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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Ma Prem Madhuri. See Akin, Katy.

MacAfee, Norman. Cover and artwork, 65."Bowery Rembrandt: The Photographs of Nancy Miller Elliott" (memorial), "Wanderers" 74.

Maccabee, Lillian. "A Love Letter to Lillian," 53.

MacDonald, Rob. “The Bells,” 91.

MacKenzie, Jean West. "I Call My Conscience Grandmother," 1. "Premonition," 5-6.

Macklin, Cerene. "Convalescent Home." 45.

MacVean, Kate. "One for Burning," "Aperture," 56.

Madhuri, Ma Prem (Katy Akin). “Why I’d Like to Cut It,” “In Portland, OR,” “Untitled,” 92.

Maffeo, Jamie Dahill. "Swimming in a Glass Bowl," "Different Kinds of Cleanliness." 99.

Magneson, Moira. “Death Deluxe,” “Mom Drives Fast,” 86. “Magnitude 7.1,” “True Grit,” 89.

Magrey, Erica. "When I was Four," "the first time," "dear tony," 68.

Mahoney, MaryJo. "B Unit," 48.

Mahony, Phillip. "Medical Examiner's Morgue, New York, 11/20/80," 44. "Bushwick Names," "Fabien," 47.

Maines, Rachel. "as fire-time comes," "Dallas Highway, Black Angus," "we/melt/glass," 12.

Makkink, Herman. "The Panny Party" (story), 5-6.

Mallin, Rupert. Statement on poetics; "The Fear of Functions," "The Fat of My Pursuits," "Soil," 48.

Manfred, Freya. "I Hate You, You Man," "What Do You Want To Do on Saturday?" 25.

Mann, James.. "Poor Deaf Brahmin Child," "Monsoon Night,"104.

Mann, Jim. "Moon Notes," 12.

Mannarino, Frank. Cover art and Portfolio of Paintings, 58.

Marcus, Morton. "Waking," "The Seduction of the Trees," "In That Case," "The Ultimate Place of Exile," 68. "Blinking," "The Head," "Waitresses," "Calendar," 70."The Statue in the Park," "What's in a Name," "Hand Gestures," "Laundromat" [all prose] 74. “Visions,” 79. “That Morning,” “The Blessing,” “Balzac,” “The Eternal Mystery Is As Mysterious…” 80. “The Greeting.” 83. “The Man with the Moustache,” 85. “The Endless Sentence,” “The Minute,” 88. “Unlighted Rooms,” “When She Slept,” “Those Little Lost Things,” 90."Give and Take," "Summer, 1953," "White Castle, 1954," "Bear Prints," "What I Wanted from Women," "Listening to Lou Harrison's Suite for Violin & American Gamelan Shortly after the Composer's Death," "Our Neighbor in the Mountains." 96

Marinovich, Filip. "Tootache and Australia Fantasy," "Sandy," 63.

Marlin, Jeffrey. "Samuel Albert" (story), 5-6.

Marsden, Carolyn. "Butterfly," "Defending Ourselves, Karate at the Women's Center," 35.

Martin, Eliza. “Untitled,” 91.

Martin, Patrick . “Climbing the Red Apple Supermarket,” “Truffles” 83.

Martinson, Harry. "After," "Back Home," "Cable Ship," "The Earth Worm," "In the Country," 9.

Marx, Lucy. "I am my own cave," 12.

Masarik, Albert E. "Herd of Buffalo at the Delaware River," "A White Horse," 11. "2 rhinos, 13. "Feeling Good," "Pagan Jones," 15.

Mason, David. "Six Poems" by Yiorgos Chouliaras, translator, 63.

Masterman, Gwenn. "Gypsy Symphony," 35.

Matson, Clive. "Nightmare," "Some Game," "This Morning the Dumps," 5-6. "The card reading," "A Dream of Pegasus," 11. "The Haze," 18. "Blocked In Contrasts," 34. "Six Short Love Poems," "Feint and Jab," 38. "Wind Flamed," 44. "Early Love," "Dream of Rebirth," 50-51. "Molecule Daisies," "Motion Grasshoppers," 59. "Slope Breast," "Back Words," 63.

Mattern, Grace. "Rebuilding," 60.

