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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

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Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Fabri, Erica Miriam. “Lucky Bee,” “Dialect of a Skirt,” “Jack,” “Socks and Swimsuits,” 94.

Fain, Sharon. "Losing the Drought," 65.

Fakinos, Aris. "And the Poor Shall Inherit" (story), 4.

Fales, Nancy. "August, 1973," 23.

Fannjiang, Clara. “The Elephant,” “How to Fall from a Cliff,” ”Of Men as Angels,” “Toward and Beyond,” 98.

Fantl Spivack, Susan. "The Bird and the Baby Opera," "Grief," 40.

Farkas, Julie. “I Could Be the Girl, Lying,” 87.

Farkas, JM. "Nothing Makes Me Think of You," "Nightforest Epithalamium for the Bride of the Groom Who Still Loves Me," 103.

Farley, Susan. "The House Alone under the Pecan Trees," 48.

Farrar, Gretchen E. "New Year," 54.

Farrington, Anthony. “Poem with a Bumblebee Inside,” “Not Every Sort of Spider Is a Flying Spider,” 94.

Fay, Griffin Blue Joaquin. "Eustreptospondylus," "Creation Myth," "Arches," 106. "Rites," "The Florist's Name," "Villanelle," "Love Letters to Ronald Reagan," 108.

Feast, Jim. “In the Garden,” [prose] 97.

Feigenbaum, Sam. "The Air Conditioning at Whole Foods Is Always on Full Blast," "Having Gotten Word that T-Shirts of His Likeness Are Sold Around the World Che Rises from the Grave," "That Evolution Gave Them Birds," "Old Men Riding Lawnmowers," "Footpaths." 96

Feinberg, Harvey. "Headfirst," 7. "Sun/you think 11. "a steady diet," "Taking Sides," 14.

Felder, Sam. "Buying Land," 15.

Feldman, Alan. "My Book Group Reconvened After So Many Years," 100.

Feldman, Rebecca. "My Brother," "Coloring My Cuticles," "Loose Tears," "Transportation," 59. "Poem for the Day My Mother Was Born," 60.

Feliu-Pettet, Rosebud. “Stevie” (Prose), “A Day in the Country” (Prose), 83.

Felix, Leesa. "Friend," "Beyond the Lace," 30.

Fenton, Elizabeth. "another letter," 13. "Polar Bear," 17.

Ferguson, Judith. "Body Language," 62.

Ferrari, Mary. "The Eleventh Night," "Rules," "Holy Thursday Flying North," "Cairo, January, '91." 62. "The Golden Hiahwav to Boipatonq," "Johannesburn Jacarandas," "Evening in South Africa," 63. "A Chaotic Free State," 69. "Word from Innisfree," 70."Writing in the Dark," "Flight II," "Namibian Rapport," "August Winter," 72. “Fifteen Panes of Late February Glass,” “Buffet of the Wind,” “Rocherneuf,” “Wordsworth’s Michael,” 80. "Lines Written on the Way to Visit Catherine," 106.

Few, Elizabeth Starling. "You Are a Conma in a Sentence That Needs No Comma," 23.

Field, Edward. “In Praise of My Prostrate,” “The Student,” 85. “Holding Up the Universe,” “When It Struck Him,” “Meditation on the 23rd Psalm,” 89.

Fifer, Ken. "F," 31.

Finkelstein, Miriam. "Kidnapped," "Moving," 67. "Old Ways," 70.

Finley, Mike. "The Pilot," 20. "Bloodletters," "Noise Interrupting Minestrone, "Hard Times Come to Li Po" 31.

Firan, Carmen. “The Farce of Things,” “The Last Story,” 93.

Firer, Susan. "The Wildlife of Death," 46."Let Us Celebrate," "We Were In Our City" 74.

Fiser, Karen. "Night Shift," "Just Before the Dove Begins to Call," 55. "Flatlanders," "Teaching Myself to Read," 59.

Fish, Cheryl J. "Harry Truman of St. Helens Lodge," "Gulf of Finland," "Ash for Cash." 109.

Fisher, Janet. “Women Who Dye Their Hair,” “The Festival Called Holi,” 79.

Fishman, James. "Falling for a Straight Man in a Howard Johnson's," "The Night I Stopped Wetting the Bed," 28.

Fitzgerald-Richards, P. dell. "july 11th 1973," 23.

Flanagan, Robert. "Lines Written on the Loss of Harry Bailey," "Love Letter to My Wife," 8. "Traps," 11.

Flash, Hash [with g.p. skratz]. "Iron Gate" [song], 18.

Fleming, Gerald. “Memento Mori: Museo de las Mumias, Guanajuanto, Mexico,” “Last Name,” “Molango, Hidalgo,” 88. “Casa de Ambivalence,” 90. “The Concrete Pour,” “Forced Air: In the House Where His Mother Is Dying,” 94."The Adulteress, 1988," "Again," "One." 96. “And the Water Continues, Dips under the Street & into the River & Ultimately out to the Sea, Speaking Its Water-language to Anyone Near Enough to Listen,” “The Crew,” “Fox Hunt,” “Companionship,” “The Plowman,” 98."No-Man’s Land," "The Traveler," "The Subject," 100. "All Your Life You Fight It, and Here It Is Once More," "Locksmith," "Ruth," 103. "Graveyard Scene," "Back Suites, Day of Rain, Kids Long Gone," "Those Who Go by Truck, by Train," "At a Late Age," 104. "Collector of Tiles," "This Water," "And the Strangers Do Stay, for They Are Insistent & Indefatigable," "Night Scholar," 107. "A Response to Gerald Fleming's Poem Asserting, Naïvely, "We are good..." "The Death of Whom." 109.

