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Issue #110
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Other Titles from Hanging Loose Press

Every title published by the press has been kept in print.
Good literature stays good.


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Rochelle Ratner, COMBING THE WAVES
"These 80 poems improvise with intelligence and grace on a central theme--the woman as mermaid."--Robert Peters, Small Press Review.
Poetry, 92 pages,
$6.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-16-8.  

"A cool heat, a distanced closeness, a spiritual sensuality. . . He does write beautifully."--John Gill, New York Native.
Poetry, 76 pages,
$6.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-41-0.  

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Steven Schrader,Threads
"what Schrader offers is pages where every word lights up, every sentence has a mission, every scene explodes with an epiphany. In spite of its brevity, it feels as large and rich as New York City. " -Meredith Sue Willis, Books for Readers.
ISBN: 978-1-934909-27-9 (pbk.) $18.00

Steven Schrader,What We Deserved: Stories from a New York Life
“Steven Schrader’s assemblage of a mosaic of his brief memory snapshots adds up to a poignant, powerful, and funny book about growing up in New York City.” – Isaiah Sheffer, Director, NPR’s Selected Shorts.
paper, ISBN 1-931236-63-1 $16.00
HC, ISBN 1-931236-62-3 $26.00

"Outstanding. . . wonderful stories. . . with just the right touch of lightness and compassion."--Booklist. By the author of On Sundays We Visit The In Laws.
Fiction, 104 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-60-1, $8.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-61-8, $15.00.

Ron Schreiber, JOHN
A tender and unsparing account of a young man dying of AIDS. "Read the poems--they are brilliant," --Scene Out (London). "A stunning chronicle," --Bay Windows.
Poetry, 96 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-62-5, $8.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-63-2, $15.00.  

Ron Schreiber, LIVING SPACE
The first collection by the editor of 31 New American Poets and the first book published by Hanging Loose Press. "Sitting down with Ron Schreiber's poems, one has the feeling of sharing with a friend who both supports and challenges."--Ken Jones, Gay Sunshine.
Poetry, 63 pages, $5.00.

Also available by Ron Schreiber:  
MOVING TO A NEW PLACE, Alice James books, $10.00
FALSE CLUES, Calamus Books, $10.00.
TOMORROW WILL REALLY BE SUNDAY, Calamus Books, $10.00.  

James Schuyler, (Freely Espousing, an earlier book, published by SUN, is available from HL, $12.00.)

Harvey Shapiro, A DAY'S PORTION
"Vivid and engaging. . . his best lines packed with a hard-earned ruefulness. . . contemporary poetry has rarely been so readable."--Matthew Flamm, The Nation.
Poetry, 96 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-10-2, $10.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-11-9, $18.00.  
(Lauds and Nightshades, an earlier book, published by SUN, is available from HL, $12.00.)  

Ana María Shua , Without a Net
"It's not possible to analyze any branch of Argentine literature from the last thirty years without recognizing Ana María Shua's brilliant contribution. " -Soledad Gallego-Diaz
ISBN: 978-1-934909-28-7 (pbk.) $18.00

"Simon has a fine sense of the Western landscape and his place in it."--Victor Contoski, Abraxas.
Poetry, 76 pages,
$5.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-12-0.  

"M.L. Smoker’s poems are tough, funny, magical, but not in a goofy way. This is blue-collar magic. Unemployed magic. Living on government cheese magic. I highly recommend this collection.”—Sherman Alexie.
paper, ISBN 978-1-931236-51-5 $14.00
HC, ISBN 978-1-931236-52-2 $24.00

Mark Statman, Tourist at a Miracle
Tourist at a Miracle is Mark Statman’s first full collection of poetry. His poems, translations, and criticism have appeared in many anthologies and in such publications as American Poetry Review, The Hat, Hanging Loose, Tin House, and Florida Review.
paper, ISBN 978-1-934909-164 $18.00

Michael Stephens, JIGS AND REELS
Unsettling prose poems from an adventurous writer. "Anything he publishes is of interest."--Thomas McGonigle, Review of Contemporary Fiction. ". . . that lovely feel of let me tell you."--Robert Creeley.
Prose, 104 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-85-4, $10.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-86-1, $18.00.  

Jules Supervilles, (Selected Poems, an earlier book, published by SUN, is available from HL, $12.00.)

