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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Sagan, Miriam. "Approximately for You," 38.

Sala, Jerome. "A History of White People," 77.

Salasin, Sal. "Poem on a Line by Po Chu-Yi," "Poem on the Eve of War," 45. "Brought in on a five-fifteen," "if I were rich," 53. "John Wayne's Mandarin," 70.

Saleh, Dennis. "Summer," 63. "The Negative Confession of the Scribe," 65.

Salerno, Joseph. "The Good Morning," 22.

Salerno, Mark. “Just Personal,” 80.

Sánchez, Erika L. “To You,” “Mother,” “Spain,” 91. “Crossing,” “Atlas of a Body,” “The Hammam,” 93.

Sanders, Ed. “A Visit to the Tulip Path,” 90.

Sands, Jon. "Love Poem," 103.

Santiago Baca, Jimmy. "Destiny," "I Pass La Iglesia," "To the Face Before This Face," "Untitled ("Let's compare our feelings of loving someone')," "on This Side of the Mountain," 43.

Saslow, Helen. "Caged," "How Can I Keep It from Ending," 18. "Constructions," "Accounts," "Portraits," 25.

Sassoon, Hannah. “Sunshine State,” “Skin,” “Untitled,” 98.

Satterfield, Carson. “Barfly,” “It’s Raining in Baltimore,” “Rigor Mortis,” 93.

Savage, Tom. "Fireflies in Tompkins Square," 65. "Messages 1990-1994," 67. "On Line with the Starving," 70. “Sheer Speaking”, 84. “Ode to a Woman Electrocuted by Her Own Street,” 86.

Savery, Pancho. "Racism in Boston," "Going to the Hoop in Chinatown," "Woman and Death #23 (1910)," 52. "Reconstructuring Harvard Square," "the Joys of Fatherhood (VII)," "New England," "Anything," "1969," "The Hospital," "The Shadow," "Thelonius," 60.

Sax, Boria. "City Boy in the Country," 17.

Saxon, Sonia. "Screaming and Squealing at 14," "Poem to a Young Student," "Sunday," "Swimming at the Y Pool," 34.

Scanlon, Mara Noelle. "In the Steel City," 52.

Schaffer, Julia. "Driving Miss Daisy - PG 13," "Nine Months Before September 4, 1977," "Untitled (Vivian is 77 and beginning to wilt...)," 67. .

Schaefer, Standard. "Provocation for the Friar," 70. "Invisible City," "Wire," 72.

Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg. "Delusion #16," 18.

Scharper, Julie Anne. "The Beginning," "Rain," "Miles to Go," 72.

Scheffler, Adam. "Real Night," 102.

Scheiner, Martha. Cover artist, 18.

Schenker, Andrew. "Sous le Faix du Fagot," 73.

Schenker, Donald. "Giant on the Beach," 15. "Here I Am Again, Folks," 17. "Help," 21. "Hard Moon," 52.

Schimke, Lee. "The Night," 61.

Schlesinger, Ann Rae. "In the Afternoon," 37.

Schlutt, Patricia. "You Got Lost inside an Afternoon," 96.

Schmidt, Tom V. "From New Zealand," "Standing on the Old Fair Oaks Bridge," 17. "First Winter," "One More for Guinilla Liljequist (1882-1973)," 24.

Schmult, Greg. "Where I Might Walk," 106.

Schneeman, Elio. "Second Hand," 69.

Schneeman, George. Cover Artist, 78.

Scheafer, Isabella. “New York (Not the Cars or Fast Food),” 98.

Schneider, JD. “The Pharmacist,” 89.

Schneider, Katy. “Lapigi,” 95.

Schneider, Mather. “The Pussy Never Came Down,” 88. “The Knight’s Inn,” 92. “The Bell,” “Cock Boy,” 94."Our Last Sunset," "The Rug," "Blue Ox Blues," "Three Weeks I'll Never Get Back." 96 "Sitting on the Edge of the Bed Looking Out the Window in the Middle of the Night," 103. "Driving My Wife to McDonald's to Work the Breakfast Shift, 3:45 A.M.," "Incubation," 104. "Long Period Event," "One Time in Arkansas," "2 Weeks in Vacation." 109.

