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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

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Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.


Haake, Katharine Koss. "To Leo" [story], 36.

Haddad, Joe. "Words to a king," 18.

Hadfield, Jen. “Siren and Harpy,” “Hatchet,” 79. “Gigi in the Rockpools,” “Thrimilce,” “The King’s Courtyard,” 82.

Hagan, Ryan. “Serendipity, I Thought,” “Attire,” 80.

Haggarty, Zoe. "Fears," 42.

Hagood, Caroline. "Core," "Cold," 77. "Ultima Thule," "Ultraviolence," "Hell's Angel," 103.

Hahn, Kimiko. "Imagination," "Sponge," "The Avocado," "The Gladiolas," "The Operation," 53. "The Heat," 57. "The Old Woman's Breast," "The Crab,""The Snake," 65. "The Volcano's Desire," 69."Reading a Relationship-Column in a Womanís Magazine Before Bed," "The Womenís Restroom at the Local Diner Is Occupied So I Use the Menís," "From My Bed the Foghorn by the Pier Sounds Like a Prehistoric Cry," "Discovering Crumbs All Over the Passenger Seat of the Family Sedan," 77. “Mother Is Reading Deviant,” “Valentine,” “The Green Lantern”83. “from: Wellfleet Midsummer (2000), 86. “Yellow Jackets,” “For the Affection of Ants,” “Sustenance,” “Sibling Rivalry,” 94.”Riddle #1,” ”Riddle #2.” 99. "Pork Buns," "The Bamboo Grove," 110.

Haiduck, Nancy. "Miami Beach Boy," "Hurtling," "South Florida Sunrise."96.

Haines-Stiles, Sasha. "Summer Crush," "Rib," 71.

Haining, James. "America Returning to the Palace Theater," 13.

Hakimi, Charlene. “Correre,” 82.

Hall, Steven. "Dead Are the Fish," 21.

Hall, Valerie Noel. “Things Done,” 90. “For Those Still Here,” “The First Thing,” “Violets,” “Prison Salon,” 95.

Halla, Jaime. "Rental," "Ginger Ale," 68.

Halstead, Isabella. "Columbia Journal" (prose), 62.

Hamby, Barbara. "Jennie Hodgers Tells All," "Reading Pushkin on a Train through Siberia," "The Lotus Eaters: Ode on My Pothead Nephews," "Driving in the Rain," 107.

Hamill, Sam. "In the Company of Men," "Loyalty: a letter," 43.

Hamilton, Fritz. "Gibbs" (story), 10. "Gibbs" (story), 11. "For Mommy Who Gave Me a Russian Hat for Christmas," 16.

Hamilton, Heather. "When I Am Gone (a poem after Nick Bozanic), "Sparklers," "Sophia," 103. "Winter," "Galway Nights," 104.

Hamlin, Louise. Cover art and drawings, 53. Cover art, 81.Covers, Art Portfolio, 98.

Hanft, Adam. "Painting by Numbers," 11.

Hansen, Bridget. “lavendría automática,” 92.

Hansen, Eric. "Memorial Day on the Niagara River," "Running through the grass at home," 21.

Harawitz, Alan. “Three Small Poems about Life, Sex, and Death,” 97. "Dog Park," 108.

Hardin, Glenn. "for Susan," 15.

Harer, Katharine. "Sunday Morning Sinatra," "Ice Cream," "The Mammogram," "Leo Is Talking about Death," 61. "In June," "Hubba-Hubba," 65. "Le Root Canal," 72.

Harman, Olivia Ophelia. "High Way" 74.

Harral, Warren. "Peonies," "Passing Love," 30.

Harris, Francine J. "Castle," 100.

Harris, Jana. "Toast" [fiction], 57. “What Trees Know,” “Sums and Debits,” “Sixth Grade Composition,” “Two for a Penny; Counting My Rat-Hunting Money,” “Nothing But the Blood, Singing Lessons”83.

Harris, Marie. "Tourist Home: Prince Edward Island," "Lo!", "Vintage," [prose], 55. "Standard Plumbing," "Peacetime," [prose], 59. "Louis Antonine de Bougainville, who circumnavigated the globe..." "Love Poem" ("A Nuthatch lights on the shadow"), "Sometimes the Wider World Can Only Be Apprehended Obliquely," 66. “Fledge,” “From Away,” “Reprieve,” “Fog,” “Safe Harbor,” [prose poems] 81. “Flight Lines,” 87."Tweets", 100.

Harris, Windsong. "tonight," 5-6. "the well; revisited," 9.

Harrison, Jim. "Natural World," "Thin Ice," 5-6.

Hartman, Susan. "After His Death," "In the Generation That Laughed at Me," 23.

Hartman, Yuki. "Lemonade and Lobsters," "What You Read," "Poem ("The right hand")" "To the Edge," 57. "Until Then," "She for He," 77.

Hartman, Yukihide Maeshima. "I come by to a beach...," "I come for cosmetic surgery...," (prose) 70.

Hartsock, Katie. “Mimesis,” 90.

