfect Lemons," "Pomegranate," 60.

Welch, Wayne Lee. "hero," 23. "so little," "no show," "ducks," 25. "dream," 29.

Welt, Bernard. "Conversation," "(For Freeman)," 23. "Motorcyles," 25. "Letter from John," "La vida es sueno," 28.

Wertheim, Bill. "You are his daughter," 24.

Weslowski, Dieter. "How Bears Came to Calabria," 47.

West, Kate ."Cat Gifts." 109.

Whalen, Benjamin. "Requiem" [prose], 52.

White, Mimi. “The Man and the Big Car”, 84. “In the Zero Hours,” 89.

White, Sarah . “Yucca on White Sands,” “flashlight,” “Last night you and I…,”“Pablo Vallebuona” 83. “Her Son at War”, 84. “Note to Eulalia Rose,” “Her Son at War,” 85. “Unaccompanied Nocturne,” “The Way Life Goes,” 86. “City of Remembered Cities,” “Aubade for Overlapping Voices,” 88 "The Beasts of Astor Place," "Telling Her Things She Told Me." 96. “Rowing Machine,” “My Grandmother’s Sons,” 98."Night and Day," 100. "My anonymous hour," "For Icarus," 101. "If, at My Deathbed," 106. "A History Major's Memory," "Bill and Barbara in the Afterlife," "What She Learned," 110.

Whitemarsh, Jason. "Escape," 70.

Whiting, Nathan. "An Early Morning Cat," "Girls' Game," "Names, "The Slum Lords of Richmond.... " 38. "Kerenhappuch," "Organized Guerilla Attack on a Volkswagen," "Mister, You Give 10¢ for Caps?" 40. "Clean Orally Only," "The Racewalker Finds a Racewalker Pacer," 44. "Stall King's Tools," 49. "Rats, America Is Moderate," 50-51. "Reducing Head Shape," "Can Odor Pollution Make You Sick?," "Steam Structure," "Butchering Giant Gelados," 55. "Flying Sheep Clothe Reality," "A Journey by Tricycle," "Provisional Courage," 58. "In Charge," 77. “The Carroll Street Bridge,” “On the Golf Course,” 82.“Wings West of Coney Island,” 97.

Wiegner, Kathleen. "An Obsession of Knives," "There are always three," 10. "Faces," "Jealousy Is an Attribute of the Moon," "John Keats You Were Wrong about Everything," "Listening to the Universe," 20. "The Fate of the Bees," "Posthumous Fame," "The Little Deaths," 29. "Southern Comfort," "Outside the World," 42. "Queen Mab," 43. "The Fading Art of Stealing Home," 46. "For Rosella, Who Says She Is Becoming Invisible," "Two People," "The Bill Collector," "Childhood's End," 50-51."In a Dry Time," "This Morning," 71.

Wild, Peter. "chulita," "housing," "Manchuria," "Tempe," 7. "acanthus," "bolsa," "chícaro," "Rabbit song," 8. "Aliso Springs," 23.

Wildonger, Jill. "At the Edge of the Pool," "My Friend," "Let Me Go," "I Am in a Canoe" (fiction), 63.

Wiley, Patricia. "Dream Monologue," 23.

Wilkins, Susan. "The fields of the sky are full of stars & their old news," "Pinks for Max," 24.

Wilkinson, C. E. "The Woman of Andahuaylas," 35.

Will, Frederic. "Emo," 8.

Willey, Mary Louise. "Sadness" (story), 39.

Wills, Matthew. “Subway Ecosystem,””Heronfisher”, 84.

Wilson, Keith. "the old ritual," "the prayer," "What There Was We Missed," 5-6. "On Drinking/& A New Moon/Through the Window," "Pastoral," "Wind, Eternal in Sunshine," 19. "Northern New Mexico Funeral," "Sheepherder's Song," 38.

Winant, Francine. "Atlantis," "To Wait for Visions," "The Way It Was," 10.

Winch, Michael. “Boxer,” 93.

