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Issue #110
Current Issue

Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers


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Every title published by the press has been kept in print.Good literature stays good.



Bacal, Joe. “The Filmmaker Postpones Lunch” 84.

Backous, Allison . “Wish List,” “Glimpse” 83.

Backus, Michael. “Remote Viewing,” 95.

Badanes, Jerome. "A Burning Coal," "A Darkness between Us," "From Day to Day," 8

Bahler, Michael, F. "Vinita" (prose), 69.

Bahlke, Marie. “Nineteen Forty-Six,” 97.

Baigell, Matthew. "Archie Rand's Had Gadya."96.

Bakowski, Peter. "Night and Heart," 59. "Around at Our Place," 62.

Baldwin, Sy Margaret. "Shady Lakes," 47.

Baldwin, Sy. from "The Intiriate People," number 3, 20.

Baler, Don. "Sunday" (story), 12.

Ballard, Virginia. "in chowdery autumn," 31.

Bar, Tina. "At a Bar Called Mamzelle," "Wing," 109.

Bargen, Walter. "Reign of Nails," 53.

Barnes, Jane. "Eleanor Roosevelt," "The Hot Dog Poem," 41. "Winifred," "X," 43. "Pretending to write a poem while being filmed for 'The Poet's Corner' for TV," "Even a Poet's Mind," 50-51. "Discovery," "Within Hearing," "Got to Go," 55.

Barrett, Mac. "Looking Like Paul Dano," "To Man."" 96.

Bass, Emily. "It So Happens," "The Truth," "Crewcut," 60."Dean Street," "Working at Home,"

"Hounded," 71.

Bass, Madeline. "Observations: love in the city," 17.

Basseches, Julie. "The sea blew in," 21.

Batykefer, Erinn. “Red Ghazal,” “Market Day,” 94."Van Gogh Travels Backward to Damascus." 96

Baum, Carol. Cover photographer, 15, 20. Cover photographer, 27, 29. "Monhegan Island" [portfolio of photographs], 29. Cover photographer, 36. Cover artist, 44.

Bavetta, Ruth. “The Shirt,” “July 27, 1992,” 82.

Baxter, Charles. "Maxine," 11.

Bayer, Deborah. "Castoffs," 68.

BBB. "Luncheon Guest," 23.

Beach, Erin. "Poulsbo" 75.

Beal, Stephen. "The Emperor of China," "Color 498 in the DMC Floss System," "Hastings Street, 1944," "Everything I could Have Said," "Prinzregentinstrasse," 69. "Our Tender Suffolk Swine," "Thank You, Miss Edythe. Thank You, Miss Louise," 72."La Toute France," "Growing Up in Hollywood" 74. "La Grande Charade," 77. “Suddenly Speaking Babylonian,” “God’s Good Boy,” “Life is not TV,” 80, “Penile Insertions on Hoxsey Street,” “Palm Springs Bougainvillea,” “The Summer of 1947,” 82. “Another Day in the Life of a Boy”, 84. “A Film Is Being Made,” “Alice B. Toklas Confronts a Tea Bag,” 88.“La Toilette de Gertrude Stein,” “The Nuptials of Gertrude Stein,” 93. “The Courtship of Gertrude Stein,” 95. “Never Send a Spaniard a Coffin,” “The Apotheosis of Gertrude Stein,” 97.

Bear, Elizabeth. “Confessions from Gilcrease,” “Driving Home at Night after Picking Up the Milk,” 79.

Bear Don’t Walk, Scott. ‘“Whereabouts Unknown People,’” “Chokecherries,” 91.

Beard, Joel. "Nothing's Any Good Without You" [story], 43.

Beasley, Bruce H. "A Smile," 26.

Beausoleil, Beau. "Terms #2," 28.

Beebe, Lauren. “Young Invention,” 86.

Beer, Joanna. “Kyoto Calling,” 88. “See Hear Speak,” “Mathematics:Your Poetry or Einstein:You::Ginsberg:Me,” 89.

Bell, Derrick. “Potter’s Old Lady,” 80.

