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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Packard, William. "Voices," 14.

Padgett, Faith. "As I Saw Her," "Waiting in the Water," 103.

Padgett, Ron. "Ooo and Ahh," "Fantasy for Kite and Oboe," "My Old Muse," "Unable to Nap in Kindergarten," 59."Good People among the Pint Pitchers," [Memoir], 76. “The Chinese Girl,” 94. “New York.” 99. "Do So," 107.

Palazzola, Benedette. "Eleven-Thirty," 34.

Paley, Mikki . “Pears” 83.

Parker, Emily. "Post-Winter Menu," "Poised," "Kandinsky Takes a Shower," 66.

Parkinson, Richard. "Dream," 27.

Parks, Joy. "Night through an Open Window," 28.

Parland, Henry. from “Socks” III, from “Socks” X, from “Stains,” Untitled, 86. [translated by Johannes Goranssön].

Parras, John. "Collision" (prose), 70.

Pastan, Linda. "Soul Song," 20.

Paton, Robert. "Apache Gold," 16. "a new architecture," 23.

Patton, Ben. "Cold Burn" (prose), 70.

Pavoldi, R. A.. “The Accelerating Universe,” “Funny Valentine,” “Breathe,” 87.

Pawlak, Mark. "Waterfall," 12. "poem (because grief's fallen feather lies heavily on our shoulder"), 21. "All the News," 42. "A German Lesson" [prose], "Like Butterflies," 49. "Chalatenango 1980," 50-51. "Similar but Different," 62."Shakespearean Characters," "Painters," "American Tribes 2," 71. “All The News-September 23, 2001,” “East-West Dialog 2002,” “Official Versions.” 83. “Elephants Find Love,” 86. “Where the Highway Ends: Sketches of Denise Levertov & Mitchell Goodman,” 90. “4/Square,” “Three of a Kind,” “With Apologies to Rilke,” 95. “Meanwhile,” “Police Action,” “Calendar Pages,” 98."From 'Go to the Pine: Quoddy Journals 2006-2010'," 100. "Lake Shore Limited." 109.

Peacock, Molly. "Lodgings," 25.

Pearlberg, Gerry. "Stapling My Face," "Path of Wings," "Two Poems from the Music of Cliff Safane," 28. "City Shorts," "Seven Snows," "In a Dream," "Boxes," 34.

Peck, Gail J. "Before the Wall," 44.

Pedigo, Tasha. “{Sun(shine)},” “Happy People,” 81.

Peditto, Paul. "Die the death of a rag doll," 46.

Pedro, Mia. "Spoiled," "The Last," 68.

Pelletier, Marianne. "Night Rider," 36. "Autobiography," 39.

Pennant, Edmund. "Sisera," 55.

Penny, Bridget. "Experiment," 70.

Perchik, Simon. "227," 52. "183," "159," 67."318," "435," "276," 71. "468," 73. "D43," 76. “77,” 79. “*,” 81. “D141”, 84. “G86,” “G28,” 87. “L11,” “L23,” 92. “D102,” 95. “L24,” “L41,” “L54,” 97. “*” 99. "Untitled," "Untitled," 102. "B61," "B35," 104."Poem," "Poem," 106. "Untitled," "Untitled," 108.

Pérez Estrada, Rafael. “The Chosen One,” “Angels of Desperation and Abandonment,” 80. [translated by Steven J. Stewart] “Flights,” “The Magic Divan,” “When the Seagulls Take Flight,” 81.

Peronard, Kai. "A Double Death" (story), 40. "Uncle Louie," "Rainy Day," "Teenagerage," 41. "Crisp Golden French Fries and Fat Juicy Spare Ribs," "Myers," 42.

Persaud, Arlene. "My Name; Is Not Mary," "Seventeen Years," 66.

Peseroff, Joyce. "Poem (Sometimes when"), "Protein," 20.

Peters, Don. "Acoustics," 15.

Peters, Meredith. Portfolio of drawings, 40.

Peters, Robert. "I beg you, do not put me on," "on not attending my father's funeral," 21. "elegy," "jackhammer poem," "on decking the halls," "on watching the sea from a bar," "parable of the ring," "wrath in a whirlwind," 22. "The Victorian Painter Benjamin Haydon Meditates on Horses," "The Victorian Painter Benjamin Haydon Meets His Future Wife," 52.

Petersen, Camille. "Drowning Firefly Night," "Firecracker," "Birds on Fire," "Statistics," "Pseudo Requiem: A Life," 102.

Peterson, Karen. "Amaryllis" (story), 37.