Schonberg, Rebecca. “4.5.199-235 [Exeunt Ophelia and Gertrude],” “Untitled,” 79.

Schrader, Eliza K. “First,” “El Caribe Hilton,” “Another First,” “The Blue Room,” 86. "Dead at Fifty," 103.

Schrader, Steven. "Crime of Passion" [story], 17. "The Inner Ring" [story], 19. "Al and Tony, Tony and Al" [story], 20. "Dinner at My Father's," "First Kiss," "Moving on" (stories), 39. "Julie and Nate," "Arriving at work," [stories], 50-51. "Writers in Life," [story], 52. "Dreams," [story], "The Apartment"[story],56. "Marriage Rings," "New Magazine," [stories], 57. "The Incredible Shrinking Penis," "Apartment Walls," "Pet Dog," "Long-Term Treatment," (fiction), 62. “Stretching Paul Lansky,” “Good Reading,” “Something to Do,” 78. “Memories,” “My Mother and Miss Roberts,” “Guys and Dolls,” “Ostalecko,” “Talking to My Father,” “Last Visit,” 82. “Just a Kid,” “Horace Mann,” “The Canoe,” “The Icing on the Cake,” “First Days of Divorce,” [prose] 87. “The King and I, “Driving License,” “Campaign Pictures,” “Library Skills,” “Good Morning America,” 92. "Winning the War," "Summer Job," "Letter to The Nation," "Songbird," "Three Jokes," "Timex," "The Other Steve Schrader," "Hewlett." 99. "I'll Have to Write it Down," "Yankee Fan," "Bolshevik," "Scenes from Camp," "The Missing Shoe," "The Ultrasuede King," "Life of the Party." 96."Dog Tags," "Harlem," "When Is a Beggar Happy?," "The Right Medicine," 106.

Schreiber, Ron. "De Dodenherdenking-1966," 2. "menu," 11. "engulfment," "going to the flicks," 15. "prayer for all of us," 24. "waiting for a kingfisher," 27. "the crows of March," "News from the pigpen," "how to bowl without knocking over any pins," "January, 1978," "midsummer," "May tenth," "softfalls," 35. "What You're Teaching Me," "Gregoria, On the Street," "Nico, Presiding," "John, At Home," "sex," "Pictures in Black & White," 44. "4-10-86," t'4-13-86," "it's a voice mask I put on," "Your Life," "The Valley of Death (4-25-86)," "4-25-86," "Back (4-30-86)," "'Recovery' (5-18-86)," 50-51. "Little White Jones," "Dreams (2)," "Even the Birds," 61.

Schuchat, Simon. "i went over to my wino," 14.

Schultz, Philip. "Hacking," 19.

Schurer, Carl. Cover photographer and portfolio of photographs, 54.

Schwartz, Jeffrey. "Of Dreams & Bathrooms &Death," 31. "The Landlady's Scars," "on a Mountain at Night," "Tree Dream," 32. "Insomnia," 40. "Gingko Trees on Beeler," 46."Time Travel" 75. “Volver,” “Closing Credits,” 98.

Schwartz, Rachel. "In the Basement," "Nothing," 66. "Before the Second Season," "King," 68.

Scola, Eileen. "Open Letter to Exactly," 20.

Scully, Maurice. "poem," 70.

Sears, Peter. "Bargain," "Switch," "Without Me," 18.

Seckin, Mina. “Seventeen Years, Eight Friends,” 98.

Secor, Laura J. "Poem for Margaret," 55.

Sedarat, R. "Cousin Farzad Comes from America to Have His Wedding in the Old Country," "Some Reasons Why My Cousin Boback Lost His Job at McDonald's" 75. “Bobback Duke,” “Outing Iranians,” 79. “Advertisement Proposal,” “Permissible Grapes,” 88. “Persian Hamburgers,” 94.

Seibles, Tim. "The Stupid," 64.

Seidman, Hugh. "Current That Cannot Cross the Gap," "The Senile," "Yes, Yes, Like Us," "Mr. Bear," "How Did We Get Here, Said by So Many So Often," 57. "Napalm," "Alms," "Aluminum Bowl," 65. “Tiresias: New World Coffee,” 80.

