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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers


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Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Cafagna, Marcus. "Pink Cadillac," 58.

Cahoon, Heather. “Blonde,” 90. "Two Poems About Water," "Untitled," "Untitled," "Untitled," "He Wanders," 110.

Calendo, John. "her life as his," 14.

Callahan, Paul. "the soldiers," 12.

Cambo, Scott. “Coney Island: Home of the Corndog,” 81.

Campbell, Bonnie. "In the study hall, amid the roar," "If I peeled you, my dear," 35.

Cane, Tina. "Tuesday Lover," "Blow," 69. "Family Visit," "How You Made the Painting," 70."Butterfly Catcher," "Reality Series" 75.

Cao, Lily. "Barefoot" 101.

Caplan, Rachel. “Precambria,” 87.

Caposella, Francesca. "Going South," "This Is an Apology," 103.

Capps, Hilarie. "I pluck your ribs," 12.

Cariño, Josephine A. “House Series,” 91.

Carlen, Fran, “Humoresque,” 80.

Carlin, Richard. "child's fantasy," 17. "Psychiatrist, 18. "the rock poem," "weakness," 20. "the glass maker's lament," "Roscoe Holcomb, one hell of an old man," 22. "for the thin one," "portrait of diana at 12 and a half (with a goat)," 23.

Carmichael, Emily. "Jake" 74.

Carrega, Gordon. "He Said," 39.

Carrion, Terri . “Playing Dental Assistant,” “Lazy Tongue,” “Fifteen”, 83.

Carter, Marie. “Prezzies,” [prose] 81. “The Life of Haggii.”, 83. From “The Trapeze Diaries,” [prose] 87.“That Gold Ring ”100

Carter, Steve. "Merry-Go-Round," 9.

Cartier, John F. "This Child in Me" [fiction], "Bubble Wrap" [fiction], 53.

Cary, Tom. "Report," "Zohar," 70.

Cash, Debra. "My Father Goes to Heaven with Rosa Parks," 102.

Casper, Michael. “Picayunes,” “Ode to Vitamin B12,” 80.

Castillo, , Sandra M., . "The Isle of Pines,"101.

Castle, Dick. "a note to summer"," 23.

Ceely., John. "Song to Ayopechcatl," "Buddha,/can you come," "Buddha Feeds the Mice," 26.

Chaloner, David. "poem," 70.

Champion, Miles. "From Clovis," 70.

Charara, Hayan. "Holy Water," "Half Dead," "Ashes," 67. "My Father Visits After My Mother Dies," "The Second Time My Mother Died," "Where Light Divides Shadow," 70. "My Mother Cooking Squash in the Kitchen," "The Funeral," 71."Glenn Gould" 74. “Reacquaintance”, 84.“Mother and Daughter,” “In Memoriam,” “The Moon,” “The Weather,” 94."Once." 102.

Chatfield, Hale. "Love Song XII," 7.

Chen, Kristen. "FAQs," "Sundays with Mom." 109.

Chen, Lisa. "Ode to Hardness," 71.

Chen, Liuyu."Belief," "The Wakers," "Running around Washington Square Park on an October Night," "The History of My Name," "Husband Hunting Advice," 104. "The Mountains Are High: A Memoir," 107.

Chernov, Carlos. “Natural Beauties,” 98.

Chesmore, Matt. "The Garden," "Bigger than Both of Us" [prose], "Tinky," 60.

Chevigny, Blue. "July" 75. “All of Us,” “Lima, Peru,” 91.

Chin, Jennifer. “Untitled,” 86.

Chiu, Jeffrey. "Perfect Pitch," "Three Notes on a Kitchen Table," "Considerations," 67.

Choi, Jiwon. "All Roads Lead to Rockaway 143rd," "1977 Kiddieland," "The Devil and Dorthy Hamill Bands," 103. "In Korean Years," "How Will I Know I Was Alive?" 107. "Poetry of the Lizard," "Now & Here," "You Live in the Space Behind Your Eyes." 109.

Choi, Jocelyn. “The Phone Booth,” 81.

Chou, Carol. “Obsession,” “When I Die,” “Number One Fan A Letter to Ben Affleck,” 81.

Chouliaras Yiorgos. "Six Poems," tr. by David Mason, 63.

