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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers



Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Naccarato, Charles. "Songs at Sunset," 23.

Nagin, Emily. “Giving Up the Ghost,” “Spirit House,” 92.

Nakell, Martin. "Faith," 68.

Nauen, Elinor. "Storm Surpassing," "July Hay," "The Red Vine," "Shall We Gather at the River," "The Green Car," "Asleep," "Portrait (It was the way one)," "Backyards, Brooklyn," 66. "Ezra and Johnny," 76.

Nayman, Louis. "clairvoyance," 15.

Nealon, Mary Jane. "Different Cages: Two Four-year-old Girls," "Chemotherapy Unit: Breast Cancer Patients," "Touching Anna," [fiction], 56. “Clyde Poinsette,” “Human-Headed Bull Below Empty Space,” “Flophouse,” 80.

Neel, Seth. “The Last 7 Days,” “Inertia,” 97.

Neffson, Talia. "To My Father," 72.

Nelson, Cynthia. “Sometimes Music Isn’t Kind,” 88.

Nelson, Maggie. "February," "The Posture of Departure," "Not Yet," "Palomas," 72.. "September 2," "Specimens" 74. "The Topers," "Wheels," 76. “Poem Written in Someone Else’s Office,” 79. “At the Hospital for Special Care,” “A Halo Over the Hospital,” 88.

Nemet-Nejat, Murat. "Photographs on Tombstones," "Vila Nicosa Graveyard," "A Love Song of the Mountains," "Body Language," "Toes," "Masturbation," 53. Translator (from Turkish) "Seven poems by Orhan Veli," 53. "The First Moment on the New Land," "Eldorado," "When My Love Says..." "Objects," "The Chapel of Santa Maria in Obidos, Portugal," "Rice on the Tray," 57.

Nepo, Mark. "Alan's Death," 29.

Nersesian, [Patrick]. "(For My Father)," 29.

Neville, Tam Lin. “Visiting Celia in the Psych Ward,” 94.

Newland, Sara A.“Finding the Body,” “Dreaming Grandfather’s Funeral,” “Renascence,” “Seven Veils,” 78.

Newth, Rebecca. "Moon," 5-6. “The Leopard,” “The Baptisms of Sixteen Wiltshire Parishes,” 86. ”The Name of the Bird.” 99. "Clare's Song," "My Edward Gorey Journal," "How a Hummingbird Dies," 106.

Nguyen, Danyul. “Furry Alert,” 95.

Nichol, Katie. “Regard to My Parents’ Weakness,” 78.

Nichols, Laura. "Rapallo," 76.

Nickell, Joe. "The Last Evening," "Love Poem," 5-6.

Nider, Barry Leonard. "In D.C.," "Ex Camera," 29.

Niebauer, Abby. "Circling the House," 43.

Nijgh, L. (& Boudewijn de Groot). "Welterusten, Mijnheer de President" (song), 2.

Nilooban, Rina. "Why I Don't Visit The Doctor's Office," "Sage," 67.

Nimnicht, Nona. "Lakeshore manor," 30.

Noethe, Sheryl. “Mirage,” “An Attempt to Describe Beatrice,” 78.

Nolan, Pat (and Maureen Owen), "Every Little Mote," 59.

Nolan, Pat (with Keith Abbott and Michael Sowl), "Stupid Face Renku," 60.

Nolan, Pat. "In the Driver's Seat," 62. "Home Alone," "Three Laments," 66.

Nooter, Sarah. "Aeneas Leaving Dido," "The Way She Burned," "Sarah Nooter," 68.

Norfleet, Michael. "Hang Loose / Hang Loose," 22.

North, Charles. "on the Road," from "Nocturnes," "The Chain," 55. "Shooting for Line," 62. "Words from Robert Service," 69."Disrobing," [prose poem], 77. “Summer of Living Dangerously,” 86. "Pictures from Bruegel." 96 "Errata," "At Paul & Ann's," "Elevator to the Willows," "Things to Do," 103. "From Everything," "Replies to Paul: Limitedness," 108. "Symphony Sid," "What Doesn’t Have an Embouchure," "Untitled, Piece of Rhapsody," "After Pasternak," "Imago," 110.

North, Paula. Cover art, portfolio of paintings, 57. Cover and Porfolio, 86. Cover art, portfolio of paintings, 102.

North, Susan. "Stray," 31.

Norton, Linda . "Found." 109.

Novey, Idra. “Bitten,” “Chile,” 82.

Nowland, Alden. "The Odyssey of Earl Kitchener Schofield," (story), 9.

Nurkse, D. "Travel by Night," 40. "The Other World," 45. "Willed Lack," "Taking Counsel," "The Physical," "The Boundary," 49. "The Scab," "Beyond the Breakwater," "The Invisible Faction," "The Car Bomb," "The Screen," 55. "The Debt," "Newborn," 60. "Things I Forgot to Tell My Doctor," "Transcience," "Rosewood Handles," "The Twenty-Four Hour War," 64. "The Bridge," "Venus Fabrication," "Liberation from the Past," 71. "A Night in the Capital," "In the Great Hall," "Driving to Nogales with My Father," 77. “The Prize,” “Interior With Domestic Animals,” “Holy Sites of Karia,” 81. “The Adversary,” “Nights in a Border Town,” “Mr. and Mrs. Marriage,” “The Desert,” 86. “Twilight in Canarsie,” “Furnished Room on Pearl Street,” “The Trapper Keeper,” 97."Tall Lattes Made Entirely of Foam," "We Fake Our Own Death," 101. "Time," "Stella by Starlight," "Charlie Christian Escapes from Seaview Hospital, 1942," "Money," 104. "After a Fire," "Order to Disperse," 108. "The Death Threats," "Our Youth," 110.



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