Flum, Liza. “To My Sister, from a Distance,” “Visiting My Sister at College I Hear Her Crying in the Other Room,” “Asleep on the Couch, I Come Back,” 91.

Fogel, Daniel Mark. "Hell at the Corner of Church and Chapel," "November 8, 1968," 24.

Foley, Ruth E. “What is Left Now Is the Tiniest Depression,” 81.

Fontas [misspelled "Iontas"], Jo-Ann. "Crying Out," 25.

Ford, Elaine. "Red Woman, Black Woman" (prose), 70.

Forman, Naomi. “Summer Lovin’,” “Redemption,” 90.

Forrest, Elizabeth. “Untitled,” 85.

Forrester, Mark. "Cameo with Miniature Landscape," "Eating Dandelions," 69.

Fortess, June. "Getting Ready for Bed" (story), 44.

Foss, Jack. “The Souvenir,” 80.

Foster, Sesshu. "Untitled (It was hot in El Paso)," 65.

Fowler, Gene. "Whore," 5-6.

Fowler, Hilary Ayer. "The Sight," 7.

Fowler, John. "Klee Poems," 15.

Fox, Valerie. "Living in Hotels," "The Authorized Short Life," "Tennessee Williams During the War," 72. “Arrange in an Order,” “In Café Leopold,” 78. “Love Song in a Bad Time,” 92. “Psalm in Winter,” 93. ”Incorruptible,” ”One Day.” 99.

Franklin, Hadley. “Wallachia, 1461,” 87.

Frederickson, Yahya. “Curing,” 98.

Freedman, Abby Jean. "In the Pines" (story), 40.

Freeman, Glenn. “The Atheist Goes Into Surgery,“ “The Buddhist Contemplates the Mind.“ 99.

French, Gary. "The Ghost," 37.

Friebert, Stuart. "The Milkman, The Mailman, The Wife," 10. Knautschke,” “Zaunkönig,” 98. "July 14-15, 1998," 101.

Fried, Steve. "atheist prayers," 66.

Friedman, Dorothy. "My Bon-bon," "Taurus," "Mother, Lover," "Celebration," 33. "The Buccaneer," 38.

Friedman, Ed. "Rapture Floating Sonnet [My Type]," "Floating Sonnet [Sanction Currency]," 60. "On Contradiction," "Rocket to Stardom," "Heading for Manhattan by Train," 67. "Isolated Bourgeoisie," "Chapter," "Song of the Open," 73.. "Ductile," "Dairy Yen," "Infinite Thrust," "Blastoff," "Power Glide," "Topography," "Inner Mongolia" 75. “And the Red-Spotted Newts,” 90."from Two Towns," "Good Habits," "Junior Red Cross," "Post and Telegraph Services," 102. "Mook Bird," "Sage Rub," "Echoing Stars," "Succession," "Strays from the Ether Revealed," 104.

Friedman, Michael. "Seasons," "Love," "Mind," 59. "Lecture," "Head," "Wave," 65.

Fristdad, Erin. “What This Woman Wants,” 87.

Fruchter, B. "Poem," "Two Poems of January," 5-6.

Fuchs, Greg.  "The New Mad Cow Alert," "Don't Judge the Movie by the Book," "Roaring Spring," 73.

Fuchs, Paul. "Work, the Day-to-dayness of It All," 16.

Fuhrman, Joanna. "The Swimming Monk," "The Museum," "The Problem with Thirst," 58. "The Museum," "The Swimming Monk," 59. "Maltwood, New York," "Rousseau," "Camouflage," "Scene," 61. "From the Abstract to the Real," 62. "The Assassin of Light," "Now, I'm New and Improved," "Love Poem," 63. "Domestic Comforts," "Why Love is a Better Antidote to Music than the Color Blue," "Geese," 66. "The Color of Loneliness Before Words," "Freud in Brooklyn," "Here, I Say," 71."Vegetable Cures," "Time's Secret" 75. “Five Prayers for Business,” “Some Meditations on the Female Soul,” 79. “Admonitions,” “Essay on What I am Most Afraid to Write About,” 81. “Swing-Set Moraine,” “Brooklyn Efficiency Apartment Moraine,” “Brooklyn Efficiency Apartment Moraine III,” 85. “The Car Door Squeaks Because I’m 32,” “By the Skeletons of Hurdy-Gurdy Monkeys and Other Journeys Toward Nanotechnology,” 89. “On Some Gossip Overheard at the Meritocracy Bar and Grill,” “Planetary Notebook,” “The Summer We Were All Seventeen,” 93. “The Lecture,” “The Twenty-Second Century,” “Boots, Mistletoe, Cookies and Thumbs,” 95 “, Notes on the End of Thought,” “Listen,” “ Kreuzberg,” “Fragments,” “Self-Pity,” 98. "After the Letters Collapsed," [with Toni Simon] 100. "Summer," "IRemember.Org," "November," 102. "Who Else Should I Not Trust with Language?" "Listen to What I Am Saying, Not What I Say," "Birthiversary," "Semifreddo," "John Godfrey Toothless Law," "Waltz With Bullhorn," "Ordinary Hands," "Torchy," "The Remains," "Where Dollars Fly," 107. "Self-Portrait with Missing B Movie," "The B Train," "Foster Avenue," 110.

Fuller, Chester. "Sunday in December 1970," 16.

Fyman, Cliff. "Vice, Advice & Eccentricities: Life Growing Up in a Small Town of a Hundred Fires, Cuba as Told by Luis Comabella in the Tenth Street Lounge," 69."Practicing to Quit My Waiter Job," "Bernard Glassman" 74. "A Piece with Questions," [prose poem], "I Almost Recited a Poem to Peres," [prose poem], 76.


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