Matthews, Sebastian. "hide away closing act," "Night thoughts," 42. "Hideaway Revisited," 43. “Got Those Crazy Cary Grant Blues Again,” “Neither Hawk nor Buzzard,” 85.

Maurer-Alvarez, Pansy. "I Slept through the Rush Hour Alone," "Like Grand Central Station," "On Reading 'Days and Nights' by Kenneth Koch," "On Saint Martinien's Day, July 2, 1993," 66. "This Sure Isn't the Pennsylvania Turnpike," "Darleme's," "Midday Paris Saturday," "Angels in the Alpine Mode," 67."See the Cathedrals!," "The Silence of Nights in Streets with Sonorous Pavements,""From the Airport Night," "This Person, That Thing," "Words and Great Ways of Sound," "Light May Crack Through in Several Ways," 70. "Pain the Day Came," "You Think Out of Control," "Consider This," 73. "Near Locmariaquer," "From "A Discourse for Christian," "Rush of the Wind," 76. "Still Life (Empire State), 1945," 77. “le tango est une danse très humaine,” “So Muscular Are We,” “How the City of Salisbury Which Later Becomes Bronze,” 79. “Venus De Milo Thanks to the French,” “La Nascita di Venere,” 80. “In Memory of the Unclaimed,” “Of Say, Berlin,” 88. “The Beautiful Spelling of Common Words like ‘Paranoia’ and ‘Camouflage,’” “Poem Beginning with the First Line of a Poem by a Friend,” “Valediction,” 93 "Pomegranate," "Carnations (I)," "Carnations (II)." 96 “Interim,”  “The Doors Swing Open,””The Curtains Opened,” 98.

May, Maya. “He Makes It Difficult to Stay on the Spiritual Path,” “Ex Communication,” 91.

Mayers, Dana. "Cold Beach," "Bullseye," "White Wax Burning," 53.

McCann, Richard. "Departure," "Masks and Explanations," 22. "Dreams of Absence, Men," 31.

McCann, Sarah. "Concrete Mixing," "Robert Frost as Father," 66.

McCarron, Andrew. “The Automaton,” 89. “My Birth,” “Mysterium,” 93."Love in Late Empire," 101.

McArthur, Cathy. “Sorry Day,” 95.

McCullough, Laura. “The Fatman’s Landscape,” 93.

McCurdy, Carol. "Mockingbird," 76.

McDaniel, Wilma Elizabeth. "A Gift," "Grandpa Recalled," 39. "Angelic Perspective," "Abdication Day," "Poets and Bottles," 44. "Bass at Migrant Creek," "Fronie Has Lost the War," "Writing Poetry on New Paper," "A Green Grape Pie," 47. "Priorities," "Appearances," "Pastor for a Day," 49. "Scouting with Playmates, 1932," "Farm Children in the Grip of 1933," "Hired Girl's Pet," "The Long Wait," "Theatrical Names," "Wings," 50-51. "Library Patrons," "Conversion and Baptism of a Biker," 52. "Who Else," "Reading a Name Thought to be Defunct," 53. "Bakersfield Theology," "April 17, 1987," "Subject Matter," 54. "Funeral of a Portuguese Miller," "Nine-Year-old Oklahoman Addicted to Writing Poetry," "A Woman Disappears," "Unmatched," "Changing Employment," "Remembering Mama While Washing Gift Cups," "Alias," 58. "Family Connections," "Incident Before Visiting Professor's Lecture," "Holiday Accomodations," 61. "Breaking the Drought," "Our Neighbor Neil," "Sweat," "All I Saw Was Painted Fruit," "My Favorite Paperweight," 63. "A Country Dream Maker,""Child Training," "November Evening," "Union Dues--Dec. 22 ' 1993," "Lunch in Skipper's," "Bible Stories," "Spiritual Direction," "Predators," 66. "Remembering," "Opal 9-30-95," "Reprimand at Rosewood Manor 7-2-95," "A Blustery Palm Sunday in Tulare, California 4-9-95," 69. "Friendship Fracture," "Floral Sickness," "Waiting Game 1926," "A Mother's Vocation," 70."Vineyard Phantasy," "Fastidious Leonard," "My Landlady Brings Me and Easter Gift," "My Brother and His Barber," 74. "Vineyard Vacation," "Maybe I Am All Wrong," "I Have My Own Ideas," "Surprise," "Bad Timing" 75. "Recollections of Homestead Uncle," "The Zane Grey Secret," 76 ."Could I Stop There," "Out of the Mouths of Bail Bondsmen," "A Clerical Collar," "Late Spring for a Catholic," "Sister Beulineís Advice," [prose poem], "August 24, 1980," [prose poem], 77. “They Gave Me a Chair Beside the Fire,” “General Confession,” “After Taking Night Medication 8/18, 10:15 P.M.,” “Dust Devils at Big Sur,” “Annual Risk,” “Ritual on Mayfair Street, July 1993,” “An Only Brother,” “Thoughts on the Trinity, February 14, 2000.” 81. “A Splendid Gift of China,” “First Home For Middle-Aged Honeymoon,” “Courtsey.” 83. “Bartering With Spirit At Midnight”, 84. “A Narrow Bed,” “A First Cousin,” “Bartering with Saint at Midnight,” 85. “Reading Obits on a Chilly Afternoon,” “Praising Women at the Moon Festival,” “Missing Originals,” “Results,” “Veracity,” “Colors,” “What Flighty Woman,” “Visit to Dermatologist,” 86.