Elizabeth Swados, The Contest
The Contest is Elizabth Swados' first general poetry collection.
ISBN: 978-1-934909-34-8 $18

Elizabeth Swados, Waiting: Selected Nonfiction
Elizabeth Swados is a composer, novelist, poet, theater director, children's book author, and five-time Tony nominee. Her brilliant career ranges from Runaways, a hit Broadway musical, to pioneering off-Broadway work with Joseph Papp and experimental theater in Africa with Peter Brook.
ISBN: 978-1-934909-21-8 $18

Elizabeth Swados, The One and Only Human Galaxy
Perhaps best known for her Broadway and international smash hit Runaways, Elizabeth Swados has composed, written, and directed for over 30 years. Some of her works include the Obie Award-winning Trilogy at La Mama, Alice at the Palace, with Meryl Streep, at the New York Shakespeare Theater Festival and Groundhog, which was optioned by Milos Forman for a film. Her work has been performed on Broadway, off Broadway, at La MaMa, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Carnegie Hall, and locations all over the world. She has also composed highly acclaimed dance scores for well-known choreographers in the U.S., Europe and South America.This is her first collection of poetry.
ISBN: 978-1-934909-07-2 (paperback.) $18.00
ISBN: 978-1-934909-08-9 (hardcover) $28.00

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Keith Taylor,Guilty at the Rapture
paper, ISBN 1-931236-61-5 $15.00
HC, ISBN 1-931236-64-X $25.00

Keith Taylor, LIFE SCIENCE
"Sly, ghostly and unsettling. . . Even though it kept me awake part of the night with its eerie humor and visions, I loved this book."--Charles Baxter.
Fiction, 72 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-14-0, $12.00
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-15-7, $20.00.  

Robin Tewes, 26 PAINTINGS
"No one paints the contemporary American scene like Robin Tewes."--Ronny H. Cohen. "The greatest pictures of Middle America we've ever seen."--Sipapu.
Art, unpaged,
$7.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-32-8.  

Eric Torgersen, ETHIOPIA
The relationship between an American white man and a black Ethiopian woman
"Wonderfully harsh and deft, often brilliant."--Jim Harrison.
Fiction, 56 pages, $5.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-06-9.  

Tony Towle, Winter Journey
A native New Yorker and a longtime resident of downtown Manhattan, Tony Towle is “one of the New York School’s best-kept secrets,” as John Ashbery has written, calling his New and Selected Poems “a feast.” Towle has received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Poets Foundation, and the Ingram Merrill Foundation, among other honors and prizes. This is his twelfth collection of poems.
ISBN paperback: 978-1-931236-93-5, $16.
ISBN cloth: 978-1-931236-94-2, $26.

Ninth collection by a poet whose work James Schuyler applauded for its "noble grace, dramatic and personal."
Poetry, 100 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-25-0, $10.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-38-0, $18.00.
Also available: AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND OTHER POEMS (SUN), $12.00.  

"This book is a grand achievement; a tome of such human generosity and wit is not to be missed."--Anne Waldman
Poetry & Short Prose, 256 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-931236-01-0 $17.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-931236-02-7 $26.00

Patricia Traxler, Naming the Fires
ISBN: 978-1-934909-85-0 (pbk.) $18.00

Patricia Traxler, THE GLASS WOMAN
"brings to mind Walt Whitman at his best, for Traxler has written an absorbing, haunting, feminine 'Song of Myself,'"--Victor Contoski, Abraxas.
Poetry, 96 pages,
$10.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-34-2.

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Voices of the City edited by King, Russell, Carter & Hershon
Voices of the City is a collection of vibrant poems that take the pulse of the modern city in all its joy and despair, its yearning and celebration. Organized by the Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience at Rutgers University Newark, in conjunction with Hanging Loose Press, this anthology features work from some of the country’s best-known writers side by side with prize-winning poems by talented teenagers.
In the words of co-editor Rosamond S. King: “Think of each of these poems as a window onto an urban landscape. From some, you will see a panoramic view of city life, from others a distilled moment. Together, these poem-windows present dozens of perspectives on urban environments.”
Poetry, 96 pages
Paperback: ISBN 1-931236-42-9, $14

Orhan Veli, I, ORHAN VELI
Translated by Murat Nemet-Nejat. One of the founders of modern Turkish poetry. "Fresh, colloquial, witty and direct. . . I, Orhan Veli refreshed me."--Gary Lenhart, Poetry Project Newsletter.
Poetry, 120 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-64-9, $13.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-65-6, $20.00.  