Seiler, Barry. "Dion and Belmonts," "New Shoes," "Incidental Music," 60. "Salami On Rye," "Bread and Butter," "The Stroll," 67."BLT," "Chicken Salad on Whole Wheat," "Bagel and Cream Cheese," 69. "Mansion Beach," "Walking Back to Paradise," "Lost in the Details," 71."Poem" 74. "Dust," "Curtains," 77. “Rusticating,” “Stay,” “After Listening to “Crying in the Chapel,” 79. “Fence,” “Hat,” “Scissors,” 87. “On the Blue Bus,” 90.

Seuss, Diane. “I Once Fought the Idea of Body as Artifact,” “It Wasn’t a Dram, I Knew William Burroughs,” 97.

Servin, J.M. “The Craving.” 99.

Servin, Jacques. "Still Life with Death (Texas)," "We Managed to do Quite a Bit," (prose), 59. "Trip through the Important Centers of Very Little," "Our Building Diassembled," "Tale of the Pot-Belly Maniac," "Beach Trench: A Fable of Parents" (prose), 6. "Perversity or A Less Nuclear Family: a Warning to Youths," "Still Life with Hands," "Only the Wicked Are Marching (A Difficult Hour)," "Still Life with Future," "Still Life with Drugs," (prose), 65.

Seyfried, Robin. "Serious Suicide," "Bedtime Stories," 52.

Shaddock, David. "Dolphin," 21.

Shafarzek, Sue. "The finished artifact," "Hrs," "Night," 2. "It Isn't Enough To Be Lonely," 34.

Shah, Sejal. "Through the Eyes of the Dark-Eyed Americans," 57. "Grandmother," 59. “Skin,” 82.

Shakely, Lauren. "Lunatics," "Manifest Destiny," "Breaking Faith," 27.

Shaner, Richard. "Hospital," "Old Keys," "You Are River," 8.

Shannon, Ben. "A Sunday Afternoon Encounter" [fiction], "Collections," "Good Morning" [fiction], 58.

Shannon, Laura Clare. "Slow Poem One," "Leighanne's Song," 43. "Food for Thought," 44.

Shapiro, Harvey. "Sure," "Every Day," "Natural History," 52. "Jerusalem," "Amit's Song," "From the Arabic," "Bronx Elegy," "A Valedictory," "Tranquility," 57. "Mercy," "Traveling Through Ireland," 64. "Postcards from the Holy Land," 70."Confessions of Age," "Abraham's Path," "9/14/98" 74. "New York," "Observations of an Older Poet," "Heirloom," 77. “Moving Along,” “To Nature,” “Desk,” “In Japan,” “Cathedral,” 81. “The Old Man Has One Thought and Then Another,” 90. “An American Life,” 94. “The Keys,” “Brief Lives,” “During the Second World War,” “Pardoned.” 99.

Shapiro, Samantha. "Low Ratings," "Love Doesn't Come with an Order of Fries," 62.

Shaw, Maxine [translator]. "Ballad of the Two Grandfathers," 28.

Shen, Diana. “Between Us,” “Where You Belong (Is With Me),” 87.

Sheppard, Elena. “Untitled,” 85. “Discovery,” 87.

Sherman, Susan. "Testament," 47.

Shields, William. "Post Vietnam Stress Syndrome," "In Country," 53.

Shipers, Carrie. “The Worst,” 92.

Shoemaker, Lynn. "The Song of Songs/The Song of Red," 31. "Birmingham Sunday," 36.

Sholl, Betsy. "I am pissed off," "Reunion," "Therapy," 24. "Shades of Gray," 30. "High Tide," 34. "The Hospital State," 54.

Shopsis, Mari. "Drought," "Isabel," "My Thoughts," 63.

Shua, Ana María [translated by Steven J. Stewart]. “Maiden and Unicorn,” “Calming,” “Foreseeing Everything,” “Moment of Pleasure,” “The Lovers,” 89 “The Ghost Circus,” “Trapeze Artists,” “My Dream Circus,” “The Poor Circus,” “The Gypsy Woman,” 97.

