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Issue #110
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Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

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Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Jackson, Christopher Mark. "House" [fiction], 56.

Jackson, Gale. "annalee . . . really," 69.

Jackson, Taj. “Blind Messenger,” 80.

Jaco, Roger. "Capitalistic," "Brogues," 41.

Jacobs, Jennifer. "Russell," 52.

Jacquette, Yvonne. Covers and Portfolio, 88.

Jaeger, Lowell.. "The Cold War at Home," 102.

Jaffe, Susan. "Hunger Season," 31.

Jaffee, Marc. “King of Repetition,” “Truth,” “King Car Drove by the Sea,” 82.

Jameson, Jessie. "The Acquirement of Orpheus or Persephone's Confession," "the interview," 104.

Janoff, Ron. "Ode: to CCNY," "Your Birthday," 15. "The Old Lady's Passion," 16.

Jarcho, Julia Kate. "The Students," "The Glimmerer," "Iconography," 72.

Jarrett, Emmett. "Orpheus in Louisiana," 1. "Paranoid Poems," 11. "Formation of Character," "Getting into Another Head," "Story on Page 3," "the urge," 20. "Learning to Live Together," "Three Bags Full," 21. "Hew-Fly, Deep-Lie, Mary-Fish," 29. "Six Poems for Carol," 47. "Sunday Morning," "The 25th of August," 50-51. "Wild Geese Flying South," 72. "At Little Portion Friary," "After Chuang Tzu," 77. “A Sermon Preached To Sea Gulls In Gloucester, Massachusetts, October 24, 2002,” “Waking And Watching,” “High Tide”, 83. “Earth and Sea and Sky,” 97.

Jebsen, Mara. “In Defense of Nothing,” “White Lady,” 95.

Jeral, Joseph and Skolnick, Gary. "Poems in the Spirit of Orhan Veli" 75.

Jiménez, Vita. “To George Eastman,” “Keep the Change,” 93."Still Life with Horse." 96

Jin, Ha. "Reverberation," "Astrological Signs and Marriage," "A Revelation," 68."Betrayal," "Lament," "To Her Sister," "Wish" (prose) 74.

Johnson, Carolyn. “I Don’t Want to Get Too Famous,” 88.

Johnson, Gabrielle. "Some People Call Her 'Moo,'" 69.

Johnson, Halvard. "How I Lost You," 15. "A Good Place for Burying Strangers," 17. "Sun Waters," 18. "Self-Portrait," 22. "A Modified Fish-Hook," 23. "Six Crossings," 26. "Winter Journey," "Improvisations, IV," 30. "Killing Time," 37.

Johnson, Honor. "Anger," "My cousins," "Legacy," 25.

Johnson, Jory. Cover artist, 22.

Johnson, Kay. "Three Air Songs," 4.

Johnson, Lucas. Cover artist, 24.

Johnson, Nicholas. "Land Metal: Spit This Out," 70.

Johnson, R. A. "Birthday Poem for Kathy," "The Red Ball," 15. "The Much That It Does Not Take," lipoem," 17. "Proposition: If the Maze Is All There Is," 20. "Ghost," "The Veil of Creature," 22.

Johnson, Stacey Land. "Flood Season," 65.

Johnson, Thomas. "In the Virgin Piedmont," 21.

Jonas, Janelle. "In the Shadows," "Orange Peels Float," 37.

Jones, P. Alexandria. “Unrequited Fajita,” 82.

Jones, Clare. “Summer,” 90.

Jones, Corbett. Cover artist, 34.

Jones, Hannah. “Discourses”, 84. “Resolutions,” “Untitled,” 86.

Jones, Hettie. "Three Little Love Songs," "Mother America," Birthday Presents 1989," "Civil War," "Freddie, In Memoriam," 66. "The Third Poem," "Lottie and Oscar," "Welcome to Our Crowd," "Manhattan Special," 68."Love Against Loss," "Genuflection of the God of Lost Gloves," "Highway Praise Song," "October Journey," "Scenes from the Life of the Water Towers," "At the Miami Vice Rest Stop," "Hide" 75. “When What You See Is Not What You Get,” “Ode to My Kitchen Sink,” “Waste Not Want Not,” 79. “Gifts,” “Our Lady of Perpetual Scaffolding,” 86. “Love, H: A Correspondence,” 95."Under Development," "Morning Prayer," "My Body My Bio," "Past Imperfect," 100.

Jones, Jennifer. “First Girlfriend” 83.

Jones, Jenny. "Millstone," "Chestnut," "Image Retention," 77.

Jones, John. "Christ before Pilate," "Tranche de vie," 1. "For Kaya," "Poem, Gaziantep, Turkey," "Poem for a Stranger," 50-51. "Black Study: Paranoia Poem No. 14," "For Jack Spicer," 54. "The Cycle: for Kaya and Cavafy," 56. "Medium Infraction," "At the Metropolitan," "Poem: `The whisky is sulfur,'" "Mexican Journey with Atheist Aesthete and Queer," 61. "On the Flyleaf of Cavafy's Complete Poems," "Sonnet for David [Horny Neighbor]," 62. “For Tommy,” “Sarah Elizabeth Hicks (1868-1964: A Sort of Epitaph,” “Southeast Kentucky Memory,” “Fragments,” 89. “Valedictory,” “Untitled,” “Untitled,” “Brancusi,” “Hearing Mozart in the ‘Sahara of the Bozarts" 94. “A Glimpse at Roethke,” “Lykaon to Achilles,” “ Fanfare to the Common Man,” “Walter Brown,” “Hommes sérieuse et Oiseaux,” “Another, for J.S.” 98.

Jones, Patricia Spears. "In My Father's House," 59. “Last Day of Passover, April 2006,” “Blue Saturday,” 90.

Joly, Greg. "Heavily in Air," 41.

Jordan, Jim. "Heterosexual Sonnet," 17.

Joselow, Beth. "The Lost Power of Birds," "The Sea Wife," 28.

Joseph, Catherine. "Overheard in Divorce Court," "Flesh-Eaters," 44.

Joy, Matthew. "A Poem in the Wave," "Residential Wiskey in Hand," "Untitled," "Morning Run," 73.

Judson, Rebekah. “Arboreal,” 90.

Juhasz, Susan Cartoun. "Anywhere Please" [song], 18.

Jemail, Justin. “Two Poems,” “At First, Your New Baby,” 106.


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