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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

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Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.


Galloway, Elizabeth. "Creatures," 44.

Ganesh, Chitra. "There Are Two Days I Remember," 62.

Gannett- Zook, Zachary. “Docile Lamps.” 83.

Gardner, Richard. Cover artist, 43.

Garrett, Nancy Fales. "Listening," 62. "Deer Season"(fiction), 64.

Gary, Claudia Lee. "'Mother's Day, 1970," "Rides," 13. "A Kiss from a Friend," "Man Cannot Think of Himself without Woman," 14. "To D," 15. "the answer to where," 18.

Gaspar de Alba, Alicia. "The Philosophy of Frijoles," 57.

Gebhardt, Andrew. “The Source of the Voice,” 87.

Gellis, Willard. "anthrax in arcady," "awakening," "the old are watching," "Uncle John's House," 3.

Geng, Veronica. "Good Luck" [story], 23.

Gent, Andrew (with Bill Evans). "Sixth Elegy," "Eighth Elegy," 40. "Ninth Elegy," 44. "Tenth Elegy," 46.

Georgakas, Dan. "The acrobat from Xanadu," 3. "Fertility Song," "Harvest Song," "Lament," 5-6.

George, Donna. "A Happily Ever After," "The Flirt," 38.

Germinario, Lee. “Teenage Tantalus,” 91.

Gholson, Christien G. “The Press Conference: Another Aquatint Etching in the Manner of Goya’s “Caprices,” 80. “First Thaw: Lithograph, Printed in Black, After Kathe Kollwitz,” “Sculpture of a Desert Town in the Manner of Giacometti’s ‘Dog,’” “Blind Man Traveling Inside a Dead Possum Oil on Masonite (w/Surrealist Technique, Decalcomania),” Phosphorus: Film Noir,” “Invisible Food: Seascape Carved Onto a Grain of Salt,” “In the Realm of the Foghorn King: In the Manner of ‘Streams & Mountains Without End’ (Scroll, Northern Sung Dynasty, China),” 85. “The Length, the Width,” “The Woman Who Mistook the Sun for the Moon,” “Mining,” [prose poems] 87. “Sleep Deprivation,” “Vision,” 95. "10 Below," "To All the Poets I Never Knew, Dead or Now Dying," "Still Pool, August," 103. "My Mother's Body," "How the Enola Gay Always Saved My Skin," 104. "Grand Canyon," "Redwood Country," 108.

Gilbert, Celia. "The Soldier," 18.

Gilbert, Chris. "An Improvisation," "The Art of Improvisers," 59.

Gildzen, Alex. "Morning after the Worm Moon," 43.

Gilfillan, Merrill.  "Men in Shadow" [prose], 73. . "A New York Memory," 77. “Una Dozzina,” 80. “Men Looking for Wives,” [prose], 88.

Gill, John. "Aunt Frances," "in defense of marriage," "late spring," "3/16/66," 1. "poem," 2. "50 years service," "the moon is corn yellow above Syracuse," "poem," "something broke the dream," 9. "the caterpillar exodus," "Inscription," "poem," "Time Out!," 10. "Dick's Trumpet Solo," 18. "Pieces of Flint," "signs, March 12, 1975," "signs, Sept. 19, 1974," 26. "that's entertainment," "9/10/79," 38. "Encounter with Mayakovsky," "Nostalgia," "Haibun 2/23/85," "Atlantic City, N.J." 50-51. "Portraits," 57. "The Thomas Poems," 58. "6/16/94," "Little Sweets," "Elegy," 66. "6/29/95," "6/24/95," "Saint Derek of Dungeness," "For Elaine, 9/29/94," "Written at the Camaldolese Monks, New Camaldoli Hermitage, Big Sur, California, 6/3/95," "7/18/93," "What Homer Said," "To Move on," "The Messenger," "The Scene," "April Revealed," 71.

Gilpin, Laura. "Separation," "The Mittens My Grandmother Made Me," "A Fine Afternoon for Flying Kites," 28.

Ginsberg, Louis. "At Midnight As I Lie in Bed," 10.

Ginsburg, Carl. "She It Is Who Is Your Rival," 7.

Giorgio, Anthony. "To Rockford and Mr. Ginsberg," "A Little Brass Rock," "Twelfth Morning," 110.

Gioseffi, Daniela. "Woman with Tongue in Cheek," 18.

Girdharry, Elizabeth. "Filling the Empty Spaces," "The Rest of the Procession Leaves," "There Was Geometry," 108.

Gitin, Maria. "Lament," "Summer of '65," 18.