Winch, Terence. "Cycle," "Fear Itself," 22. "Artificial Means to Frustrate the Sacred Ends of Nature," "Hits," 23. "Early Tendencies," "Night Shift," 26. "The Window," "The Door," "The Piano," 28. "Night Court," "Betrayal," 50-51. “Great Big World,” “Gripe Waters of Derry,” “Human,” 81. “Ordinary Mortals.” 83. “Just the Ticket,” “Listening to the Ancestors,” 90. “Transparency,” “On George Tilyou’s Steeplechase,” 93. "The Cows," "Gary Oldman and the Sea," "Classical Instructions," "Horse Play," 101. "Underbelly," "Say Yes to No," "Poem That Sees into the Future," 104. "Ancient Footprints," "Germans Eating Cake," "Spousal Benefits," 108.

Winkfield, Trevor. "Ten Paintings," 110.

Winslow, Peter. "Cosmic Impotence," "Dense," "The Lobotomized Elephant," "Night of the Crowd," "Spent Shell," 11. "Any Musical Instrument Will Do," "Eternity," 12. "Doors Clanging Shut in the Cells of the Body," "Medical Dental Poems," 16. "three poems from A Daisy in the Memory of a Shark," 18.

Wisher, Yolanda. "Gangsta Birth," "Love Is Like a Faucet," "Monk Eats an Afro," 102. "Slow Drag," "Havana Darlin," "From Imhotep's Kundalini," "Violin to Fiddle," 103. "Runs in the Family," "When Sidney Poitier Smacks a White Man," "Dope Magicians," 108.

Woessner, Warren. "The Butterflies Return," 17.

Wohl, Bess. "Baby," "Everything in Plain Language," "The Sink and Swim of One," 59.

Wojahn, David. "Home from Work, Unbandaging," "A White Suit, the Rain," "On a Clear Night You can Pick Up Austin, Texas," 31.

Wolf, Naomi. “Coyote,” “Fireflies,” “Word,” 87.

Wolff, Jessamyn. "Transverse Waves MI," “Aplomb," "My Brother Walks Down Pleasant Street," "Most Days," 110.

Wolff, Rebecca. "Sleephood," "Seduction Theory," "Run Catch Kiss," 49. "The Rich Own Us," 50-51.

Wolter, Richard. "A Formless Cloud in a Windless Sky," 16.

Wonder, Alvin. "image from the deep," 11.

Wong, Nellie. "How To Guard Our Dead," "Ode to Two Sisters in the Sun," "Window Full of Shoes" (prose), "My Sister Dreams," 39.

Wood, Peter. "Mr. Bartolino," "I Know a Woman," "Mad Chat," 52.

Woods, Alfred L. "Keith Village," "Sung Aunty Bella," "The Law 41.

Worden, Anne-Marie. "In Paris," 57.

Worsley, Dale. “Dedekind’s Toes,” 98.

Worth, Andrea. “Road Crown: Construction Photographs,” 89.

Wright, David Walton. "On the horizon," "Below the Springs," "The Wish," "Because of his grandchild's death," 43.

Wright, David. "To Miss a Turtle," 103. "The Burden," 107. "Nothing Old Under the Sun." 109. "His Anger," "The Martians on Board," 110.

Wright, Jay. "A Nuer Sacrifice," 8. "Dreaming," "Variation on a Theme by LeRoi Jones," 9. "Sources," 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6; note to "Sources" [prose], 18. "From: The Weasel's Fart and Blossoms," "Pink and White," 100.

Wright, Jeffrey Cyphers. “Good to Go,” “Look. See.,” 94. "Clear Function," "Holiday Gold," 108.

Wubbels, Eric. "Picasso Was a Fly," 72.

Wubbels, Kurt. "To Greg, How's Ohio?" "'Anything is possible with a willing heart,'" "(French) Public Transit," "The Voice of Robert Desnos," 70.

Wunsch, Emma. "Why Did Daddy Do It?" [prose], 59. "Learning to Fly" (fiction), 64.

Wyatt, Andrea. “Founding Fathers: Burroughs,” 85.

Wyatt, Charles. "Beggar Couple with Children and Dog," "Woman in North Holland Costume," 64. "Teaching,"(fiction), 65. "Patterson Creek," 69. “Poem Which Blunders into the Present Tense,” “My Men Have the Castle Surrounded,” “Rembrandt’s Nose,” 78. “Mona,” 79. “John Gardner’s Ghost,” 82. “Listening", 84. “Rembrandt’s Nose,” [story], 88. “Brahms,” “Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy,” 94.

Wyndham, Harald. "elegy apocalypse," 14.

Wyszomierski, Donna. "These children was born to my wife in common law," "how many women go along with that go to church and light," 34.



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