McDermott, Jeremiah. "The Night We Met," 45.

McDonald, Gary. "House on Stromboli," 21.

McDonell, Dan. "late show," 20.

McDonough, Jill. "Sealing Woodrow," 108.

McFall, Gardner. “Russian Tortoise,” 89. "Half-Open Door," "Family Tale," "Linda Norton Stain," "The Burnt Lands," "My Mystic," "Small Square," "Ruth," "Dark White," 107.

McFalls, Becky. “Ode to My Mother Come Back from the Dead,” “This Morning Still Quiet,” 98.

McGlynn, Katherine. Cover artist; portfolio of photographs, 48. Photographs, 50-51. Photographs, 60.

McGookey, Kathleen. “Whatever Shines,” “Wet Velvet,” 78. “Siege” 83. "Story Time," "Ghost Story," 103.

McGraw, Hatsy. “Man: Variation in Words”, 84.

McIntire, Alex H. "Webster," 11.

McKeown, Tom. "American Scene," "Waiting Out the Night," 14.

McLaughlin, Mark. "doolb," 37.

McMillan, Ian. Statement on poetics; "Two Miners Pass in Opposite Directions at Daybreak," "The Politics of the Glimpse," "The Harsh Stink of Mythical European Gypsy Violins," 48.

McMullen, Richard E. "Undergardener," 20. "My Grandmother's Anger," 32. "The Next Question," 65. “Double Solitaire,” 79.

McNair, Wesley. "Thinking about Carnevale's Wife," 17.

McNay, Chelsea. “Our Words,” “Year,” 93.

McNulty, Tim. "Planting Seedlings Across the Canal from Trident," "Two Puddle Sutra," "I Consider once More the Walls," "Ode to the Goddess on the Morning of First Spring Light," 38. "After Losing the Bid...," "Old Town," 45.

McPhee, Linda. "Bread and Roses," 43.

Meacham, Jacob. “Lullaby,” 88.

Mealer, Bryan. "Lost Dog," 64.

Medina, Pablo."The Forest," "Night of Legs," "Spring and Mall," "Playa Norte," "Morning Glories."96. "Thing-In-Itself," "Saint Walt," "Saint of Morphine," 103. "Who Wins Out," "Love Poem with Octopus," "Memory and the Angels." 109.

Megged, Matti. "The Waiter," [short story], 76.

Meier, Richard. "Battery Mate," 72.

Melendez, Jesus Papoleto. "The Loneliest of Loneliness," 13. from "living in the loves of the ghetto people," "street poetry," 14.

Meltzer, Virginia. “Those Shoes,” 82.

Melvin, Greg. "Lost My Hat," 68

Mennecke, Wayne. "Tuolumne Meadows" (prose), "Blear" 75.

Mernit, Susan. "The Field Madonna," 9. "Please Tell Me Where the Clever Goes," "The Prisoner," 11. "The Gym Teacher Plays Goalie," 16. "Poem (I have a tiny pale scar)," 21.

