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Issue #110
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Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers


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Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Kabakow, Sara. "1407 Sunnyside Lane," "When You Were Nowhere and Everywhere," "Again in Your White Chair," 47.

Kagda, Roshan. "Good Sweet," "9:31 A.M." 59.

Kamenetz, Rodger. "Lullaby," 40. “Drowning,” “Bio”, 84.

Kaminsky, Marc. "For Kivi," "Shiva for Kivi," 62."Into Circulation Again," "Mutual Aid," 77. "In Sickness as in Health," 101.

Kaminsky, Marsha. "Daisy," 46.

Kane, Daniel. "Hostile Stuff" 74.

Kaplan, Allan. “Bosphorus View,” “Island,” 106.

Kaplan, Edward. "The dying want simple things," "Time Test," 3.

Kaplan, Joy. "The two girls are," "Giraffes," 60. Untitled ("When she is born"), 62.

Karori, Julietta. "Fair Helen," "The Ivy," 25.

Kaschiske, Laura. "Babysitter," 62.

Kashner, Sam. "he treats his days," "i can never talk correctly," "Im going bald," "In the dark," "When you come round," 11. "combing your hair," "her eyes move," 13. "visiting you for the," "your face is like a hospital," 15. "al capone had," "kissing you goodbye," "we dance," "your life is like," 17. "for quite a while now," "i'm busted open," "an interference," "my friends/all like to relax," "there was a time when," "when archeology comes to your leg," 19. "the art students league," "for the children of the nyack n.y. bus tragedy," "Lisbon at the port of your eyes," "a transfer," "womens clothing," 20. "the beginning of movies," 21. "from the desk of their love," "deep in debt," "give the current your body," "the imperfect map," "nothing is drier," "remote sensing," "when radio was a young kid," "your shadow on various walls," 22. "on choosing a profession," "you almost/hit the child," "your hands like small dials," 23. "the american sportsman," "comic genius," "field of vision," "swollen to a fading moon," "when the streets/begin to move," 24. "raising the shade," "point of departure," "history of a small- place," "of the sun," "the early marriage," "flaw in the iris," "first sins," "Jiggs," "how the greeks built cities," "the hook & ladder," "today everything looks like your mouth," "Water," "the closest living relative," 25. "In Her," "The Reason I Am a Woman," "when you stare," "eyesight, vision, madness," "the bear/loom poem," "the reason the wind cannot bear children," "strangely enough we have crossed borders," "the false trail," "first day on the job," 26. "the orange," "the light is graded like an egg," "the sun does not answer," "the light pours like rum," "a tramps eyes," "the skaters," 27. "flamingoes," 28. "hot flashes in an empty bed," "the ham of sleep," "message from the plain of jars," "a woman crying into her sculpture" "the mushroom chronicles," 31. "The Owl," 32. "eyes," "my love does not understand," "i will grow/visions of her hair," "you have chased me," "your tongue grows like a leaf," "you who dance on the shadow of the moon," "You," "your hands are the female equivalent of snow," 35. "Letter Poem to John Ashbery," "Special Forces," "Romantic Notion," 50-51. "The Recruit," "At the Plinth," "An Old Puzzle," "The Lion," "The Crocodile," "The Turtle, "Pigeons," "Cat," "The Owl," 60. "Independent Study," "Appointment at the Louvre," "In Memoriam to the One Addressed as You," "As a Bee Leaves the Flower," 61.

Katz, Elia. "Reynold Stengrow's Short Story" (story), 2, 3.

Katz, Judy. "I do this," 12. "The Niche," "Dear Mind," "The Haircut." 109.

Katz, Vincent. “Ruby’s Move,” “Centrale,” “Finishing Touches,” 94. “Place.“ 99.

Kawin, Bruce. “Menu,” “Sestina: Lunch,” 97.

Keizer, Gary. "Black Snake," 23.

Keller, Ray. "A BB in the Car," "Time," 10.

Kelley, David. Photograph of Paul Violi, 100.

Kelly, Margaret. “The Quiet One in the Office,” 87.

Kelsey, Laura. "Daughter to Mother: Dulled November," 31.

Kemmett, Bill. "Three Haiku," 41.

Kempher, Ruth Moon. "The Letters from Prattsburg, the Second Letter," 27. “Before Embarking, There’s a Too Long Wait,” 97. "The Old Man," "Walking Away," "Finding Myself an Alien in Philadelphia," 110.

Kenna, Amy. "Your Crazy Winter," "Inside the City," "The Duel" 75.

Kennedy, Sarah. "something new," 24. "dreams, dreams," 26.

Kerins, Phillip. "Snuffing," 28. "The Year Germany Won the World Cup" [story], 31.

Kerman, Judith. "Daughters (II)," "Upstream," from Mothering: "she goes to her father's funeral," "rocking, rocking, rocking, rocking," "Red Lollipop," 30.

Keystone. "Fida Fida Fida Fida," 68.

Khan, Elizabeth. “Selective Memory.” 83. “On the Curative Powers of Hot Peppers”, 84. “Tradition,” “Things They Said about Me in Bhopal,” 90.

Khanna, Vandna. "Stardust," "Alignment," 76.

Khavari, Haji . "Black Roses." 109.

Kicknosway, Faye. "Rabbit Poem II: Tendentious," "you wake up in the dark and look for," 19. "Janie (or Unlove): A Diary," 1st and 2nd selections, 27. "Someone Is Always Dying," 45. “Little Mysteries,” 87. “Kissing Him’s Like Kissing a Washboard,” 88. “An Old Story,” “Romance,” “Tipsy,” 93. "Return to South Pacific," "The Ugliness of Sewing," "Because of Possibles Tipsy," 110.