Shuler, Jack. “Salient,” “New York School,” 81.

Shulman, Mike. "Sun Comes Up," "Lake: Summer," 27.

Shurin, Aaron. "L.A. Drag Queen Killed in Brawl," 12. "The rest was sex," 19. "As/Is," 21. "Raving #25, Vernal Equinox," 38.

Sielaff, Volker. "Letters," 103.

Silano, Martha. "When You Didn't Call," 68. "Such a Way to Go," "What the Truth Tastes Like," 73. "My Man with his Fly Reel Eyes," 77.

Silberman, Rick. "coffin sound," "the rat dies," 5-6.

Silliman, Ronald. "After Amphetamine," "my hand, an eraser," 3.

Silva, Fernando. "Diarrhea," "Epigram: A National Guard captain stationed," "Foreward to La Salud del Nino," "Their chicken" [prose]," 60.

Silver, Mara. "Geology Music," "Comfort," 45.

Simmons, Cherie. "White," 48.

Simon, John Oliver. "Just invented a new kind of fancy typography," "we are five in the inner," 14. "come from the deep night road," "How There Come To Be So Many Joshua Trees at Lee Flat," 18. "alphabetized index to the inhabitants of my dreams," "Bluejay Medicine on Sunfuck Mountain," "King Jr High School," 23. "27," 26. "Twelve," "Thirteen," "Thirtytwo," 27. "I went to you for your wisdom & blessing," "I make a ceremony for you," 33. "The Major Poets," "with my hands tied," 41. "Guaymas," "Incognito," 66. "Raccoons," 108.

Simon, Toni. "After the Letters Collapsed," [with Joanna Fuhrman] 100.

Sirowitz, Hal. "Refusing to Float," 39. "Deformed Finger," 61. "News of My Death," "Let Me Die First," 63. "Two burials for the Same Person," 65. “Wedged,” “My Future Stepfather,” 81. “Mother Contest”, 84. “The Use of Panic,” 91. “The Land of the Dead,” 93. “I Do What I Want,” “I’m No Victim,” “The Body’s UPS,” “A Famous Ball Player,” 95. "What My Mother Would Say If She Had Lived," "And I Told Her I Had Parkinsons," 103. "Mister Dementia," "Boy Scientist," "The Bother of Positive Thinking," "Bad to the Bone," 106. "The Vote," "The Pledge," 108. "Kiss #14 Reasons Not to Have Sex," 110.

Sisskind, Mitch. "The Female Form," 110.

Sisyphos. See Dracontaidis, Phillipos.

Skoble, Marty. "My Grandfather's House," 23. "Survival" It's a Gift," 63. “The Land of the Dead,” 93. "Skylight,” 106.

Skolnick, Gary (and Jeral, Joseph). "Poems in the Spirit of Orhan Veli" 75. “A Late Spring Storm,” 78.

skratz, g.p. "Iron Gate" [song, with Hash Flash], "Uncle Steve's Children's Hour," [song], 19.

Skyler, Tristine. "Izzy" [story], 55.

Skurtu, Tara "Dream Dad Died," "Trenches,"" 101.

Sloman, Joel. "Weather Body," 11.

Slyfield, Dan. “The Beginning,” 87.

Smetzer, Michael. "Report to the Air," 34. "The New Arrival," 46.

Smith, Amanda-Gaye. "Lost Loud, Dunk Downtown."109.

Smith, Bob. "Answering the Riddle," 49.

Smith, Charlie.  "Dreamboat," "Leaving Nevada," "Room 316L," 73.

Smith, Keri. "Smoked Meat," "Somewhere Near to Us," "It's Possible," "For You, a Map," "Dragging Anchor," 108. "Affinity for Rats," "Winter Debt,’ “To Be Cold," 110.

Smith, Rick. “Play Jimmy Yancey at My Funeral,” “Jumping Off / (K Jett)” “Mexican Blue (for Ruby),” 81. “Last View of Mei Leng,” “North Light.” 83. “Swans,” “Driving Around in Pasadena,” 85. “Layover,” 87. “Frogs over a Low Flame,” 90. “from The Wren Notebook II,” 94.“The Dentist’s Chair,” “Where Darkness Has Been,” 98. "Erika Spray Paints Till Dawn." 96. "Notes From Echo Park," "Judy in Santa Fe," 101. "That Place Before the River," 106. "Moving to Pennsylvania," "Bad Luck," 108. "New Bedford," "Seven Voices," "One Night in Pasadena," 110.

