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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

Every title published by the press has been kept in print. Good literature stays good.



Laba, Regina. "Poem Accompanying an Allergen-Free Birthday Dessert," 77.

LaBerge, Peter. "from Summer Slices: 16 (Hoboken)," "When Your Father Calls You Crying-," "Lightning," "Charlotte as Husk," "Elegy for Georgia," 103.

Lahikainen, Linda. "January Thaw," 26. "Expectancy," "Finns in North America," 29.

Lakowski, Kate. "inspiration," 20.

Lally, Michael. "Babe Ruth Never Blinks..." "Nothing To Do But Lie Here and Come Apart" [prose], "Total Assault," "Weatherman Blues (1968)," 19. "for four years," "New Years 1973 with Emily Dickinson," "Rules," 23. "The Definite Article, The Indefinite Article, and the Genuine Article," "This Is Me Speaking," "Just Cooling," 40. "4.24.86," 50-51. "The San Francisco Sonnets (1962)," 104.

Lambert, Diane. "Crisp, heart-cutting whites," 37.

Lance, Jeanne. "Hegira," 49.

Landau, Carolyn C. “Kessell,” [story], 88.

Lander, Jessica. “Backgammon,””Braiding”, 86.

Landau, Rebecca. "Windcave National Park," "Elegy," "D.N.E." "Knowledge Questions," 103.

Lane, Patrick. "Poem for a Gone Woman," "Mountain Oysters," "Red Rose Wine," "San Francisco Hotel Window 1969," 11. "Picture against My Wall," "Gray John," 12.

Lane, William. "It Is November 29th and the First Day of the Deer Season," "As the Sun Goes Down a Week before Christmas," 32. "Reality Is Like a Greased Flag Pole," "Night Applies Pressure Water Boils in the Pan," 34. "Nights Without You," "Distances, Silences, Circles," 35. "Sister Animal," "In August I Was the/weed farmer," 36. "The Apple Priest," 40. "Salamander," 50-51. "Praise for the Forest of Your Hair," "The Accident," 60.

Laney, Ruth. "Hot Nights," "New Wife," "Sunday in Bogue Chitto," 23.

Lange, Aimee, "People You May Encounter Here," "Soozie Floozie," 61.

Lapidus, Jacqueline (Jacqueline Fakinos). "Titus' Skull," "Excavation," "Thursday Lullaby," 4. translator, "And the Poor Shall Inherit," 4. translator, "The Comb," 10. "A Map of Greece," "Maroussi 1970," 13. "Wrong -Number," 18. "Rereading Earlier Poems," "Thunderstorm," 20. "Autonomous Women," "Love is not one of those countries where you can be sure of the weather," 26. "Several Hypotheses and a Proposition," 27. "Lisboa," "Daddy," "Yellow Poem," 32. "Breakfast, October," "Betrayal," 35. "Parc Montsouris," "Tortoise," 38. "Penelope," "Privileged Resident," 40. "Imported Gifts," 48. "Mithmna/Molyvos," 50-51.

Lardner, Emily. “Baptismal Pseudonyms”, 84.

Larkin, Joan. "Rape Memory," "Translation," "Notes on Sex without Love," "A Qualification: Pat H.," 48. "Want," "Breathing You In," "In the Dutchess," "Niqht, St. Mark's Place," 63. “Across the Table,” “Storyville,” “Virage,” 87. "Corridor," "Eye of Newt," "Reservoir," "White Iron Bed," "St. Pete." 96. ”Here Comes,” ”Chicken,” ”The Porch,” ”Trough.”99.

Larkin, Tanya. “Transport,” “Skaz,” “Essay on Style (III),” “Baby Epic,” 92.

Larsen, Lance. "Let the Hungry," "Things That Float," "Horse Hands," "Aphorisms for a Lonely Planet," 108.

Larson, Jennifer. “Brandon Fenski was my first boyfriend in First Grade,” “4/13,” “In 1995,” “Long Toenails” 83.

Lassell, Michael. "Keenings: after Rilke (lamentations for baritone and chorus)," 46. "For John, since I cannot be his lover," 49. "Times Square Poems," 50-51. "Dancing Days," 56. "Body of Work," 68.

Lateef, Nora L. "The Blind Spot," 37.

Lau, Evelyn. "Separations," "Math Classroom," 49. "Bobby-Pin Scratches," "John," "The Quiet Room," 52.

Laufman, Dudley. "Bee Hunt," "It's Sunday Again," 16. “Drought,” “Bringing in Wood,” “Soybean.” 83.

Lawrence, Nora. "Headlights," "May Eighth, Van Cortlandt Park," "Fourteen," 71.

Lax, Robert. "Kalymniad, Part II," 4. "Homage to Wittgenstein," 13. "one island," 29. "a/thin/white/line," "strikes/through/air," "while/ raining/here," 40. "cloud/o/ver/hill," "black bird," "all/or/der," "at/the/top/of/the/night," 44. "Ar/gu/men/ta/tion," 50-51.

