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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

Every title published by the press has been kept in print. Good literature stays good.



Vachon, Christine. "I Rode His Shoulders," "When I Was a Child," "His breath leaves quietly," 37.

Valvis, James. “Power Outage,” 97. “ Not Like Being There.” 99. "My Father in the Pool," 104. "The Most Memorable Kiss," 107. "The Summer of 1959," 110.

Van Vort, Rachel. "Untitled," 110.

Vanderbeck, Alyson. "finger-sized mice are dancing on," 25.

VanLammeren, Jakob. “Band Practice,” “Scott Rosenburg Pins Me Against a Coke Machine in High School,” 89.

Vargas, Michelle. "Wine Glass," "About My Country," 62.

Veale, Bobby. "the sound the people the style," 58.

Veenendaal, Cornelia. "ABC," "Apsaras," "At Midday I Sleep," "Ms. Van Winkle's Shortest Monologue," "Reading about the North Cape Cruise to Leningrad," 19. "Night/Day," "An Evening at Home," 25. "Consider Anything, Only Don't Cry," "The Carpenter and His Child, "Must It Be? It Must Be," 30. "Kayaks," "Gate of Horn," "Pancakes," 36. "Our House," "Mrs. Cheek," "Spring Shower, Connecticut Valley," 42. "Coal Days," 46. "The Block Print," "Passing Strange," 50-51. "Dust Storm, Fifth Avenue," 70. “Cold May,” 78.

Vega, Janine Pommy. "Sick Room," "Word Up," 63. "Doorway," 70."The Job" 74. “The Other Side,” “First,” 80. “Skunk Valentine’s Day,” “The Closet”, 84. “Whole,” “Animal Kingdom,” 86. “Night Vision,” 90. “Hands,” “Goodbye, Faithful Friends,” “Basquiat,” 93.

Veli, Orhan. "Epitaph 1: His corns killed him most in life," "Epitaph II: 'To be or not to be?'" "Epitaph III: They put his gun in the cupboard," "To Keep Busy," "The Guest," "The Galata Bridge," "I, Orhan veli," 53.

Verga, Angelo. "Brook Avenue, the Bronx (1998)," "Miniature" 74.

Vernon, Jim. "Great Mother Sunset," "The Return," 12.

Verona, Amara Dante. “Assembling Bodies,” “After She Was a Girl,” 78.

Vienna, Chris. "The Bad Life," "Generals..," 65.

Villanueva, Tino. "El Angosto Marco de mi Tiempo" ("In My Narrow Frame of Time"), 52.

Villar, Rich. "Lullaby," "Psalm for the First Lady,"102.

Vincent, Stephen. "How It Is," 10. "Envoi," "The Day I Left Home," "Losing," "Small Change," "Your Turn," 14. "Five poems from 'Elevator Landscapes,'" 16. "First Scroll," 25.

Vinderman, Paulina. "Black Boat 11," "Black Boat 13," "Turtle Island" 107.

Violi, Paul. "Vanity," "Fable," 44. "Stranger," "At the Deli," [prose], 55. "Police Blotter," 59. "Mayhem with Dimwit," 71."Local Color" (prose), "A Wing and a Prayer" (prose) 74."Tea and Sympathy," "Conversation Killer," "Screamer," [prose poems], 76. “Poet and Cynic,” “Along Canopus Creek South of Sunken Mine Road,” 85."Now I’ll Never Be Able to Finish That Poem to Bob." 99.

Vollmer, Judith. "Nursing for the Sunburn," 45.

Voss, Rachel. “Bellmore, NY (September, 2003),” 85.


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