Smoker, M. L. “Seven Days Is Never Enough,” “The Necessary Bullet,” “Can You Feel the Native American in Me,” “Venom,” 79. “Intertribal,” “From a tin box,” 80. “Migratory.” 83. “Back Again,” 90. “Growing,” “Meditations at Tabexa Wakpa (Frog Creek),” 95. "Letter to Jim Harrison," "Untitled," 110.

Snook, Kirsten. "Human Nature," 53.

Snyder, Rick. "Canzone," 73.

Solibakke, Eric J. "The Aegean," "Bon Voyage," "For Leo Creedon, Who May Kill Me," "Invocation," "The Oriental Girl on the Akropolis," "Patterns," 4.

Sollors, David Morgan. "The Son of the Muse Play a Maccaferri," "Epithalamion," 62.

Soloman, Rob. "Epitaph," "Have you seen a flock of geese," "Look, now," "They have tombstones in their eyes," "Today is airport day," "The wind blows through your stomach," 15. "Unfinished Poem," 16.

Solomon, Mark. "Detective," "The Pleasure of A Ride," 67.

Somerville, Michele Madigan. “Class Picture,” “Portrait of a Woman with Her Marker,” “Two Franks,” 78. “Lonicera Fragrantissima,” 93.

Somoza, Joseph. "To Utah," 25.

Soo Jin Oh. "Song of the IMF, 1998 Version," 76.

Sośnicki, Dariusz.. "Wasps," "How Does One Go Down the Stairs,"102.

Soto Velez, Clemente. From Caballo de Palo (The Broomstick Stallion), 3; from La Tierra Prometida (The Promised Land), 29; 52.

Sowl, Michael. (with Keith Abbott and Pat Nolan), "Stupid Face Renku," 60.

Spasser, Abby. "Sleep Poem,""A Prayer for My Father," 100.

Spencer, Robert. "90," 49.

Sperber, Anna Victoria. "Skinny Dip," 65.

Spiegel, Erika. "Tracing Paper," 53.

Spilman, Richard. “Spice,” 93. “Speaking in Code,” [prose] 94.“The Coal Cellar,” [prose] 97."A Weekend Fling," 100.

Stannard, Martin. Editor, Six English Poets; Statement on poetics; "The Ingredient," "Heart Deep in Bargain Bags," "An Empty Summer, " 48.

Stansberger, Rick. "At the Canton Drop Forging and Manufacturing Company," 21. "Poem from My Dead Sister," "In a Different Pitch," 28. "Family Graveyard," "Sister Nicodemus," "Harding, Ohio," "Railroad Poem," 43.

Starkey, David. "Nearly," 102.

Statman, Jesse. “Vaseline,” 95.

Statman, Mark. “Breaking Down Place,” “Mont Ste-Josephine Baker,” 79. “Losing Buttons,” “Conspiracy,” “A Hundred,” 95.

Stazer, Lawrence [pseud. for collective poems by Kate Brodkorb, Dan Brody, Justine Cassell, Tom Fogler, Peter Hamburger, Colette Johnson, Katie Merz, Michel Mok, Danny Rosenblatt, Peter Roche, Elise Smith, and Blake Taylor]. "Awaiting the Auditor," "Sun Up," "A Continuity," "A Day in the Country," "Homage to Thomas Hardy," "Cisco," "Monday Nights," "Algeria, 1972," "Like a Chocolate," "Epiphany," 32.

Stein, Deborah. "Ellis Island," "Heat," "Unearned Chance," 66.

Stein, Jessica. "Well-Behaved (Not About Her)," 66.

Steinberg, Hugh.  "Perjury," 73.

Steingesser, Martin. “Short Morning Song,” 93.“Who Gets to Go,” 97.

Steinman, Lisa. "How did it come about that we brought an old woman to John Paul's?" 25.