Le Bel, Natasha. "Blind Man Studying His Lover," "Foot Fire Burn Dance," "Boxing the Female," 66.

Leavell, Jeff. "Mona," "He was standing in the window..," [prose], 52.

Lechevsky, Julie. “I’m a Serious Something,” “The Good Life,” 78. “So Second,” 80.

Lechner, Laura A. "Holding Up," 38.

Le Croy,Jane. ”The Best Pick-Up Line I Ever Heard,” ”The Ropes.” 99. "Molten Core," "View Master," "Honeysuckle," 101.

Lee, Annie. "Letter to a Ghetto Boy Three Thousand Miles Away," "Regal-Concubine," "Wrist" 74.

Lee, Helen Elaine. “Life Without,” 92.

Leed, Jacob. "Two Poems from 'Looking at Chinese Pictures,'" 43.

Leggat, Graham. "Wood Hymn," 43.

Leggett, Stephen. "Lovecraft," 19. "Fire Days," 26.

Leham, David. "A Conversation with Paul Violi (2010)," 103.

Lehman, David. “Five Poems from Spring Days 2000,” 78. “After Catullus,” 87. "Poem in the Manner of Contemporary American Fiction," "The Count," "Fuck You, Foucault," "Poland of Dreams," 100. "Panama Hat," "Poem Not in the Manner of Emily Dickinson," "Time to Go," "News That Stays News," 108. "Daily Poems from 2000," 110.

Leight, Peter. "Disclaimer," 103.

Lehnert, Richard. "The Last of You," "Young Woman Driving Topless" 74.

LeMieux, Dotty. "Experience," "the panes of the window cut into sixths," "The Scrimshaw Man," 30.

Lejeune, Sarah. "Daddy," "Response to Louder than Bombs," "Smilepilfer," "Untitled." 99.

LeMon, Richard. "From Scandanavia, Health," 14.

Lenhart, Gary. "Chemists," "Larry," "Michigan," "This Cumbrous World of Wheels," 54. "Cinderella," "Peekaboo," "Just Off the Bus," "Granddad," "Louise," 63. "Father and Son Night," (prose) 67. "Cinderella," "Peekaboo," "Just Off the Bus," 68."Family Joke," "Fingers," "Body Language," "Platonic Paddle," "The Destruction of the Northern Forest," "Mouth Almighty," "Obituary," "Persian Set," 72. “A Note on Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams,” “Communion,” “Garbage and Gravy,” “The Rosary,” 86. "Combat."96“Jack,” “Look Around!” “Google Bruegel,” 97. "The Three Graces," "Judy MacGruther," 101. "Glare," "What Did He Find in Books?," "So Sad," 110.

Lerner, Ben. "Big Bang," "In My Grandmother's House," 71.

Levertov, Denise. "The Wings," 1. "Joie de Vivre," 12. "Gandhi's Gun (and Brecht's Vow)," "Tbe Good Dream," 13. Introduction to Viktor Ourin, 17. Editor of special section, 21. "Death Psalm: O Lord of Mysteries," 33. "Seers," "Seeing for a Moment," 42. Editor, special supplement, with introduction and notes, "Poems from Denise Levertov's Mailbox," 43. "An Estrangement," "Ceremonies," "Variations on a Theme by Rilke (The Book of Hours, Bk I, 1)," 50-51. "Kresch's Studio," 103.

Levi, Jan Heller. "Unlucky," "Because We Like the Maps," 100.

Levin, Lynn. “The Trials of Love,” “The Book of Maples,” 80.

Levin, Talia. “The Search Through Cold Places,” “Burning, Winter 1998,” “How to Be a Shaina Madel,” 89.

Levine, Amy. “Irreverance,” [prose] 97.

Levine, Barry. "such veined and hairy wings," 12.

Levine, Judy. "pull out this/hard heavy feeling," 21.

Levine, Matthew. "Nightmare," 11.

Levitin, Alexis. Translator, "Arson," by Alexandre O'Neill," 47.

Levoy, Myron. "Watts," 1.

Levy, Bruno. "Atmosphere Entry Poem...," "A Carnival of Wind-Riders," 14.

Levy, John. "Watching Mosquitoes on a Late Afternoon," 22. "Bill, " "Talking to a Friend," "Variations on a Theme," 26.

Lew, Christopher. "Country," "Missile," "Faculty Christmas Party at Webster Middle School" 75.

Levy, Kathryn. "The Bare Facts," 104.

Lew, Emma. "Ancient Strawberries," "Bungalows," "Before Heraldry," "Little Sister," "They Flew Me in on the Concord from Paris," 68. "Loquax Ludi," "Riot Eve," 72.

