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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

Every title published by the press has been kept in print. Good literature stays good.



Taft, Margo. "I Have Been My Arm," 12.

Tagliabue, John. "Expressing contradictions without hatred," "Just keep talking until it becomes," "What great robberies are committed," 10.

Takata, Ellen. "Siblings (from a Photograph of Franz and Ottla Kafka)," "The Miracle of the Parasitic Twin," 65. "Mujina," 68.

Talbot, Jonathan. "The Bride of American Town"(song), 3.

Tammer, David. "75¢ admission &," 5-6.

Tannenbaum, Leora. "Submersion," 53.

Tanno, Mark. "Bright Snow Cold," "Cinquains," 69.

Tarlow, Drew. “Figure It Out,” 79.

Tawfall, Mary. "Tambourine," 64.

, Ian. "No Past," 70.

Taylor, Keith. "The Persian Doctor's Second Daughter," "Life Science," "The Footwashing" (prose), 62. "After the Exhibition" (prose), 71. “A Foreign Language,” 78. “Days of 1971,” “Six Swans in a Snow Storm,” “Those Infamous Inland Sharks.” 83. “At the Living Crèche,” “The Cattle on the Parthenon’s South Frieze,” “The Criticism of My French Poems,” “If You Know That Man,” 95. “Infidelities” 99. "Girl With a Pear Earring," "John Glenn High School, Westland, Michigan, 1980," "Banff: Running Away: Ducks," "The Sickness That Comes from the Longing for Home," 104. "Hermit Stories," "Botanists in Love," 110.

Taylor, Martha. "A Lesson in History, 35.

Tayson, Richard. "My Mother Asks Me If Men Make Love Face to Face," "Nightsweats," 65. "The Ascension," 67.

Tenorio, Georgie A.. “Sweet Seconds,” “Cigarette Love”, 84.

Tep Baker, Demaz. “The Royal Egg,” (Co-Author)79

Terashima, Robert. "Finches," 46. "The Robin," "The Warning," 49. "The Dance," 52. "Junrei," "Song," "Anyone for the Franco-Benoni?," "Poem," 77. “Fog,” “Tonight,” “9/28/03,” 85. “Variations on a Theme,” “Utah Jazz,” “Told to Niels Lauritsen by Alexei Shirov over a Keg in Seville,” 90. “In Pidgin,” “Retellings,” “Fluff,” 94."Hanging Loose," "For My Father," "Huntsman Cancer Institute-January 2009." 96 "Draft," "Dorothy (doron + theos)," "Two Poems," "Vacationing in Virginia Before Surgery for Cancer," 101. "The Moose," 108.

Terrill, Richard. "I'd like please...," 110.

Terrill, Mark. “Conceptual Lunch,” 89. “The Man from Monterey,” 94. "November Poem," "In the Shark Bar," 107.

Terris, Virginia. "Patients," "Just Next Door," 63. "Cycles" 75. “Ominous,” “The Affair,” “Out to Lunch,” 78.

Terry, Ben. "Allen, Walyon & Me," 106. "Oviharbinger Trilogy" (In Four Parts), 110.

Tewes, Robin. Cover artist, 37, 38. Portfolio of paintings, 37. Cover artist, 49. Paintings, 50-51. cover artist, portfolio of paintings, 59. Covers, art portfolio, 93.

Thomas, Gail. "The Limits of Will," 41.

Thomas, Kerry. "Always Existing and Ceasing to Exist in the Kitchen," "If I Land on Mars I Can Write the Word Oxygen," 24.

Thomatos, Elena. "Childhood and Education," 60.

Thompson, Sandra. "Horror Show" [story], 36.

Thorson, Ian. "Sweet Mother," 60.

Tian, Emily. "Osmosis." 109.

Timmcke, A. J.. “The Last Cowboy,” 82.

Tipton, James. four poems from "Stairways of Rooms," 9.

Tobias, Arthur. "what's the question," "route 96 valley/spencer to ithaca," 27.

Todd, Theodora. "The Separation," 40.

Tokuhama, Tracey. "Top hat on the table," 30.

Tomkiw, Lydia. "In Bed with Boys," 41. "Summer Virus Night," "Fractured Tunes," "The Burden of Beasts," "What You Want," 76.

Tomlinson, K. "instinct," "for judyl on her birthday," 33.

Topp, Mike. "Country Life," "The Godfather," 62.

Torgersen, Eric. "Churchill Road" [story], 16. "Spell for an Absence," 25. "Heavy, " "I Have Come To Be One Who Cries," "Strategies," 26. "Teenage Hitchhiker" [story], 30. "Taking Tickets" (prose), 38. "What Is Your Earliest Memory? What Does It Mean?" 50-51. "A Little Chatter," "Chores," "Small Town," 103.

Torlen, Michael. "Alligator's," 12.

Torres, Edwin. “Moth,” 95.

Towle, Tony. "Typing Test [2 minutes]," "Homage to Berlioz," "Brief Moments with Tchaikovsky," "The Mystic Island [in search of Haydn]," [prose], 56. "Downtown Song," 65. "Postmodern Maturity," 69. “The Dinner Party,” “September 16th,” “Archive,” “Le Voyage,” “Full Moon,” 82. “Gemini,” “Embittered Exertions,” “Anthropomorphic Etiquette,” “Ethnicity,” 86. “Indirect Homage to Val Lewton,” “from Illuminations (Diverse Miniatures),” “from Truth in Advertising,” “1346 Redux,” 91. "Economics," "The Trylon." 96. "Recovery," 104.

Traurig, Arianne. “The God Project,” “That Silver Lining,” 91.

Traxler, Patricia. "On Dissolving Bonds," 18. "Mowing the Grass," "Rock Song," 21. "The Glass Woman," 30. "The Glasscutters; I., Regarding the Dreamer," "The Roomer," 37. "The Glasscutters; II., Eleven Glass Dreams in Winter," 39. "At the New World Donut Shop," "Cicadas in August," "Heart at the Window," "How I Got This Way," 50-51. "The Mushrooms of Maisie Zupnik" (fiction), 63. “Devotions,” “The News,” 85. "Words of the Elders," "Trout," "Dying and Talking, Talking and Dying, ect.," "Room to Let:," "Untitled," 103.

Treitel, Margot. "Institutional Tennis," "The last straw," 17.

Trinidad, David. “Eight Nurses Murdered in Chicago,” “The Dress That Joan Wore,” 97.

Triplett, Pimone. "Snapshots With Wide Apartures Shown on the Road," 61.

Truesdale, C. W. "Christian Science," 11. "Name," 21.

Tselepides, Nikos. [translator] Odysseus Elytis' "The Concert of Hyacinths," poems 7 and 9, 21.

Tu Mu. "Anchored at Ching Huai River," 18.

Tucker, David. "Columbus Discovers Niggerhill, Linden, Tennessee," 33.

Tulloss, Rodham Elliott. "Childhood Dream," 20.

Tussing, Raleigh. "Shit Kids," 53.

Tysh, George. "A Little Memory," 38.

Tzu-Yeh. [translated by Taylor Stoehr] “Spring Breeze,” “Don’t Be in Such a Rush!” “Last Night,” “Chess,” “The Gate,” 81.



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