Peterson, Robert. "Iglesia de San Francisco (Oaxaca)," "Zo'calo," "Bean Hollow Beach, Starlight," "January 27," "Nolo Contendere," 66. "Letter to the Editor #30," 70. "Ouzo at Stokadis Taverna," "Letter to the Editor #35," 76.

Petrakos, Chris. "What Shakes Us," 35.

Pettet, Simon. "sad to have to remember," "The blue monkey," "Rose Smiles Her Cheeks Adorning," "Runaway thief from the house of Mrs Mary Bradock," 58.

Phillips, Carl. "Home Movie," 63.

Phillips, Frances. "Curried to Wear the Frosty Light," "Everywhere on Palm Avenue Custom Throws Glitter," "In Which Libby Gets Her Rock," 32. "For a Living," 36. "Harmonica," "Breaking in New," "Prairie," 37. "Leading Up to Monday," "The Woman Next Door," 45. "Things Missing Mysterious," "Gino and Carlo," "Before Naming You," 50-51. "Today in the New House," "Thanksgiving," "Counting: One," 54. "Drifts and Shifts," "Lilies of the Valley," 58.

Phillips, Jennifer. "Birds," "Jeptha," "War Memorial," 9.

Phipps, Wanda. "Your Last Illusion or Break Up Sonnets," 63.

Piercy, Marge. "Concerning the mathematician," "Dismissal," "Gasman invites the skyscrapers to dance," "The Skyscrapers of the financial district dance with Gasman," "Tunneling," 2. "Half past home," "Why the soup tastes like the Daily News," 3. "Rain Falls on Ioannina," 4. "Afterlife," "The friend," "Missing Person," 5-6. "Walking into Love: poems for Goss," 7. "Song of the Fucked Duck," 8. "Agitprop," "Plato's Trees," "Summer School," 10. "Addressing my backbone," "The winning argument," 11. "The hotel by the Turkish bridge," "Witnessing your wedding," 13. "Gracious goodness," "Make me feel it," "There is no known way to tickle a clam," 14. "Councils," "Kneeling here, I feel good," "The Visiting Poet Drag," 16. "Bloody Kansas" in spring," "Three weeks in the State of Loneliness," 17. "When the Body is Cranky," "A Good Death?," "They Go On,” 110.

Pines, Paul. "Time Piece," 32.

Pitrone, Anne. "At the Defense of Death," "The Three Famous Repairmen," 17. "Benny," "Stravinsky at 88," 22.

Plath, Kristina. "Flats Cemetery," 76.

Planz, Allen. "Hardscrabble," 70.

Plotin, Stephanie. "Marathoner," 54.

Poage, Michael. "Blackfoot Valley Fast Pitch Softball," 106.

Pobo, Kenneth. "For My Jet-Boy," "Windowbox in Winter," 43.

Polikoff, Joan. "Wyoming," "stillness," "Once, very late," "Late September, 1976," 36.

Poliner, Elizabeth. “Sun Porch,” “Thinking About the Six Bach Sonatas for Flute and Piano While Vacationing in Maine,” “In Plain Air”, 84.

Pollentier, Nicole. "Queen of the Leaves," 58. "Between the Birdbath and the Garden," "Farm Road ll," 61. "Origami Rabbits and Secret Suns," 64.

Polly, Allison R. "Before she asked to go," 34.

Poniewaz, Jefry. "A Cold Night in Flagstaff," 8.

Pool, Eugene. "Clashing Metal," 19.

Poor, Taylor. “Moments,” 93.

Pope, Michael. "Midnight in Manila," 5-6.

Popernik, Karen E. "Sestina: I remember the grocer on our street, near the end," 57.

Poppino, Kathryn. "The wind tackles the," 31. "The Prodigal Son," 32.

Porte, Barbara Ann. "How a Basement Impostor Was Finally Disposed of, and a Wife Remained Faithful" (fiction), 65."Claudia,"67 "Varicella/Variations," (prose) 69. “The Royal Egg,” (Co-Author)79. "Recalculating the Truth," 104.

Porter, Josie. "3:00 A.M.," "Portrait of the Artist," 47.

Posmentier, Sonya. "Amends with Steady Soil," 63.

Potter, Carol. "Dreaming of Disguise," "Sugar," "Baby Insomniac," "Seven Girls Driving Around Time," 103.

Presley, Frances. "Bangla," "Anglia," 70.

Primack, Gretchen"Doris in Love," 101. "Guinness (East Wing)," "Rifle (South Hall)," "Ben (South Hall)," 107.

Prioleau, Phoebe. “Mother’s Ritual,” “In My Uncle’s Kitchen,” “On the Corner of Fulton and Liberty,” 80.

Puglisi, Lauren, "Tequila," "Doing Laundry in College for the First Time," 107.

Purpura, Lia. "Kitchen Study," 63.




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