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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

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Every title published by the press has been kept in print. Good literature stays good.


Eberly, David. "gnome in the grotto," "Jai Poem," "lonely," "Poem (Lovely is a word of clear light)," "The Visit," 20. "Listening to Mark," 22. "Ghosts," 31. "Last Call," 38. "To Weldon Kees," "Carriere's Verlaine, " 41.

Edelman, Richard. "Plum Island Thing," 12. "Motherless Child," 21.

Edleman, Elaine. "How Beautiful You Are," 15. "Moving," 24.

Edwards, Ken. "Contained Within These Vortices," "His Last Gasp," 70.

Edwards, Melvin. Cover and artwork, 66.

Edwards, Paul. Statement on poetics; "Holiday in Tokyo," "The Artist at the Manai Straits," "West Coast Split-up," 48.Egan, Elizabeth. "Froot Loops" [prose], "Rattle in the Kitchen," 60.

Egar, Sonja. "To My Grandma," "Tuesday," 106.

Eggan, Ferd. "Fulfill Desire," 56.

Ehman, Jessie. “Must Love Dogs,” “Negative Space,” 98.

Ehrenberg, Erica. "Untouched," "Montana Storm," "Destination," 68.

Eidsvig, Kurt Cole. “Counting,” 79. “Missoula,” 81. “You’re Probably in Japan By Now”, 84. “Poem for Mandy/Poem for Ron, 86."Southie," "Another Word," 108.

Eileen, M. “Hypocrites and Tulips, Bleeding Hearts and Peppermint!,” 94.

Eisenberg, Susan. "Hanging In, Solo," "Asbestos," 43.

Elcock, James T. "The Incubus Semjaza," 12.

Elias, Megan. "Limpid," 47. "Full round bowls of flowers," "The foolish animal," 49. "The doctor/is young and eager," "Not Tomorrow," 53.

Elias, Vic. "To the Proposition that a Physicist Can Breathe," 12.

Eliot, Eileen. "Alter-ego," 31.

Elliott, Harley. cover artist for 9, 10, 11. "Arranging the Room," "The Mission," "Tie Painting," "Thinking Twice in the Laundromat," 8. "Eternal Western," "After the Revolution," 11. Cover artist, 17, 22. "The Citizen Game," "He Spoke in Numbers," "Life Watch," "The Owl," "The Secret," 16. "Leaving New York," "To a Man Who Has Described the Universe," 17. "The Deer," "Found Logic Poems," "Lizards," "The Occultist Justifies Being Hit by a Car," "A Photograph of My Grandparents on Their Wedding Day," "A Poem for Those Who Died Enroute," 18. "Man Takes Out Garbage," "Song of the Flying Wallendas," "Your Throat," 21. "Found Logic in Peru," "Gorilla Talisman," 22. "The Secret Lover Eating Chicken," "Secret Lover in the Laundromat," "Somewhere during," "Turkey," 24. Cover artist, 26, 32. "Torturing the Rhinoceros," "Pissing in the Sink," 26. "The Back Roads Tour," "The President's Dream of Owls," "Kissing a Spot on the Bed," "Struck in the Forehead by a Sparrow I Begin to Get a Clue," 27. "The Secret Lover Deals a Hand," "Blues for the Secret Lover," "on the Trail of the Secret Lover," 30. "Going Bump in the Night," "In the heart of the park," "Mailing Letters at Midnight," 32. "The Teeth of Small Children," "Watch Out Your Life Is Coming True," 34. "Dream of the Kiowa," "Ten Points Back to Nature Program," "To the Redbird," "Old Man Pitting Dates," "John's Poem," "Smoky Red Lights," "Straight Man to the Muse," 36. Cover artist, 39, 45. "The Skunk," "Short Reality," 46. "Guitar," "Priorities," "The Mourning Cloak Academy," "Hot Pig in Clover," cover artist, 50-51. "Living to Tell About It," "New Birds," "Some Tramps," 64. "The Farmer Finds a Bolt," "Snooker," 68. "The Cherokee Princess Factory," 72. “Walking Like Always,” 78. “Parking Meter”, 84. “One Coyote Moment,” 87. “Ride,” 91. “Dream Lock,” 94. “Dream Canoe,” “Waking,” 97. "Absence of the Muse," "When the Light," "A Political Guide to Unloading Watermelons," "Unrequited," 103. "Poems about Getting Old," "Life Change," "Keeping It Simple," "You Are Now Entering Mexico," "Afternoon Window," "Grudge Country," 107. "What You Do Know," "The Most Beautiful Stone in the World," 110.

