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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers

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Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Dacey, Philip. “Girlfriends,” “Bijou,” 91. “Mark Morris at Jacob’s Pillow,” 94. “American Choreography,” “Vaslav Nijinsky on Walt Whitman,” 97. "Cento Sonnet:," 104.

Da', Laura, "Vantage," "The Tecumseh Motel." "Five Songs for Lazarus Shale,"101.

D'Alvia, Jennifer. "Moghira's Room" (fiction), 66.

Dagher, Jeanice. "note from a column on modern living," "one poem/in the n.y. painters series," "new rooms," 31.

Dalbacka, Jesse, “When the Woman Is Contemporary, and the Kitchen Belongs to Someone Else,” “Four Pieces of Transition,” 78.

Damon, Maria. "Question and Answer," 43.

Danish, Barbara. "The Model as Lover of Herself," 28. "Looking Up Suddenly to See," "28:1," 33.

Darlington, Sandy. "None of It Means Anything" (song), 1.

Dauer, Rosamond. "In the Mountains," 24.

David, Ashley. “Blue Ribbon Serenade,” 90.

David, Almitra. "George: Some Observations," 37.

Davidson, Ronald. "Testing, 1,2,3...," 47.

Davis, Cortney.  "The Treatment," 73.

Davis, Jordan. "O it really is terrifying," 65, "No of the Couples," "Wine in a tall narrow glass," 67,“Copper Beech,” “Telekinesis,” 82. “Muck Fire,” 91.

Day, Jessica. "Fortune Telling." 96.

Day, Wesley. "The Unwritten Word," "The Wino," 3. "Wesley's Fuck Poem," 7. "The Spanish Dancer," 8. "The Movies," 15. "San Fran Tops List for Bitchiness," 73.

De Groot, Boudewijn (& L. Nijgh). "Welterusten Mijnheer de President" (song), 2.

Deanovich, Connie . ”To Johnny Cash,” ”February's Code of Silence,” ”Lover of Daylight.” 99.

DeBre, Isabel. "iowa city," 104.

de Azevedo, Kathleen. "Nuns," "Girl from Ipanema," 65.

de la Paz, Oliver. "The Fourth Madonna", 76.

de Ruijg, Nicolaas. translator, "Rest Well, Mr. President," 2.

Deichler, Deborah. "The King looked in the mirror," "When you are trapped in rabbit grass," 1. "drawings," 50-51.

Delano, Page Dougherty. “Men Carry,” “Poem after Buying Bread,” 94.

Demory, Sean. "Arkansas Traveller," "Rapture," 67.

Denham, Paula. "This Is the Nature of a Tree," 43.

Derman, Alexa.. "Variations of Ophelia (II)," "The Ocean," "Deflowered Bones," 102.

Derricotte, Toi. "Morning ride," 29.

Dersley, Keith. Statement on poetics; "Am I a Bob Hope figure in your life, ceaselessly," "Though pessimistic about ever being able to," "His Alamo of Crockets," 48.

DeSilver, Albert Flynn. "Letter Forty-Seven," "Letter Fifty-Six" 77. “Charrer,” “Pneumatic Jacketer,” 88.

Deutsch, Joel. "Kodacolor," 21. "This Time," "You Go Home," 22.

De Veaux, Mika ëil. "Ambushed," 76.

Dewey, Al. "After Receiving Bad News," "The Ideal Hitchhiker," 16.

Diamond-Nigh, John. “Tell Satan,” “Wolves,” “Museum Autoguide,” 85.

Dibbern, Doug. "We Breathe," 67.

Dienstfrey, Patricia. "Newspaper Story 2," 33.

di Giorgio, Marosa. “From The Moth,” 98.

DiPalma, Ray. "A Strange Menagerie of Golden Monsters," "Coconut Harry," 59.

DiPasquale, Sarah. “Tenderness,” “His Sunday,” 97.

Distler, Bette. "that picture," 19.

Dlugos, Tim. "Flaming Angel," "Poem after Dinner," 23. "The Nineteenth Century Is 183 Years Old," "LIT," "Summer, South Brooklyn," "Healing the World from Battery Park," 60. "Harbor Lights," "May Rain," "Heartless Words," "The Traps." 96

Doan, Chuong. "Initiation Rites," 60.

Dobler, Patricia. "Family Traits," "Separations," 44.

Donaghy, Daniel. “Elegy for My Mother,” 93.

Donelan, Steve. "Legend," "Three Dreams," 21. "When Emperor Alexius heard," "One medium bear," "A bell sings the brackish hour," "Who saw the angel of death descend," 25. "'You look bored,' said the girl with," "The Cave Bear," 28. "From the start we were caught up in the measure of the poem," 39.

Dong, Kiyomi. “Voice Lesson,” “On the Eve of the GRE,” 98.

Dooley, Savannah. “Hansel and Gretel,” “King of Rats,” 85.

Dorph, Doug. "Offspring," 65.

Doty, Cat. "Waiting Out the House," "Nun," 32.

Downes, Rackstraw. Covers and Portfolio, 89.

Doyle, Caitlin. "Aftermath," 77.

Dracontaidis, Phillipos (Sisyphos). "The Comb" (story), 10.

Dragel, Cheryl. "Deja-vu," 37.

Drake, Barbara. "Earthquakes," 34.

Duckworth, Mark. "Teaching After Hours," "Bubble Gum Addiction Clinic," "Summer and Cinnamon," 35.

Duda, Cynthia. “To the Window,” 80.

Dudley, Emma. "Skip." 99.

Duhamel, Denise, "Feminism," 61, "Upside Down," 64.

Dunham, Grace. , "On Account of the Rain," "Twin Oaks."96.

Dunlop, Laurie. "from my window where I look," 25.

DuPlessis, Rachel Blau. "In her hands," "Travel by train, the trees are money," 16.Durham, Sukie. "For a Friend," "Two Love Poems," 33.

Dyak, Miriam. "Attack," "The Light of Old Women," "Mania," "On the Way to the Family Planning Center," "Too Fast," 23.



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