Bell, Elana“Visiting Auschwitz,”100

Bellen, Martine. “Collection Agency for Collective Dreams,” “Dreaming in Veselka,” 93. "The Dog Doctor," "Rainstorm," "Pastry Shop," 106.

Bellessi, Diana. Excerpt from Happy Crossing, Good Luck, Little Uli, 37.

Benka, Jen. “Juliett,” “India,” 97.

Benttinen, Ted. "Capricorn," 12. "Fernando at the 'Paradise Bar,'" 49.

Berenblum, Jessica. “Lullaby to Myself,” “Corners,” “New Jersey Turnpike,” “While Jake Sleeps,” 81.

Berg, Carl. Cover & Portfolio, 91.

Berggrun, Chase. “Props,” “Body,” 94.

Bergman, David. "I Dream of Old Men," 33.

Bernhardt, Suzanne. "Pearl Street," 47.

Bernstein, Carole. "As hard as you tried," 32. "poem for aug," "Message," 33. "Traveling Without Signs," 35. "When My Grandmother Said 'Pussy,'" "Profaning the Dead," 61. "Torcello," 65. "From Against Hope," "The Tomb of Alexander VII by Bernini, 1678," 67. “Quickening,” 80. "Mette the Mets," "Buried Alive: A To-Do List." 109.

Berrigan, Edmund. "Midnight," "Storyline," 62. "Desert Wreck," 67.

Bessette, Charles. “Deception,” “Yesterday”, 84.

Best, B. J.. “Bird Dissection,” “Lime Daiquiris at the Frangipani Hotel,” 86.

Betts, Chris. "Rats at a Duel," "Sunset," 40.

Betts, Tara. “Proverbs from the Pulpit of Rev. George Clinton,” 94.

Betts, Reginald. “Isolation Toilet, M1-48,” 86.

Beyer, Zoe. “A Map of Downtown L.A. (and why things fell apart),” “Burning,” “Glass,” 87.

Binensztok, Vassilia. “Piano Harbor,” 80.

Birney, Earle. "John Cabot/Giovanni Caboto," 7. "Christchurch, N.Z.," 14. "the marriage," "museum of man," 17.

Birtha, Becky. "The Garage Deep Grey," 20.

Bishop, Bonnie. "Invitation," "how it was before it all went bad," "Stepping Out," "Looking for Water in New Hampshire," 43.

Bishop, Gordon (Dubjinski). "my daily melon," "Quellisma," 5-6. "But Let These Words Not Fail," 18.

Biss, Eula. "My Mother," "My Father," "Barry" 74. "Cradle Me," "Noah," "The Sidewalk," "In the Park," [prose poems], 77. “Composition #1,” “Compact Disc for Alice Mary, Titled: What You Sound Like When You’re Sleeping,” “Sound Dictionary,” 81. “Dear Smoker,” [prose poem] 87.“Babylon,” 93.

Black, Sarah. “The Beast Enola Gay,” “Kaddish,” “Corpus,” 89.

Black, Star. "Hanging Loose 100," (photographs) 100

Blagojevic, Nadja. “After Rumi,” “Ode to the Stove,” “Untitled,” 80.

Blake, Charles H. "Children happy at play...," 23.

Blat, Cinthia. "Umbilica," 70.

Blazek, Douglas. "Glue," "The Transparent Siege," 10.

Blevins, Steven. "Mirror Poems," I and II, 21. "A Man Builds a Castle," 43.

Blum, Zevi. cover artist, 12. “Covers,” “Art Portfolio,” 90.

Bly, Robert. translator, five poems by Harry Martinson, 9.

Bochart, David & Sharon Mesmer .”Madam Bowery.” (Cartoon Story) 83.

Boe, Deborah. "Dream," "Parable of the Coin," 23. "Woman with a Comb," 25. "Kite Watchers on a Sleeping Hill," 26. "Back Yards," "Affluence," "Miscarriage," 36. "Painting the Body," "Because It Pleases You," "Fire," 37. "Closing the Doors," "Defense to one's Mother for Loving a Bad Man," "Mohave," 45. "My Sister of the Horses," "The Living Sister," "Attack of the Polka-dot Girls," "The Small Blessings among Us," 48. "The Mother in the Pictures": "Three Weeks," "Keeping the Childhood," "Love," "Of the First Husband," "Inside the Volcano," "At My Sister's Wedding," "No Pictures," "What It Means," 49. "The Genealogy of Despair," "Branches," "In Proof of the Existence of Angels," "The Carpenter's Level," "My Sister, Afraid," "Where She Will Wait," "Predictions," 50-51. "Country and Western," "Reading by Christmas Light," 62.