Lew, Walter.  "Driving Back from the Rosy-Fingered Berkshires," "18 Generations at Ssang-Ryong," 73.

Lewandowski, Stephen. "Transmigration," "The Scholar Chops Wood," 27. "Field," "Without Words: El Joglars," 35. "Tug Hill," "Second Coming by Bus," 38."Looks in His Salad Bowl," 58. “Work,” “Up Here,” 87. “Gift of Irises,” “Compost Heap in the Backseat or How I Became a Naturalist,” “Admiring Secret Admirer,” “Sally Won’t Let Me Clear the Old Pasture,” 89. “Meeting the Bear,” 92. “Shadows,” “Joseph Smith,” 9. "Bishop Preserve." 96 “Where Deer Lie Down,” “Lunch Break,”98. ”Where Deer Lie Down.” 99. "Self-Mocking Bird," 106. "FIGHT!," "At Your Funeral." 109. "Matts Lunch," "Pleasures of Living Alone," 110.

Lewis, Joel. "A Dharma Talk by Johnny Roseboro, Co., March 23, 1983," 56. "End Time Bagels," "Wallington (New Jersey Elegy)," 64. "Back at the Dojo," "Hoboken Early Sunday Morning," "The Tito Puente Story," 68.  "From In Hoboken," 73. “On the Decommissioning of Pluto as a Planet,” “Birth of the Jew,” “Untitled,” “The Establishing of Metaphor of My Career As a Social Worker,” 80. “During the Administration of Governor Brendan Byrne,” “The Brain,” “Approaching the Ferry Terminal,” “The Origins of My Social Marginalization,” 91.“Gloria’s Step,” “Initiation,” “Spanky Bannon Takes His Famous Pan-Fried Bologna Sandwich off the Menu,” 97. "Late November, Staten Island," "Flip Top," 104.

Lewis, Kurt. "Grapefruit" (prose), 44.

Lewis, W. Mark. "The Chance," "Two-Lane Vision," "Wife Power," 15.

Lifshin, Lyn. "A New Turning Away From," "what we grow away from," 7. "I'd Like to Live Here a While," "Here," "More Reasons for Staying," "Stay Here," 10. "Fear," "the girl who disappeared in the trees," "I Guess She's Feeling Some of That," "I Know but I Keep Forgetting," "It Goes by a Window a," "Like Pine, like those Boats," 15. "Didn't You," "The Five Places Dream," "Like Masaccio's," 17. "The Angry Blues," "Do You Know What You're," "Ellis Island Photographs," "Women Who Sit Along the Beach," 22. "North Poems; denbigh," "The Past Few Nights the Dreams Have Buried Themselves Deep in Deeper Dreams," "The Sister's Testimony," "Testimony," 24. "Yessing and Yes Sums," 26. "Divorce is only natural," "Paper Clips and Rings instead of Fingers," "You Must Know,," "The Mad Girl's Paranoia on Wayne St," "Bess, Bess," "Wanting to Get Rid of the Glass," "Slicing Fruits with the Snow Outside Falling," 28. "More Things You Can't Do with a Lover," "Inside out Madonna," "1945," "Blue Woman Blues," 29. "Yellow Poem," "Barre 1941," "When What Seems Nicest Is Sleeping," "White and Gold," "I've Written About My Mother's Gone Knife How," "White Hair and Fleas," "Mother's Song," "Something About the Softest," "1959 Silver Jaguar," 34. "After 8 Years of the Panic Bees Swarming Making Hives," "Going Thru the Park in Middlebury," "When My Teeth Rot," "Valentine Love Potion," "Hanging On Madonna," 36. "These Hot Muggy Nights Middlebury," "The Old Dog," "White Monday," 37. "An Absence of Man, "I Should Have Known When He Ate the One Provolone Sandwich," 40. "The Dream When I First Woke Up," 44. "My Mother and the Oranges," 49.

Lifson, Martha Ronk. "Columbus, Ohio, 1949," "Sitting in Juan's restaurant all afternoon, La Paz," "A Female Ghost Speaks to Me and Says," 38.

Lillehei, Juliana. "Winged Piggies," "The Gospel of Irene," 107. "To My Father's Boyhood Days," 108.

Lindo, Stephen. "B." 63.

Lindsey, Karen. "Allergy," 20.

Lineberger, Jame. "I Will Not Let Thee Go, Except Thou Bless Me," 61.

Linet, Valerie. "Heat," "Wanting a Chimpanzee," 65.