Gitlin, Todd. "I Saw Jane Today," "Ambition," "They say not to care," "Two Women on the M Car, Rush Hour," 12.

Giuliano, Matt. "Watching Boxes," 73.

Givens, Rebecca. Views of Heaven," 69. "Dark Bird," "During This Movie," "Vehicle," 72.. "The End of Our Manifest Destinies," "Picasso's Painting," "Monet's Walk," "Letter from the Artist," "I Lose Constellations in Foreign Cities" 74. "The Twist of Her Head" 75.

Glasser, Perry. “Satan Takes 12 Steps,” [prose] 87.

Glasson, Evan. “Confession,” 94.

Glickman, Susan. "Complicity," "The Sadness of Mothers," 43.

Glukow, Jordana. "The To Do List I Didn’t Write Down," 101.

Godfrey, John. "Night Vision," "Veils," "Regard," "Enchantment," "An Arrow Through It," "Ricochet High," 68. “Backseat Talk,” “Never Even,” “Through the Wall,” “Freefall,” 91."Look Around," "After Chrysalis," "Dollars of Curls" 101. "Writers, Dresses," "Lost Secret," "Divine Bones," "Only Once," "The Same Continent." 109. "The Same Continent," 110.

Goding, Joshua. "Blue Revelation" [prose], 60.

Goebel, Ulf. "Declarative Mode," 33.

Goetsch, Douglas. "Colorblind," "Folds," "Mrs. Britt's," "Father's Day, 1993," 64. "Sleeping Next To My Grandfather," "November," "Lawyer," 67. "Naples," "Wherever You want" (prose), 69.  "Standing Up Stiff," "Rice" (prose), "Such a Good Dancer," "Pig's Lungs," "Splendor," 73. “In the Shipwreck Diner,” 78.

Golaski, Adam. “Plate 23 ‘The Grand Loge,’ 1897, oil, 21 _ x 18 _,” “Plate 13 ‘A Corner in the Moulin de la Galette,’ 1892, oil, 40 x 39,” 85.

Goldbarth, Albert. "The Mandrake Hunt," 8. "In Bed at Night," 10. "Instructions for Environments," 11. "Dessert," "Report to the People," "Sentinel," 12. "Horizons," "Saviour Predictions," 16.

Goldberg, Alexis. "Momentary Mastication," "The Bicyclers," "Untitled," 72."The Shalimar Diner," "Tory Sitting on a Couch in a Coffee Shop on the Corner of Ninth Street and Avenue A," 76.

Goldberg, Ben. "Eddy Boy," 18.

Goldberg, Nicola. “Adularescence, “Elegy,” 98.

Goldfarb, Rebecca. "Bezazel Street, Orthodox Quarter," 61.

Goldman, Elizabeth. "Season Ticket," 45.

Goldsmith, A. Dearborn. “Thank You for Drinking,” 89.

Goldwitz, Sue. "After months you come again," "Declaration," 24.

Gonnello, Larry. "No Armor Protection," 60.

Gontarek, Leonard. "The New Season," 58. "Crow, Scarecrow," "Pretty Rain," "Grace." 96. "In Autumn," "The Hills," "Notebook V," "Hidden Track," 102.

Goodrich, Thea. “Bridge & Tunnel,” 92.

Goodman, Brenda. Cover, art portfolio, 92.

Goodwin, J. F. "Spicer and All the Poets" [prose], 58.

Goodwin, Jack (& J. A. Ryan). "No Time at All," (song), 7.

Gontarek, Leonard. “Innocence,” “I Know,” “Derrida,” 97.

Gonzalez, Ray. "Tonight," 73.

Göransson, Johannes. “Footnotes for the Translation of The Day My Body Felt Gross,” 78.

Gordon, Andra. "Two on a Balance Beam," "August, 1983," 48.

Gordon, Patty. "Breakfast," "just to let you know," 13.

Gorka, Kris. "Scene at Sandy Hook," 44.

Gott, George. "The Watercolor Days," 13.

Graham, Neal. "FM (facts and figures)," 13.

Grandits, Sean. Cover Art, Art Portfolio, 97.

Gray, Janet "Hot Bath," "To Mother," 12. "Mt. Rainier," "So You Won't Miscarry," 31.

Gray, Jennifer. "On the Other Side," "The Roof," 53.

Gray, Patrick W. "Oklahoma and Nebraska (after Sydney)," 27.

Gray, Susan. "Revolution," 57.