Mesches, Arnold. Covers, Art Portfolio, 95.

Meslow, Ellie. "Bliss," "Falling," 72.

Mesmer, Sharon. "Cafe Ennui," 59. "As If," "The Origins of My Individuality," "The Wench is Willing," "Twin," "Memorare," 73. “Pederastoria,” “On Holiday,” “What It Is,” “La Luz,” 82. with David Bochart.”Madam Bowery.” (Cartoon Story) 83. “Stupid University Job,” “Tourist in Phantom America—a five minute event,” “Good Sleepin’ Weather,” “Begin Transition,” 92 . “fromMetaxu,” 98. "A Wedding Song," 104.

Metz, Roberta. "Why She Didn't Marry the Butcher," 32.

Meyer, Bob. "Nothing," "Hitachi," "Crush," 67.

Middleton, Christopher. "Bonnard," "The Burrow," 1. "A Revenant," 50-51.

Miele, Frank. "Light on Dark Corners: What Women Love in Men," "Light on Dark Corners: What Women Love in Men," 57.

Michels, Victoria Kohn. "August in Ireland," 68.

Mikolowski, Ann. Cover artist; portfolio of drawings, 40. cover artist; portfolio of paintings, 46. Drawings, 50-51.Cover art and painting portfolio 75. Cover artist; oortfolio of paninyings, 108

Mikolowski, Ken. "Gone," 76. "Nothing," "Reality," "Permitted to Feel," "Short Novel," 101.

Milán, Eduardo. “We Were Almost Ready to Sing,” “I Address Myself to You as to Two Wild Beasts Because,” 91.

Miles, Patrick. "The Shoot-out," "Siber," 70.

Miles, Sara. "Heroes," "I Forget," 39. "Careers in Poetry, Part One: the Police Poet," 44.

Miller, Bill. "Upon Arrival at Sing Sing," 52.

Miller, Fiona. “Security System,” “After Love,” “Spring Cleaning,” 85. “Our Tempest,” “This Boy,” “A Different Way to Die,” 88.

Miller, Kevin. "Debutantes," 68.

Miller, Derek. "You Can't Even Fake It," "Sleepless Restaurant," "Untitled" ("When I'm alone in my room in the dark"), "Letter to Me of a Year Ago," 49. "Not a Tornado Warning," 50-51. "The Hands," "Cherry Street," "#237," "#239," 55. "Poem: The television sits," "When February Follows Close after Christmas..," 56. "The Coast," 58. "After Viewing Some 20th Century American Etchings," 61. "A Year" 63. "How the Outfield Is Positioned," "Etiquette on Deanna with Other Relatives," "Cashing In with the Night," "Things Bothered with Knowing Dreamlessness," 65. “Insulin or So,” 95.

Miller, Ellen. "compromise," "Lament to a potential insurance salesman," "the perpetually passing phase," "take the real way there, little boy," "A Walter Kerr-like comment on a Richie Havens concert," 9.

Miller, Faith. "The Worst of Ireland," (prose) 67. "With All My Might" (Prose), 70.

Miller, Jason. "First Note," "Genealogy," "Into my shoulder your head bores," "The Solitary," 3.

Miller, Michael. “Private First Class Lawler,” 91. “At the Races,” 93. “The Dark Birdcalls,” 95.. “Semper Fidelis,” 97. ”Hooks and Eyes.” 99. "[Untitled]," 104. "The Ring," 107. "Closet." 109.

Miller, Naomi. "Coffee," "Every night/you say," "A woman/ offers me a blessing," "Your top drawer is filled with odds and ends," 18. "I'm afraid of going home," 19. "Sitting on the steps of your home," 21. "all day long i've been afraid for my life," 26.

Millis, Christopher. "Driving at Midnight," 47. "Still," 53.

Mills, Cindy. "Gone" [song], 22.

Mills, David. "Sundance," 57.

Minor, William. "Translation from Mandelstam," 49.

Mirer, Michael. "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," 72.

Mitchell, Alison. “Drunk,” 85.

Mitchell, Nora. "In the Cellar," 44.

Mitchell, Susan. "The Dinner," 27.