Harvey, Gayle Elen. "radical," "it can't be otherwise," 33.

Harvey, Steven. "The Inheritance: A Broken Elegy for my Mother," 31.

Hass, Richard. Cover and Art work, 68.

Hastings, William. "Ditch Flowers," 101.

Haug, James. "Ticket Taker," "Afternoons," 47.

Hawkins, Bruce. "says the rabbit," 17.

Hawkins, John. "Easter 1964," 45.

Hawks, Jim. "A Rabbit in a Cage in the Kitchen," "Talisman in the Inside Spaces," 9. "The Eye of the Rose," 18.

Hayakawa, Annakai Geshider. "The Words Have Eyes," 100.

Haynes, Lisa. “Walter,” 78.

Hazen, Elizabeth. "Laundry Day," 69.

Healey, Linda. "The Case for Staying Where You Are" 74.

Healy, Eloise Klein. "Out in the World of Strangers," 38.

Heath, Andrew. "Vellum," 5-6.

Hecht, Paul. Translator of Diana Bellessi, excerpt from Happy Crossing..., 37.

Heiny, Katherine. "The Bus Driver," 55. "For My Future Biographer," "Times My Father Almost Died," "Life after Wuthering Heights," "Parking the Car," 57. "My Grandfather's Funeral," "About My mother," 59. "The Plot to Kill Mv Grandmother," "On the Night My Brother Moved In with His Girlfriend." "Four Endinqs," "Mad Doctor," 63.

Heman, Bob. Four poem-drawings, 34. "The Old Woodcut," "Getting Wet," "Music," 38.

Hempel, Wes. "I Try to Change," 52.

Henning, Barbara. “Brooks Street,” “Eighty-Seven,” 90.

Henry, Brian. "Exhumation," "Jasmine Tea," 67.

Herman, William. “I’m Not Gloria”, 84. “Swimmers,” [prose] 85.

Hernandez, Bob. "I want you to be my nigger," 16.

Herrera, Juan Felipe. "Inside the Jacket," "Foreign Inhabitant," 52.

Hershon, Elizabeth. "At the Window," "raving madwomen," "When I shaved the grass," 23. Cover artist, 35. "The Gathering," "The Belltower," "The Box," "The dance," 32. "The crows," 35. "The Balloons Drift in from the North," "A War by the Ocean," "Babylon," 42. Drawings, 50-51. Cover artist, 77. “The Doors in My Fingers,” “Bird at the Window,” “Breakfast with Ernesto,” 89. “Mad Women Standing in the Bike Path,” 94. "The Earth Is at Aphelion*," "Taboo," 104.

Hershon, Jed. "Sunday at the Catskills, 1975," 37. "Skipping 2 or 3 Times"(story), 39. "Horror Film," 70. "Giving Up," 104.

Hershon, Michaeleen. cover artist for 5-6. Cover artist, 16. "I am a tree," "The Lion in the Business Suit," "A Short Ride on a Fast Horse," 16. Cover artist, 25.

Hershon, Robert. "Gold Stars," "Inventory: Monday Morning," "Set," 1. "Miss Fry's Dream of Aging," "Badges," "No Meat No Drink," 2. "Four Stores," 3. "Four Translations from the English of Robert Hershon," "Believe in Lips," "Running Faster than Lewis," 11. "Frank's Bar XII Adler Place," "The Goat Joke," "Names in the Woods: 1966," 12. "The Gesture," "King Kong," "Laughing," 'Protection," "Still There," 19. "Calling In Sick," "Sleeping in a Room with Friends," "To a Turn," "Gentleman James Watts Takes the Local," "The Public Hug," 30. "Cats and Dogs," "The Wrong Way to Remsen Street," "Popularity," "A Walk: Dead and Closed," 37. "Everybody and Everything," "Saturday Morning Extra Early," "Shop Talk," "Would You Cheat at Cards?" 42. "The Editors Editing," "Harold in Midtown," "Acqua Arzente," "9-5-85, 6:00, 81?," "Except Thou Bless Me," 50-51. "Floating Hats," "Into a Punchline," "Fish Name,""Kid Moves Out," "The Cowboy and the Farmer Should Be Friends," 63. "Gauze," 68."Bob Kaufman," "The Remaining Balance," "Derek Jeter," "Why I Am Self-Employed" 75. “Olives,” “International Incidents,” Illusions of Paradise,” “History By Holes,” “August 1968,” “Sylvie” 83. “Co-Editors,” “A Short History of World War II,” 86. “I’m Not a Doctor But,” “Monahan,” 94. “On Grant Avenue,” [prose] 97."The Sign in the Window of the Imported Cheese Shop: Stop the Jail," "Stay Home," "Frame of Reference," "Hotel Lucchese, on the Lungarno, 3 AM," "Waiting for the Light to Change," 100. "Headwear," "My Life with Celebrities," "Talents," 108. "Russell Freedman," "Routine," "There Are People Who I Know Are Dead," 110.

Herskovits, Beth. "Witch" [story] 75.

