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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.


Rachford, Fred. "When Otto Sings," 25.

Raden, Audrey. "Burning Car" 75.

Rakovan, Jacob. "In the Rafters Our Son Has Built a Nest," "Wax Bloom, Willow Beauty," "On the Old Bright Sea the Moon Keeps," "Grinning In," 103.

Ramirez, Juan. "Rilke in Paris," "In February," 69. "My Father Speaks to Me Red-Faced in a Dream Asking Forgiveness," "My Father's Guitar," 70.

Rand, Archie (with John Yau). Cover and art work, 61. Cover and art work, 67. Cover and Artwork, 96.

Randall, Margaret. "The Infidelity," 5-6.

Randles, Joseph. "Iceland:," 101.

Rankin, Rush. "Gothic Fears," "After Death," 62. “Happy Hour,” 81. “Television,” 87."Monday." 109.

Rasmussen, Libby . “Mermaid,” “Little Cinderella’s Brick layers.” 83.

Rastetter, Bill. "But we do," 12.

Ratiner, Steven. "the fox mask," 32. "hearts of gravity," 34. "Sister," "White Lies," "Nil by Mouth," 102. "Parocheth," 108.

Ratner, Rochelle. "A Welcome Mat outside, Not Inside, Insideout," 18. from "Pirate's Song: The old man in the sea," "This is my very first rescue," 20. "Best of Life Apartments," 22. "Leaving the Glen," "Bored to Death with Sundays," 26. "Thunder," "Daughter," 29. "Trying to Love Once More," "Kaiemsenuwy's Tomb," 32. "No Man Can Hear the Mermaids' Song and Live," "Madonna and Child "Revenge at Knockdolion," "Singing Lessons," "Taunting," 33. "Woman Tossing Her Infant Son in the Pool," "Some Nights," "The Discharge," 34. "Setting Out Alone," "Dinner Conversations," 41. "Lilacs, Asparagus, A Broken Pear Tree," 50-51.

Ratti, John. "Memorial Day: Riverside Drive," "The Master's Eye," 19. "White Turnips," "One Winter Night Many Years Ago," "Metaphor," 37. "Samson's Riddle," "Tibet," "Knowing and Not Knowing," 45.

Rawson, Eric. “This Time of Year,” 89.

Ray, Nicca. “Lizzy,” 91.“Untitled 1,” “Untitled 3,” 97.

Raybin, Alex. "Poem for Martha," "Sunny Day," 5-6.

Raymond, Mark J. "Fate of a Child Locked in the Pantry Closet," "Snapshot," 45.

Raymond, Monica. "Lullaby," 29.

Rea, Susan. "Study in Blue," 19. "Fairy Tale," 20.

Rebert, Terry. "A Day in May," "Hair (Number II)," 13.

Reed, J. D. "Pigs," "Poem for Marlene," "Sideswiper, the Edda," 5-6.

Reed, Sharon. "As the state line comes closer," 35.

Rees, Elizabeth. “Driving in the Midwest”, 84.

Rees, Richard. "Orion," 34. "White Bikini," 39. "Baby Sitters," "Little League," "Dottie after Midnight," 41.

Reid, DaKishia. “Pull,” “If I Had a Muse,” “Technical Difficulties,” 87. “From the Stomach,” 94.

Reid, Penelope Jane. "A Face Like Yours," "Thief," "Smart Like Me," 41.

Reifman, Judith. "In 2 Parts," 68.

Reis, Donna. "Same Photo," 57.

Reiter, Jendi. "I came in from the daylight that glides among the leaves," 52. "Danger: Watch Out for Falling Semicolons," "The Revolt of the Mouse," "TM Patenent #474,325,865," "So It's Goodbye, Mr. Postman," 54. "Service Includes Free Lifetime Updatting," 55. "The Still Life," "The Overthrow of the Queen of Grammar," 56. "Jubilee," "Boys," 49. "The Artist of the Beautiful," "A Lack of Monuments," 58. "Burnt Norite," 61. "At Breakfast," 70. “The Little Thief, 81.

Remainita, Lizzita I. "No Bunny Is a Better Friend than You!," [with Rabita Bunnita] 100.

Remba, Eve. "For Paul Klee," "To the Girl (a Year Later)," "To Robert Jacks," 19.

Rendleman, Danny L. "The fixed & the movable feasts," 16.

Resnick-Day, Nathan. “Intifada,” “The Discourse of Hermeto,” “Pittsburgh,” “Botanical Meditations”, 84.

Rettew, David. "The Long Walk Home," "Gibbig," "Asteroids." 48.

Reyes, Carlos. "Grandby, Missouri," "Losing Yr Cool," 3.

Rezendes, Michael. "Afternoon," 17.

Rezmerski, John Calvin. "Mammoth-Man," "Protesting War," 15.

Rhodes, Nikki. “Dear Mississippi,” “Horoscope,” 97.

Rhudy, Ellen M.“Langenscheidt’s German-English Dictionary,” 85.

Rice, John "Blasphemy-Proof." 109.

Richards, Vincent. "I'm Gonna Write a Poem," 35.

Richmond, Janet . “Six Plates Spinning With A Cracked Egg On Top,” “The Toy Piano Tinkles Minor Footnotes In The Sonic Realm” 83.

Ridge, Diana. "Rain Poem," "Richmond," "Invocation," 31.

Ringwalt, Anne Malin. “Conflict,” “Taken,”98.