Bohmer, Roger. "Revolution," 12.

Bonina, Mary. "English Lesson Plan: Present Perfect," "37 Bennett Street," "Examples," 59. From “Dialogues with Mum,” “My Father’s Eyes,” 89.

Bonhomme, Jennifer. “For Dan,” 79.

Borczon, Mark J. "Joan of Arc's Last Stand," 47.

Borczon, Matthew. "Fossils," "Constructing a Horizon," "p.o.w.," 46. "Summer Nights," "We made love like a parade," 47. "An American Ritual," 54.

Bornholdt, Shaune. “Talk,” 89.

Borowicz, Karina. “Cuckoo Clock,” “Armadillo,” 98."Catch," "Caw," 103.

Bosserman, Lorelei. "Villanelle: 'We just can't talk like we used to," 30.

Bosworth, Beth. "Plumbing" (fiction), 61. "Louise, Louise," (fiction) 64. "The Eighth Rhetorical Mode," 72."Angelo" (prose) 75. “Fortunetellers,” 79. “Tell Me Again,” 90. “With Thee Conversing,” [prose], 92.

Bouchard, Daniel. “For Keeps” 107.

Bouchard, Caleb. “For the Archives:” 94. “There Are Others More Deserving,” “Shake Yourself,” 97."Three Shapes," 101.

Bouvy, Katie. “Soup Bone,” “Ghost Races,” “Daughter,” 95.

Bowering, George. "Steak & Gravy," 9.

Boyer, Tammy. "Spring Cleaning," "I am facing the dawning sun," 33. "The Sun Worshipper," 34.

Brackenbury, Rosalind. “Ferry across the James River,” “The Blue Line or What Does This Painting Know,” 95. “Goodbye,” “Ashes,” 97. "The Other Alphabet," "The Horses of the Everyday," "Solstice Hawk," "For Harvey: Trolling for Blues," 103. "Friends," "Hedgehog," 107. "The Poets' Holiday," 110.

Bragg, Mary Ellen. "Fugue in Burnt Toast Major," 31.

Brand, Millen. "Ed Kulp and Camera," 24. "Night Scene, Inside," 35. "The Sleepwalker," 37.

Brasch, Thomas. "Six Sentences for Sophie," 103.

Braun, Jenifer. "Great Grandmother's Bridesmaid," "End in Sight," "Paterson," "Reed," 56.

Brewer, Kenneth. "Earth's Day: A Fable for the Moment," 14. "The Classroom," "The Visitor," 16.

Breytenbach, Breyten. “Duet,”98.

Briccetti, Lee Ellen. "Second Baptism," 53."Wheel of Fortune, New York" 74.

Brigham, Besmilr. "coming out from where the pups were born," "my mother," "Noah who was (not an old man," 8. "Out of Bluefields, the Ship Loaded with Mahogany," "on a Disturbing Day How Calmly the Needle Moves: the Seamstress," "The Muscadine Trellis," 43. "Accusation," 50-51.

Brilliant, Alan. "A Legacy," 8.

Brinson-Curiel, Barbara. "Garfield Pool, 1965," "Accident," 52.

Britton, Donald. "A Real Life," 104.

Broaddus, William. "The Oldest Woman," 36.

Brockman, Susan. "Dinner with the Family," 26.

Brodine, Karen. "gardening at night," "Selling the House," "Visiting," "Walking the Shark," 32. "Singing for Your Supper," "Girlfriends," 33. "Woman Sitting at the Machine, Thinking," 40. "We are the ones we have been waiting for," 41.