Grayson, Richard. "Scenes from a Mirage: Atlantic City, March 1972" (fiction), 29. "Rapscallion Days," "Dreamspace" (fiction), 37. "Affirmative Action" (fiction), 38."Boniatos Are Not Boring," (fiction) 68.

Greco, Stephen. "Antarctica," 32.

Green, George. “The Ghost of Ted Again,” “Stephen Duck and Edward Chicken,” 79. “Art Movies,” 93.

Green, Marianna. "Nowhere"(prose), 69.

Greenberg, Alvin. "conservation," 13. from "the house of the would-be gardener," poems 7 and x, 14.

Greenberg, Diana Lita. "You Wonder My Rase," 65.

Greenberg, Madeline. "Squall Memory," 1.

Greene, Ariel. "Cossacks" 74.

Greene, Earl. "The Young Girl: Miss," "Winces," 56.

Greer, Colin. "Taking Off," "Superman is Fifty," (prose), 61. “One,” 82. The Dark of Summer,” 98.

Gregory, Robert. "Even so (March the 31st)," "Small Blue Morning," 76. "Pointed, Like a Star Drawn by a Careful Child," 77. “Sometimes Always,” 78. “Wind and Mockingbird,” “Thanks for Another White Moon,” “This Is What Happened,” “March, Waiting for the Dirt to Warm So I Can Make the Garden,” “A Young Breeze Gets Restless,” 79. “Starlings,” “Champagne,” “In the Famous Ambrotype of Baudelaire,” 81. “Like That,” “Partway,” “Delight,” “Last Night’s Moon,” 82. “The Local News for July 23rd in Lexington, Kentucky,” “At Last (As I Walked Through The Neighborhood,” “Like a temporary child,” “The Wind and the Other Moon,” “The Things The Morning Does,” “Weeds,” “I Wonder Where You Are Tonight” 83. “The Urge to Move,” “Stepping Outside With Some Garbage In My Hand,” “The Older Technology is More Reliable,” “What They’re Called,” “The Change,” “How I’d Like to be Eventually,” “They Say Venus”, 84. “Not Really Looking (I Don’t Think So Anyway),” “That,” “What Next,” “Things I Found and Left Where They Were,” “Secrets,” 85. “Inside the Black Morning,” “The Only Good Rain,” 87. . “Dime,” “Possible Reasons (Two) Why the Wind Stirs Early in the Morning,” 91. “Open,” “Where I Am and What I’m Doing,” 92. “A Stranger,” “Passage,” 94“C.E. Fairchild ('61) Is Falling off the Wall,” 97. ”Again Maybe,” ”Translation.” 99. "April 12, 6 p.m.," "Pleasures," 102. . "In the Eye of the River," "Once Again," "In My Neighborhood," 104. "One of Those," "After the Storm: Day Three," "First of the Season," 106.

Grimes, Sophie Summertown. "Panorama of Another's Routine," 108.

Griswold, Jay. “Fields,” 97. "Heart," 110.

Gross, Mimi. cover artist for 1, 2, and 3. Drawings, 50-51.

Grossman-Weis, Dora. "Saul's Note," "Untitled," 106.

Growney, JoAnne. “Fear,” 81.

Gruenberg, Dan. "There Is a Girl in the Cafeteria," 70.

Grunberger, Lisa. "When I Was a Woman," 107.

Gu Cheng. "The Source," "The Alley," 76.

Guido, Ann. "The Farm," 30.

Guillen, Nicolas. "Ballad of the Two Grandfathers," 28.

Guo, Stephanie. "If I Could Live Forever", "Spokes."" 99. 28.

Gupta, Aditi. “Jewel of the British Empire,” 82.

Gustafson, James. "january revolution," 16. "Mississippi John Hurt," 17. "Hit the Man Square in the Face," "The Music," "Rabbit Turds Drip from the Claw of Satan," 18. "Bright Eyes Talks Crazy to Rembrandt," "Pickled Herring Left to Guard the Frontier," 20. "Adultery," "Logic," "Tales of Virtue and Transformation." numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5, 22. "The Recent Dreams," 24. from "What To Do About the Sky," 1, 2, 3, 4, 25. "Nine Days," 26. "Nine Days (Second Sequence)," 28. From Shameless: "Dirge," "The hero with butter on his eyelids," "Quietly enjoying the private knowledge," 29. from "The Hurt," 50-51. "January 21," "9/9/88," 56. "Language and Humility," 63. "Maddening Joy," "Uncle Boyd," "Angles/Memory/Life: First Equation," 66.

Guzlowski, John. “Fear,” 92.

Gwiazda, Piotr . "Footage," "Swedish Weather." 109.


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