Stelley, Jodi. “Fishbowls and Rice,” 79.

Stephens, Michael. "What's Going On," 52. "Travels in Mexico" [story], 55. "Walking the Bronx," "Edinburgh Sketches" [prose], 59. "The Wild Swan," "The Bus Driver on Madison Avenue," 66. "The Gratitude" (prose) 73. “Snata Was Not Cuchulain’s Turf,” “Epithalamium,” “Molesworth Street Jump,” 95.

Stephens, Mora. "A Vision of Two Lovers," "Lunch with My Grandparents," "Meeting at the Hotel," "Party Flashback," "Sunflowers Hidden Away," 63.

Stephenson, Melissa. "The Hitchhiker," 64.

Stephens, M.G. "Herons Amid Gladiolas," 103.

Stern, Jessica. “One Thousand Watts,” “Sweet Wine Gently in the Night,” 91.

Stetz, Margaret. "Stay," 9.

Stevenson, Megan. "Branch of the Locust Tree," 67.

Stewart, Gerry. “Untranslatable,” “Antisyzygy,” 81.

Stewart, Jean. "november," 35. "My Dead Father," 46.

Stiles, Dennis Ward. "Briefs on Death," 71.

Stine, Alison. "Stranger," "Passage," 68.

Stock, Norman. "I Only Remember the Good Parts," "holy bless," "the rabbi in my head," "Again," 49.

Stokes, Terry. "The Failure of Desire," "In the Phobic Kingdom," "The Time of the Rope," 76. “The Dead Mother Poems,” 78. “I Will Long for Your Giving Side Awhile,” 79.“Young & Slack Streets,” “Nadja Returns,” 81. “Losing My Mind,” “Chapter 137: Another Chapter—the People Across the Way,” “Mise En Scene,” “Birthplace Revisited,” 82. “Ode to Velcro, Part Two,” “Last Night the Brown Recluse Spider Came to Visit,” 85.

Stoloff, Carolyn. "From Her Ledge," "Dinner Time," 39. "What I Miss, What I Want," 64.

Stone, Ed. "War," 7. "New York City: 4 Times," 19.

Stotts, James. "A House of Minimal Habitation," 76.

Streicker, Joel. "They Must Be Told," 104.

Straub, Emma.  "Bliss," 73.

Strempek, Stephen. "Walk in Ohio: Indian Summer," 43.

Strom, Shayna. "Schuykill Valley Park," "Roots of a Storm," 71.

Strong, Jonathan. "Lou and Lew" [fiction], 54. "Offspring" [fiction], 55.

Strudwick, Shepperd III. "In the dry bed of the river," "Michele," "The splay of mucous," 1.

Suchoski, Diane Stiles. "Wurtsboro, N.Y.," 28.

Suermondt, Tim. "A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Park," "Nymphenburg," 108.

Sukenick, Lynn. "Let's Begin with Something Light," "The Poster," 16.

Sukrungruang, Ira. “The Fork and the Spoon,” 80. “Like or As If,” 85. “The Great Buddha on the Mountain,” 90.

Sullivan, Anita T. "Composition," 102

Sullivan, Sam. "Untitled," "Rispetto," "Catholic Poem" 96

Swados, Elizabeth. “Marina,” “My Puppy,” “Giant Baby,” 89. “Waiting,” 93. “The Female Identity,” “A Question for Harold Bloom,” “Old Men Rockers,” “Contest,” 95.Question air 4 / Front sing air 4 4 Hot Rock Band,” 98. "Cardio," "Tambourines," "Animals," "Chekhov in New Jersey," 101.

Sward, Robert. “The Podiatrist’s Son,” “God Is in the Cracks,” “One-Stop Foot Shop,” “God’s Podiatrist,” 79. “Sex & TV With Aunt Miriam—1945/1999,” “Kaddish”, 84

Swartz, Anna. “A Love Story,” 94.

Sze, Arthur. "journey home," 12. [translator] "Snow on the River" [by LiuTsung-yuan], and "Anchored at Ching Huai River" [by Tu Mu], 18. "Spring Snow," 66.

Szwarc, Susana. "The Subway," "Comfort," "Tempo," "Caught," 110.



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