Robbins, Tim. "Jazz 42 Boundless," 38. "Country Scene," "The Bower," "The Punisher, It Is He That Is Asleep," "For Ken," 39. "Credulity Recovered," "Redemption Blues," 40. "Mista-Peo (my friend)," "In Exile," "Poem for Bob," "from the Hot Tub" (Prose), "I Imagine Future Loves," 41. "Invocation and Blessing," "From Slumber to Slumber," 42. "Opus 102," "Stand with Legs Naked," "Sunday Mid-February," "Arrangement," "Why People Pull the Blinds," 43. "Rhythm and Affection," "January 29 and I Wait," "You Know as the Street Knows," 44. "Mi-Lo (the laughing buddha)," "Scarface," 45. "Harvest," 46. "Intimacy," "decorations," "why do I worry?" "my grandmother's songs," "two friends," "confession," 47. "afternoon," 48. "comet," "on the Quai," "Place de la Republique May 2," 50-51. "Vesper Service at the Fair," "Moonlighting," "Answering Machine," "Better Homes," 53. "Nostalgia," 56. "The Old Man Gives," "Missing," "Blind Date," 58. "Coming in," "Children's Bible," "Resurrection," 60.  "Lao Tse's Butterfly," "Progeny," "You Have a Way," 61. "Eskimo Tale," "Takahashi Mutsuo," 64. "Swimming Pool," 68. "The Delta Queen," "Breast," 71. "Grandfather," "In the Morning," "Strokes," 73.. "Four Avuncular Poems" 74."Missing Pieces," "Back Before," "Three Poems for My Grandmother," 76. “Scenes from My Brother’s Wedding,” 78. “Crystal,” “Marriage,” 80. “Isometrics,” 82. “Midlife”, 84. "Mysteries," "As a Person of Eclectic and Old-Fashioned Taste." 99. "The Book," "The Night Mom Chased a Thief," 101. "The Statue of Chick Webb," "Infancy of Recording," "The Pack of Rats," "Stonewall," 102. "Robbins Melody Mart, circa 1974," "Night Visitors," 103. "My Sacre du printemps," "Trails," 104. "Foundations," "The Brothers," 106. "Wyoming," "We Admire Each Other's Loam," "Têt," "Where Did I Put That Poem?" 107. "How You Came to Me," 108. "Far-Seeing," "Forgetting," "Contours." 109.

Roberts, Len. "Scraping Old Bee Hives from the Barn Rafters and Walls," 28. "Some Things Have Not Changed," "You Ynow I Didn't Mean it," "Fighting," 35.

Roberts, Teresa. "For the purpose of labelling," "Frank at 10 Seen 8 Years Later," 38.

Rodriguez, Alego Dao’ud. “In Gray Silence,” 80.

Rom, Ronnie. "To Sylvia Plath after reading The Bell Jar," 18.

Roma, Hedy. "Kitchen," "One Night This Summer," 42. "A Peace for My Mother," "Spring of Winter," 44.

Ronan, Richard. "The Beekeeper's Sister," 36.

Rosen, Elisabeth. “Perfect Complements,” “Stress Is Hereditary,” 92.

Rosen, Jeffrey. "Drowning Lovers," 11.

Rosen, Kenneth. "Old Times," "Robberies," 16.

Rosenblum, Martin. "Two Day Place," 18.

Rosenberg, Marya. ‘“That Guy’s Hardcore,’” “‘If I Tell You You’re Beautiful, Will You Report Me?’: A West Point Haiku Series,” “A Frequently Asked Question: ‘Why does the eternal light in the chapel appear to be unlit?’” 89. “New York Haiku,” 90. “Two Weeks before Graduation,” “Sex in the Barracks: Love Poems from West Point,” 92.

Rosenberg, Mia. "Boil You Down," 102.

Rosenthal, Ann. "Exit," 100.

Rosenthal, Laura. "The Mom Thing," 61.

Rosenwasser, Rena. "Paradeisos," "All 'a's,'" 59.

Roth, Daniel “Peru,” 101.

Roth, Joey. “Mishima on a Plate,” 80.

Rowan, Quentin. "Prometheus at Coney Island," "Autumn in Three Colors," 66.

Rowley, Alexandra F. "The Game," 58.

Roy, Paula Alida. "Venus Tattoo Parlor, East Village," "Egg Shell," 100.

Rudolph, Lee. "back from italy, writing this letter to you," "Lament," "The Misery of Candy," 22.

Ruebenson, Kate. “A Pint of Poetry,” 89.

Russell, Brian. “Autumn in a Seaside Town,” “The Sick,” 93.

Russell, Norman H. "the black rain hissing," "medicine man," "my eyes speak to my tongue," "the stars are birds," "who is my enemy?" 14. "I am old i look back," "indian teacher," "some scream war," "the tree has greatest wisdom," "there is a hungry watching," 15.

Rutmanis, Renada. "Queen of Hearts," 68.

Rutschman, David. “Simple,” (x3) 82.

Ryan, Heather A. "Here's To You, and Here's To Me!" "Double Date-Drive Unidentified," 29. "Reaching for the Sky," 30. "A Man Walks with a Woman," "Love Poem," 33. "Angelica's Bath," 35.

Ryan, John Allen. "No Time at All" (song; with Jack Goodwin), 7. "February 8th," "for G. W. Neal," 8. "Child-Beater," "The Last Time I Saw Kerouac," 65.

Ryan, Patrick. “I Wouldn’t Say No,” [prose] 81.




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