Christophersen, Bill. “Old-Time Fiddlers Convention,” 90. “Community Garden,” “Elegy for a Pencil,” “Ralph Stanley’s Watch,” “Down the Brae,” 91. “Mnemonic,” 93."Alta Sierra," 95."Where Love Goes," "Cogito, Ergo, Sum?," 100."The Sound of Snow." 96, "Street People," "Know Your Clients," 101. "Absolute Bagel," 102. "Fridge," "Crabbers," 103. "Long Beach Island," "Limbo of Lost Gloves (A Double Feature)," "Traffic Light," "Streetscape with Blazing Locusts," "Memories of Dental Work," 104. "Tinnitus," "Signalman," "New York Minute," "The Human Balcony," 108.

Chung, Haemaru."Alice," "Comforting Music," "Winter Gulls," 110.

Chute, Robert M. "Even the Wind," "Experimental Chickens," "Messiah," 5-6. "Christmas in California," 10. "The Boat Waits, 38.

Cigale, Alex. “The Soul of a Man Is a Piece of Work,” “A Man, a Woman, a Child, a Monster,” 90.

Cirelli, Michael. “Lobster with Ol’ Dirty Bastard,” “Congo,” “Dead Ass,” “Zev Love X Live at His Brother’s Funeral,” “Dancing with Turtle,” 92 “The Blowout,” “ Variations on a Pazmanian Ghazal,” “The Shirt before the Shirt,” “5 Grenades (Homage & Apology),” 98.“Glass Eaters,” “The Grind,” “Arturo's Second Calling,” “Dinner Party,” 100."Brown Skin Lady." "Brown Skin Lady." 96. "Istanbul Was Constantinople," "Dua of the Lost Bag," "How To Get Ready To Get Down in Pakistan," 104.

Cislo, Joe, “Gary, Indiana,” 79.

Clare, Elizabeth. "Angels," 66.

Clark, Philip. "A Hustler Leaves at Dawn" 74.

Clarke, Cheryl. "Funeral thoughts," 47.

Clausen, Jan. "i am not a field-goal kicker," 16. "for a marriage," "her hands set out love like a game of chess," 19. "fdr drive/brooklyn bridge," 26. "Diptych: Northwest Corner," 50-51. "Fix," 77.

Clifton, Charles E. "Awake," "Night Images," 24.

Clinton, Robert. "At the Seed Bank," "Twenty Footnotes to The Emperor's New Clothes," 69. "Carnival," "It Was Then That Libya Became a Desert," "The First House I Remember," 72. “Blue Mountain Lake,” “Small Talk,” “Rainbow,” “Everyone is Clean”, 83. "Equipose," "German Fragment," " Evening Prayer," "Toast," "Movie I'm In," 102. "A Building Near the Waterfront," "Lately We Swim," "Blast," 108.

Cluchey, Jeremy. "The Driveway," 70.

Ciralsky, Rebecca. "Monsoon," "The Octopus," 70.

Coakley, William Leo. “Groenendael Canticle,” 95.

Cockrell, Cathy. "Blue Work Overalls," "Blue Navy Sweater," "Baby Boom" [stories], 39. "Khaki Flying Jacket" [story], 41. "Travelling" [storyl,, 46. "Buffet" [fiction], 50-51.

Cockroft, Martin. “Coming of Age”, 84.

Coen, Deborah Rachel. "As the Street Hardly Understands" (fiction), 63.

Cohen, Adam. “Time,” “Doppler Shift,” “Love and Cigarettes,” 94.

Cohen, Marc."A Jumbled Sequence but Recurrent." 96.

Cohen, Julia. "The Spoon," 76. “Amelia Earhart’s Pancakes,” “Racecar,” 85.

Cohen, Marc. "Bald Eagle," 58."Loaded," "Deft," "The Peeper," 68. "The Good Wastrel," 71.“Gypsy Moths,” “Partners in Crime,” “Aftershock,” 79. “Through-Composed,” 97.

Cohen, Marty. "Reading the Chandogya Upanisad, 1970," 16.

Cohn, Jim. "George Washington Bridge, Lower Level, Clear Day," 59.

Colbert, Alison. "The Top of the Hill in Maine," 26.

Cole, Jeremy. "Pink Flamingo," "The Sharp Blade," 40.

Cole, Olivia. “Zelda,” “Stewart,” “The Adoration,” 91.

Colette. "Conversation in the Metro," "Divine," 104.

Coley, Mariah. “ Morning,” “Cruising Altitude,” 91. “Letter to Abe from Home,” “Pond,” “Return,” 92.

collective poems from first grade classes. School Number 8, Yonkers, New York, 22.

Collingwood, Harris. "Darkness and Flowers," "Thieves," 23.

Collins, Billy. "Wincing Along," 26.

Collins, Michael N. "1953 (i)," "1953 (ii)," "1956," "1964," 41.