Brook, Donna. "During the long wait these dreams" [stanza omitted], 19. "During the long wait these dreams" [complete], "Love of the Impossible," 21. "Rape," "Robert V. Dream," 22. "(the fifth poem)," "(the seventh poem)," 24. "Faith," "Between Sounds," 28. "Europe for You in Two Parts," "Suicide Attempts," "Why I Am a Whore," "Creating Fiction," 30. "Crazy in Denver," "The Little House on the Prairie," "The Madness of Vegetables," 36. "The Rose That Desired to Shut Up," "Prophecy," 37. "The Eyes of the Children as They Drown," "Smell," "The School of Pain," "It's So Simple It's Complex," "Pose," "Fear," 42. "Final Days," "The Poem That I Read at Your Funeral," "March 4, 1983," 44. "Losing [Three Poems]," "What Being Responsible Means to Me," 50-51. "Reading," "Diagnostics," "An Afternoon in Suffolk" [prose], 54. "Naivete" [prose], "The Cure," 58. "The New York Hospital Poems," 59. "Message to Mary Ferrari in Jo'burg," 65. "Robert Hershon at Home and Abroad," "Poem Found on Parents Night," "For No Clear Reason," "April 27, 1994" "My First Encounter with the Natives of the Pacific," 69."Where the Water Meets the Air: Ann Mikolowski, 1940-1999" (memorial) 75. “To the Proponents of Intelligent Design: A Rant,” 88. “Lexapro,” 91. “Each Time My Heart Is Broken It Makes Me Feel More Adventurous,” 93. ”Where an Anecdote Takes Me,” ”Shards.” 99.

Brook, Donna, Elinor Nauen and Maureen Owen. "Softening the Blow," 71.

Brooks, Ernie. "Walking back," 12.

Brooks, Phyllis. "The Dead," 1. "Reciprocity," "Words," 10.

Broughton, James. "Uncle Nestor's Last Birthday Cake," 62.

Brown, Bridgit. “Prayer Warriors,” “Julia Mae,” “Blue Hill Avenue,” “Mahogany Planets,” “Girlchild in the Motherland,” “Broody Hens,” 107.

Browning, Katherine. “To My Sister,” “To Discover the Cartography of Blankness,” 91.

Brozovich, Lauren. "The Original Gaither Farmhouse," "A 1950's Televised A-Bomb Drill Aired for Educational Purposes," "In the Girls' Dressing Room Before the Gulling of Beatrice Scene in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing," "The Pistachio Dress," 69. "The Seersucker Dress," "Grapefruits," "My Grandmother's Rosaries," 72.

Bruce, Debra. "Purple Aster," "Menstrual Depression: A Treatise," "You Said," 26.

Bruchac, Joseph. "Leaving the Prison," 23.

Brunner, Erica. "Una: I want the recognition but I don't want to put in the effort," "There Was That One Time on Tour," 108.

Buchanan, Giselle Buchanan. “To Be in Love,” “Central Park,” ”wreck.age/rekij/,” 98.

Buckingham, Polly."Blue King," "Disturbance," "Contemplation," 107.

Bukowski, Charles. "the garbageman," "a threat to my immortality," 15.

Bulman, Jessica. "Revelation," "Dead Moths," 71.

Bunnita, Rabbita.“No Bunny Is a Better Friend than You!,” [with Lizzita I. Remainita] 100.

Burden, Isabelle. “Sunday Kitchen,” 97.

Burgess, Matthew. “Heads in My Head,” “Pastoral (at 6th & B)”,83.

Burns, Jim. statement on poetics; "Sardines," "After the Rain," from "Proletarian Nights," 48.

Burt, Andrew. “Morning Stillness,” 82.

Bushman, Naomi. "Counterpoint Landscapes," "lonely," 20. "Judging Distance," 32.

Butson, Denver. “The Café That Would Be Burning,” “Don’t Kiss Me,” 87.

Butterick, Brian. "my father tells me," 23.

Buyck, Kathy. "My father and I are prisoners," "A Silly Dream," "A Weird Dream," 33.

Byrne, Joe. “Waking Up,” “Ice Water,” 93. “Coral,” 94.

Byrne, Matthew. “Signifying Nothing,” 93.


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