Hewett, Greg,. "Goat in the Thicket," 101.

Hickman, Michelle. "An Excuse for Speaking," 16.

Hickman, Noah. . "After Chagall's I and the Village," "The Ancient Moonlight," 104.

Hicks, Tim. cover artist for 8.

Higginbotham, Keith. "Switzerland," 42.

Hightower, Shakira. "Harlemite Easter," "Kisses," 59.

Hill, Nellie. "Your Rest," "The Shy Wife," 28.

Hillen, Sean. “Irelantis” [collage], 85.

Hillringhouse, Mark. "Tomato Soup," 62. "An Interview with Paul Violi," 100.

Hilton, David. "Life in These United States," 22. "Parfrey's Glen," 32. "Thousand-Legger," 49.

Hite, Nicholas. “Herringbone,” “Bullhorn,” 85.

Hittner-Cunningham, Emily. "Medusa." 99.

Hjortshoj, Keith. "Voices," 37.

Hodgkinson, Edith. "baby sister," "I locked myself in the closet," "I would like to tell the neighbor lady," "A lady watered her house," "Lakehouse," 24. "water on the lake," "she must have been crazy," "baby I was going to ask you," "and you were the first born," porterhouse steak lies dead on the floor," "what to do if you're mad at your mother," 27. "Abortion Set," 1-9; "she must have been crazy," 34. "You're Not Home," "You, you're a space case running downhill," 41.

Hodson, Jennifer. "Random Ideas," "South of the Border," 45.

Hoffman, Livia. "deleted," "I saw my blue salvia grow," 23. "Little birds hide," 27.

Hogeland, William Henry III. "It was late, the house was quiet," "we run, hand in hand," 18. "Mary Magdalene," 23.

Hogle, Joseph. “A Letter to Zbigniew Herbert,” Construction,” 94.

Hohn, Donovan. "Head Start," "The Ocean in the Shell," "Tadpoles in the Cutter," 55. "Family Farm," "Dishes," 59.

Holabird, Jean. Cover art and drawings, 55. Cover art and drawings, 64. Covers, Art Portfolio, 99.

Holcomb, Jesse. "Last Year," "Typing," 60.

Holland, Barbara. "A Study in Post Office Art," 17.

Hollo, Anselm. "Blue Ceiling," 63."Six from rue Wilson Monday: 3, 12, 16, 17, 19, 22" 75.

Holsinger, Jayne.Covers, art portfolio,101.

Holstein, Amara. "Reflections," 61.

Holtz, Samara Adsit. "Field," "Circuitry," "Gasoline," 72."What Protects," "Our Mercurial Bodies Make Their Own Grief" 74. “Mercy,” “The Love of the Shop Steward,” 79.

Hong, Cathy Park. "Melanin," "A Brand of Icarus 1" (prose), "Gong Li Surveillance," "Ontology of Chang and Eng, the Original Siamese Twins" 75. “Sugar in Brooklyn,” “Shasta in Brooklyn,” 85. On Roam,” “Poem,” 98.

Hood, Russ. "His Seventh Conciliation," 15.

Hoover, Carmen. "Health," "Mercy," "Mark/Oarfolk Records," 70."Chain of Command," "Labor" (prose) 74

Hoover, Erin. "So Natural," 71.

Hopping, Loraine. "Walrus," "Polaroid," 32.

Horel, Steve. "Toronto Dawn," 12.

Horney, Philip. "Cathedral, Ulm West Germany," "Bird Fish Birds," 46.

Horowitz, Mikhail. “Self,” 78.

Hotchkiss, Joanne. "Spring Songs on a Greek Island," "Where Have You Been," 4.

Hounshell, William. "Unstill," 21.

Howard, Alicia marie. "Crossing Manhattan Bridge," 77. “Today Is All Autumn,” “3.9.2,” 81.

Howard, Hannah. “Men, Monsters, and Mothers,” “A Welcome Home,” “Silent Night,” 86.

Howell, Christopher. "Hot Corner," "Checkers." 96.

Hu, Jennifer “Boston,” “Rock-a-bye Baby.” 96.

Hudspith, Vicki. “Incisors of Dawn,” “Casa de Granjeros,” 78. “Whitman Sampler,” “Prom Geisha,” 80. “Cookie Jar,” 86.

Hughes, Deborah. "Depression," 49.

Hughes, Shannon. "In Memory of Mack Johnson 1977-1994," "Kite" (prose), 67.

Hughson, Alex. “The Chase,” “Watership Left: A Mexican Revolution,” “Falconnet’s Cupid”, 84. “The Chase,” “Watership Left: A Mexican Revolution,” “Falconnet’s Cupid,” 85.

Humes, Bruce. "white," 11.

Hunter, Michael Wayne. "California's Death Row" (Prose), 71.

Hurley, Tim. "songs," "none may walk the oily shores," 28.

Hurley, Tom. "A Young Man," "Motions," 28.

Hyde, Janine. "The Tracks," 52.

Hynes, Carina. “Removed,” 97.


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