Mlinko, Ange. "Isfahan," "The Technician," "Pizzicato, Brooklyn.," 101.

Mohring, Ron. "Working Beside My Father," 48.The Rapist," 69.. "PGH AIRPORT" 75. “Enduring Love,” “Amateur Grief,” 79.

Moldaw, Carol. "Another Part of the Field," 71.

Molini, Sally. “All the Flies Wanted,” “Aunt Beanie Liked to Tell,” 93.

Mollin, Larry. "Morning Song," 9. "Terminal Beach," 15.

Monaghan, Kate. “Thoughts of You Yellow Leaves Falling,” 85.

Montejo, Victor. "El Perro" ("The Dog"), 52.

Montez, Susan. "Three Dreams: South Bronx," 63.

Moody, Thomas. "Death Wish," 110.

Moore, Jim. "For Adrienne Rich," 24.

Moore, Mary. "Icarus," "The Cookie Sheet," 107.

Moore, Michele Spring. "Adolescent Rag: Greece New York. 1981," "Ghost Stories," "The Night Before You Left the State," "Mom's Working Class." 64.

Moore, Todd. "Black Widow," "House Guest," 23.

Moore, Virginia. cover artist for 4.

Moos, Michael. "Before You Were Born," 34.

Morales, Rosario. "Robles, m'hija, Robles!" 52.

Moran, Carol. "One Stop in Philadelphia," 18.

Moreno, Cristina. Untitled ("take me down to the MEXICAN moon"), Untitled ("I lived in a time of revoltuion at 18"), 62.

Morgan, G. R. "The Cave: or Staying on the Road," "Trapped," 5-6.

Moritz, Albert Frank. "Poem (We have the problem here of changing life"), 24.

Moritz, Ruth. Cover artist, 47.

Morris, Bruce. "Revelation," 68

Morse, Carl. "Joint Letter on Poverty," "Atlantis Bypass," 44.

Mort, Valzhyna. “***,” “A Portrait of a Mother in Fall,” “A Poem about White Apples,” “Grandmother,” 90.

Mosby, George Jr. "lines from a letter from jpw," "prison poem 15," 35. "blues for a young boy; prison poem," "the dumb wife," "the escape to freedom-land," 37. "the matinee," "on the visit of uncle alfred," "entrance" "i remember Langston Hughes," "locked at a window inside a fence," 39. "Following Icarus," "The Pack," "Showdown #2," "As Flies Come Out," 41. "the storm," "high priestess," 46. "A Cold Day: A Last Song," "As Oceans Tear Apart," 50-51.

Moskovich, Yelena. “The Suitcase,” 85.

Moses, Matthew. "Farmacy," 68. "Two Dollar Bills," "This Day was a Poem," 70.

Moss, Melissa. "Crossing the Line," 49.

Moss, Ralph. "In a Chinese Landscape," 2.

Mott, Michael. "Graphic by Fritz Pauli," 26.

Moyer, Emily. "Six Forty-Five," 66.

Mullaney, Shea. “Dream Saw,” 97.

Murawski, Elizabeth. “In Logan Square,” 98. "Rêver un Rêve," "The Cue to Be Still," "Rays," "Arboreal," 108.

Murphy, Frank. "Everything should come easy--so," "Crossing Over," 39. "Overheard in Quebec," 45. "And All the Ships at Sea," "Fire Island," 50-51. "Deuteronomy," "Winter," "I Remember The Face But . . .," 69.“Saying Proper Prayers,” “The World That Matters,” 78. "Song for My Father," "To A Friend," "Kneeling in a Foxhole to Shovel Deeper," "My Head," "Gangs," 106.

Murphy, Katy. "Dyskinesia." 96.

Murphy, Sheila E. "Bedtime," 41.

Murray, Michele. "Coming to Self," "history and my history," "Two Winter Poems," Why Not Silence?" 2. "October at War," "To Speak Plainly," 5-6. "Child in a Corner," "A Paradigm," 10. "Exile's Song," 15. "Dream Poem," 23.

Mycue, Edward. "Looking For Meringues," 76.

Myles, Eileen. "The New True Blackness," "Memorial," "Tell Me," "Goodbye," "New Poem," "Sleepless," 60.


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