Elliot, Joe. “Six Pieces from Why I Like to Garden,” 92. “Untitled,” 95.

Elliott, Nancy Miller. Cover Photographs and Portfolio, 56. Cover photographs and portfolio of photographs, 62.Cover art and photography portfolio 74.

Ellis, Noreen. "To Sally Thomas," 39.

Ellis, Rebecca. "Hansel," 32. "Small Reminders," "Night after Night Your Life," "Gardens," 35. "What You Say You Are," 44.

Ellison, Jessie T. "Up with the Sun, 25. "The Widow's Broom," 30.

Elsberg, John. "Item ("The green ice/that fell"), 55.

Elstein, Robert. “The Wind”, 84.

Elytis, Odysseus. Numbers 7 and 9 from "The Concert of Hyacinths," 21.

Emmerich, Karen. "Phone Booth, 10 p.m.," "Leave-Taking," "Perception," 69.

Engel, Isaac. "a frog/in eagle feathers," 21.

Enson, Beth. “Mirror,” 78.

Epstein, Judith. "Family Pictures," 32.

Erbert, Leslie. "I will go to the sea's cliff," 21.

Ernst, Della Anna. "Dali," 26. "The World," 27.

Eshleman, Clayton. "Meditation.out of Hart Crane," 3.

Eskow, John. "Aspects of Eddie," "Children's Song," "Dreaming of the Crawl," 18. "Violations of the Health Code," 20.

Espada, Frank. Photographs, cover Photographer, 52.

Espada, Martín. "Grito for Nicaragua," "Operation Bootstrap: San Juan, 1985," 49. "The Chota and the Patron," editor, "Ten Poets: a Latino Supplement," 52. "The New Bathroom Policy at English High School," "Cross Plains, Wisconsin," 55. "Beloved Spic," "Governor Wilson of California Talks in His Sleep," 67. “Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100,” “Contemplation,” “Taboo and Totem,” 82. “The God of the Weather-Beaten Face,” “Blues for the Soldiers Who Told You,” “Between the Rockets and the Songs,” “To the Burmese Albino Python Living in the Next Room,” “An Admirer of General Pinochet Writes to the Website of General Pinochet to Wish General Pinochet a Happy Birthday,” 88. “Blessed Be the Truth-Tellers,” 93. "The Right Foot of Juan de Oñate," "From the Rubáiyát of Fenway Park," "Flowers and Bullets," 102.

Estevez, Sandra Maria. "From the Ferrybank," 52.

Etheridge, Emily. “Throwing Clay,” “East Beach, West Beach,” 82.

Etter, Dave. "Evidence," "You," 7.

Evans, Bill (with Andrew Gent). "Sixth Elegy," "Eighth Elegy," 40. "Ninth Elegy," 44. "Tenth Elegy," 46.

Evans, Christine. "Conflict in Your Car," 65.

Evans, R. Daniel. "From the Diary of Master Pontormo," 30.

Evans, Judson. "The Mutability Cantos: Haibun for Dennis,'Before You Wake,'" "The Mutability Cantos: Haibun for Dennis, 'Out of Square,'" 69.

Evans, Sandrea. "Burning Down," "Memory While Tending to Mother with Alzheimer's." 109.

Everhard, Jim. "The Order of Bread," 23. "i am the adder," 24. "The Invisible Father," 31. "Henri Matisse," "Matisse, Again," "Orange," "Reasons Why I Love You," 34.


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