Linmark, R. Zamora. “Maria’s Prayer,” “Naming the Surface,” “The Superstar Talks to Her Award-Winning Role, Flor Contemplación,” 78. “Screening Desire,” “A Letter to Urbana in America from Her Seventy-Year-Old Sister Felisa,” “This Poem Is Called ‘Waiting, Or the Problems of Using Metaphors in Confessional Poems,’” 85. “This Should Remain Untitled until Further Notice,” “Ingmar Bergman: A Personal Essay,” “Probable Cause,” “After Douglas Sirk’s Written on the Wind,” 89. “Irregardless: A Pantoum,” 94. “Palmero,” 95. “New Year’s Eve,”"  On Beauty, “Some Kind of Wonderful,” 98. "Slightest," "For Jane B," "Loneliness for Advanced Beginners," 101. "On a Bed of James," "A Forecast," "Lately," 102.

Linton, Katherine. "When I Was Fourteen," "Dream Rats," "Untitled," 106.

Liotta, Christine. "Toward Avenue D," 58.

Liu-Tsung-yuan. "Snow on the River," 18.

Livshits, Mike. “Red & Brown Beard,” “Is Burning,” “Ma Melts Things, Has an Orgasm,” 78.

Lloyd, Seth. "some fun games," "Two girls screaming," 37.

Lo, Han-Yeh Katharine. "Journey," 77.

Lockwood, Margo. "Wild men in denim jackets come to see us," 19. "Psychology. It gives me pause," "To live at 'World's End,'" 20. "Analysis and a blue and white jug," "Uppers, downers," 24. "December eclipse," 26.

Loden, Rachel. "Against Love," "Poem (I am tired of hearing about the deaths of male poets)," "When you become that cold sullen creature man," 20.

Loeb, Karen. ”The Last Horse,” ”Tables.” 99.

Loewinsohn, Ron. "The Bridge at Bratislava," "Missa Brevis," "Song," 10.

Logan, Cynthia. "Dame Tantalus," "The Stillborn," 2.

London, Jonathan. "Early Morning Chat with My Ex," 24.

Long, Robert. "The Death of Mantovani," 29. "Snowed In," 35."Jack Benny," "Little Black Dino," 70 .

Lopez, Manuel Paul. “Mundo Meets the World,” 81.

Lopes, Michael. "The Circle Pools," "Heading East," 7. "History of a Habit," "The Loss," "Seventh Night in the Madhouse," "Shaving (in the Asylum)," 19. "Improvisation on Two Lines of Student Poetry," "Marriage," 21. "Three Nights," "The People on My Street," 28. "Sketch from a Small Town," "Fishing," 33. "September Song," "Spring Forward, Fall Back," 43. "T.W.A.M.," "She Said/I Said/We Said/I Thought She Thought I Thought," "An Offering," 48. "In the Blue Dolphin," 50-51.

Lopez, William. "Brambles," "Lemonade," "For Reform but in Defense of the Love Poem" 74.

Loranger, Richard. “Song Of Luna,” “Poems For A Centralized Church” 83.

Lorber, Brendan. "126 East 4th ," "823 President," "250 Vesey" 75.

Lorde, Audre. "Martha," 17.

Lourie, Dick. "Suite (three love poems)," "reprise," "dreaming of Queens," "scenario: kill Viet Cong," 7. "A Scene from the Movie They Made of Che's Life," "bad day together," "September 20," 8. "charges," "letter, July 16th," "Toby's Song," 17. Afterword to collective poems, 22. "What It's Like Living in Ithaca New York," "In the Revolution," "Living in the net," "Invocation to My Muse," 31. "ten answers chosen at random to the question 'why do you write so many political poems?'" "forty," "September 1978," 36. "Friends in Dreams," "Rock and Roll Rhythm and Blues," 50-51. "The Perfect Blend," 71. “All Coffee Makers,” 78. “Letters to the Dead: Ron Schreiber,” 86.“If the Delta Was the Sea,” “Whose Dark Night,” 93."Letters to the Dead: Clarence Clemons," 100.

Lourie, Iven. "chicago north side poems," 16. "The Eggplant Sonata," 24. "Noche Con Mimosas," 34.“Volcano’s Edge,” 97.

Love, Andrew. "Utterance," "Walking," 57.

Lovejoy, Brittany Nichole. “Ryan Lake” 83.

Lowe, Charles. “The State Newscast at Ten,” 90.

Lowery, Joanne. "Backward Poem," "November Inventory," 65.

Lowry, John. "Don't Ask," "The Easy Way," "The Joy of Serving," 47. "Day of Infamy," "Point of Disorder," 49. "Early Sunday Morning," 53. "Life Is a Beach," 56.

Luterman, Alison. “Sustain,” 94.

Luttinger, Abigail. "Mother's Day," 30.

Lynch, Charles. "Making Trouble," 24.

Lyon, Lilla. "I Lilla Lyon," "Potluck," 72. "Mt. Vernon Street," "Getaway," 76.

Lyons, Jacqueline. “Acclimation,” “What I Burned,” “Bus Stop, Lesotho, Southern Africa,” 79. “A Map For Finding A House,” “Talking With Toka,” 81. “1964,” 93.


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