Collom, Jack. "As You Told Of," "Blood Poem," 1. "Concentric," "Looked like Letters of the Alphabet," "Samuel," 3. "Father Demo Square," "Sick and Sexy," "Factory Crumb," 50-51."Loop-de-loop," 69.

Combellick, Henry. “Washout, Damariscotta,” 94.

Condit, David L. "giving birth into/something not picked," "Vermont Ride," 12.

Conley, Doug. "To a River Woman," 21.

Conneely, Noel. "If Ever," 108.

Contoski, Victor. "A Consolation," 1. "Archers," "Nature Poems," "Study Poems," 2. "Money," "Morning Moon," "War Poem," 5-6. "Those I Love," 11. "Elegy for a Poker Hand," "End of the Party," "Teeth," 13. "Night on the Prairie," "Wherever I go in the world," "Cardinals," "Meadowlark," 33. "Incriminating Evidence," 45. "Rain after Drought," "my Wrongs," 46. "White Shadows," "Autumn House," 50-51. "Oranges," "Envoy: So this is senility," 65."A Day in Autumn," "Unknown Insects," 71."Lamps" 75.

Cooney, Ellen. "Stripping and Sanding the Oak Door," "On a Windy Day," 108.

Cooper, Lisa. “Plenty,” 85.

Cooper-Novack, Gemma. "As the Child Prodigy Grows Up," "You Wake Up Without," 73.“Shooting the Rat,” “Not Snowing,” “Porn,” 78. ”Aubade,” ”Yesterday and Australia.” 99.“Yesterday and Australia,” [correction] 100. "Thaw," "Heat," 103.

Cooper-Novack, Hallie. “When They Met:,” “Blend,” “The Art of Fixing a Shadow,” “Consummate,” “The Evening”, 84.

Corbett, William. “The Party,” “On the Flyleaf of Ted Berrigan’s Collected Poems,” “My Mother Pregnant,” “New York Alcohol,” “Untitled,” 89. “Albert York: Untitled, Unsigned, Unknown,” 94. “Elegies for Michael Gizzi.“ 99.

Corner, Philip. "Wowunupo," 10.

Cornish, Sam. "Her hair hidden under a scarf," 5-6. "before i can sleep again," "The children," "i think of telephones," "new york," "women walk because," 15.

Corrie, Sandra. "I am a melon in captivity," "I am a woman," 3. "Incarnations of love," "Night of the orange slice moon," 5-6.

Cortese, Christine. "Skinhead Heaven." "Thrashing," 62.

Cortez, Jayne. "Another Tropical Night," "Do Not Allow," "Woman on Burro in Asilah," "The Man with Elephantiasis Leg in Recife Brazil," "The Heavy Headed Dance," 68. “Free Time Friction,” 88.

Costley, Bill. "Linwood Place in Snow," 12.

Cotsirilos, Teresa. “My Fourth,” [essay], “Obituary in Three Drafts,” [prose], 88.

Cotter, John. “Nights Out,” “Good Morning, New Jersey,” “Someone Else’s Mouth”, 84.

Cox, Carol. "Down the Road," Getting Ready," 27. "Three Flower Stories," "The Orange Cloth Hung with Mirrors," "The Ear Closed," "A Poem about Will (The Stone Inside the Arm)," 35. "Set on Course," "Arrangements," "Driving Back from New Orleans," 38. "The Calm," "An Hour in the Smokies," "The Last Year," 41. "Bathers," "Perhaps," "Runaway," 46. "Note," "Excuses," "Hope," "In the Upper Delta, the Pecan Trees Flash Their New Green Leaves," 64.

Cox, Ed. "I Want to Tell Them," "Waiting," 21.

Cox, Julie. "Smoke, Mirrors" 74.

Cox, Kathleen. "I Wake Up Early," 36.

Crespo, Ángel. “I’ve Placed My Hand,” “In Praise of Nothingness,” 86. [translated by Steven J. Stewart].

Croston, Julie. "Two Red Looms," 38. "A Story from Cage's Living Room Music (1940)," 46.

Crowley, Sabina. "Secret," 101.

Culkin, Kate.  "Conventions," 73.

Cummins, Megan. “Morning,” 88. "Five Places," "Piracy," 102.

Cummins, Patricia. "To My Love after Time Has Passed," 14.

Curry, Susan. "Welcome," 69.

Cutolo, Lucy. "Jewels." 68.

Cyrus, Hannah. “Jack and Emily,” “Hannah Cyrus,” “Inspection Day,” Remainder of a Life,” 93.


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