Kiechle, Laura. “Marilyn Monroe and Peter Pan in heaven,” “Romeo and Juliet reincarnate”, 84.

Kielb, Alexis. "Fingerprints," "Eurydice's Love" 75.

Kilgras, Heidi. "Sheik," 45.

Kinderman, Beth. “Casey,” 78.

King, Basil. cover artist and artwork, 63.

King, Jon. "Before the Rapture," "After Visiting the Museum," "Two Hours Later," 54.

King, Martha. "Conversations for an Old Man," [fiction], 58.

Kirby, David. "Monte (Peace in Our Time)," 66. “Love in Vain,” “Scent of a Warrior,” “‘East of the Sun, West of the Moon,’” “Ode to My Backyard,” 95. “My Favorite Foreign Language,” “ Supershopper Kathy,” “Ode to My Enemies (Dance Remix),” “I ª Hot Moms,” “Legion, for We Are Many,” 98. "Good Old Boys," "Funny Poems," "The Things We Can't Have," 102. "How to Write Poetry," "Ode to Travel," "Feet in the Poems of Pablo Neruda," "Before, During, After," 104.

Kirkpatrick, Patricia. "The Twenty-Ninth Dream," "The Room Was Candles," "Too Light To Be Seen," 40.

Kistner, Toni. "Salesman after the Sit," "A Meal," 42.

kk. "coming to life," "the harp that once did starve us all," 25.

Klahr, Myra. "The air/delicious," 24.

Klein, Diane. "Flags," 22.

Kligler, Mika. "August," 102.

Kligler, Zachary, "Caught," "FBI Captures Bat Boy," 107.

Kloefkorn, William. "Some Directions for the December Touring of West-Central Nebraska," 12.

Klokker, Jay. "Whale Watch: Beyond the Harbor," "Ghazal: Energy lazes around turning into Matter," "Dangerous Facts," 53.

Knight, Arthur Winfield. "Veronica's Advice," 56.

Knight, Etheridge. "Last Words by 'Slick'," 47.

Knox, Caroline. “Marina, Mary, Frances,” “Andirons,” 87. “Oldest Dog,” “Dove,” “Hooke’s Law,” Line Poem,” 91. “Wildwood Flower,” “At Midnight the Sound,” 95.“Giant Culinary Otters,” 97. "Islands and Bridges," 102. "Added Concern With External Nature," 103 “Watershed,” 106. "Manganese," "Who." 109. "They Have Been Swimming," 110.

Kobylecky, Jim. "Love Poem IX," "The Magician," "Remember Diane," 18. "Homage to Michaelangelo," "Love Poem--with geese in Mexico," "My Life in One Small Room," 21.

Koch, Katherine.. "Love and Irony: Postcards from a Child of the New York School," 102.

Koch, Michael. "At the Party," "Sonny Boy," 108.

Koestenbaum, Wayne. “April in Venice,” 88.

Koethe, John. “A Coupla Yeggs,” 106.

Kogan, Vanessa. "Finding the Sky" 75.

Kohn, Mindy. "The China-man died a Sunday in June," 1. "Longtime nurse," "The tin-cup lady," 5-6. "The pushcart stands like some private," "wind-weary, ocean-spent," 7. "Solomon Adler's" "how can i tell you how it is," 11.

Kompatzki, Anuschka. "The Color of Your Eyes," 62.

Kondoleon, Harry. "The Execution of You," 45.

Konieczkowski, David. “East Jordan,” “There is Water Here That Burns,” “Marvin,” 79.

Konovalov, Zoe. "Jug," "Marrow," 70.

Koo, Jason. “American Limousine,” 80.

Kook, Hyejung. "Not a Flower," 100.

Koong, Joanne,"Lo Siento, Profesora," "Matchbox Racecars," "This Time We'll Go to KFC," 101.

Krailler, Jim. "Dripping," "The Inheritance," "The Goal," "The Formulist," 26. "Note to Two Loves," "Dreaming of Friends," 29.

Kramer, Bernard. "Grandmother," "The Guitar," "Haiku," "The Morning," 5-6. "After a Lecture by Swami Satchadananda," 21.

Kramer, Karen. "Lloreda, Llorar, Lluvia," 62. "Untitled (in a dream I was wearing a robe)" (prose), 65.

Kramer, Lori. "Miriam," "A Boy," 44.

Kresh, David. "Idylls," 28.

Krewer, Drew. “Underestimating the Child,” “Rain,” “The Zipper,” 79.

Krieger, Don. "after Edgar Allen Poe," 12.

Krusoe, James. "round (two voices)," "mr. coon," 24.

Krut, Kayla. “Self-Study I: Hands, Palms Up,” “For e. e. cummings,” “Rondeau for M. K.,” 91.

Kuenstler, Frank. "Sophocles (Simmias)," 16.

Kumar, Mina. "Curried Rhythm" (prose), "After a Decade, and Pregnant, You Call Your Mother" (prose), "Among the Gopis" (prose), 65. "I Give You a Gift That Is Completely," "Trade" (prose), 66.

Kurka, Mira Teru. "Under which heading does all this information go?" 35.

Kurlander, Amy. "A Librarian" [story], 26.

Kurtz, Holly. "Anorexia," "The Best Day of My life," 56.

Kurzwell, Paul. "Ayling," 59.

Kushner, Bill. "December," 65.

Kuster, Tessa. “Fatigues,” “Ode to an Umbrella,” 94.


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