Paul Violi, The Tame Magpie
This book contains Paul Violi's last poems, found among his papers after his death, and never previously published in a book.
978-1934909-40-9 , paper $18.00

OVERNIGHT is Paul Violi’s eleventh book of poems.  On receiving the Zabel Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, he was cited for “bringing the sharpness and surprise of the avant-garde to a poetry that continually impresses by its honesty, its sincerity, and its clarity.  One is taken through the solidest and strongest emotional landscapes on a remarkable new road.”  Recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships in poetry as well as grants from the Ingram Merrill Foundation, The Fund for  Poetry, The Foundation for Contemporary Arts and many other awards, he currently teaches in the New School’s graduate writing program and at Columbia University.
978-1-931236-78-2, paper $15.00
978-1-931236-79-9, Hardcover $25


Paul Violi, FRACAS
This book should have you laughing out loud.” -Poetry Quarterly Review (England). “Violi is one of the most inventive poets around.” -David Lehman, Newsday.
Poetry, 88 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-62-1 $15.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-63-8 $21.00

"A clear, marvelous eye for his surroundings and an ability to depict them precisely. . . would be enjoyed by a wide audience."--Reagan Upshaw, Multicultural Review.
Poetry, 80 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-00-3, $13.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-01-0, $18.00.  

Paul Violi, LIKEWISE
"This book is a knockout!" --William Corbett, Harvard Book Review.
Poetry, 96 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-55-7, $13.00
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-56-4, $15.00
(Harmatan, an earlier book, published by SUN, is available from HL, $7.00.)  

Paul Violi, Selected Accidents, Pointless Anecdotes
aul Violi’s first prose collection. “A wit that turns absurdity into sharp literary irony.” -Library Journal.
Prose, 72 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-931236-15-7 $13
cloth, ISBN 978-1-931236-16-4 $21

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Chuck Wachtel, 3/03
“Part love song, part lamentation, Chuck Wachtel’s 3/03 calls to mind the work of generous, lyrical moralists from Walter Benjamin to Grace Paley. It’s a beautiful, immensely serious, immensely tender portrait of the way we live now..” -Lewis Walsh. “Poetry
paper, ISBN 978-1-934909-18-8 $18.00

Chuck Wachtel, What Happens to Me
“Awe-inspiring....” -Lewis Walsh. “...[An] observant, dreamy, pungent collection....” -Jean Valentine.
Poetry & Prose , 128 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-74-4 $13.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-75-1 $21.00

New work, plus all the shorter pieces previously collected in now-elusive chapbooks, by the author of the much-acclaimed novel, Joe the Engineer.
Prose and poetry, 120 pages,
$7.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-40-3.

"Thoroughly good angry revolutionary poetry, and we're glad of it."--Sipapu.
Poetry, 63 pages,
$6.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-15-1.  

Kathleen Wiegner, FREEWAY DRIVING
Her "poems speak of the human condition and her own understanding vividly, and with compassion."--Library Journal.
Poetry, 69 pages,
$6.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-23-6.  

Terence Winch, This Way Out
"Terence Winch's poems are imaginative, soulful, and funny. He writes half way between the everyday and the conjured—his poems often feel like walking into a room made out of the sky. These new poems seem less tethered to reality yet more appreciative of the actual things the world has to give…and take away. This Way Out gives us Terence Winch at the top of his game.” —Bob Hicok
ISBN: 978-193490941-6 (pbk.) $18.0

Terence Winch, Falling Out of Bed in a Room with No Floor
Terence Winch is the author of four previous poetry collections: Boy Drinkers, The Drift of Things, The Great Indoors, and Irish Musicians/American Friends, which won an American Book Award. He has also written two story collections, Contenders and That Special Place: New World Irish Stories, which draws on his experiences as a founding member of the original Celtic Thunder, the acclaimed Irish band. His work is included in numerous anthologies, among them the Oxford Book of American Poetry and four Best American Poetry collections, and has been featured on "The Writers Almanac" and NPR's "All Things Considered." Winch is the recipient of an NEA Fellowship in poetry, among other awards.
ISBN: 978-1-934909-22-5 $18.00

Terence Winch, BOY DRINKERS
Terence Winch is the author of Irish Musicians/American Friends, which won an American Book Award, The Great Indoors,  The Drift of Things, and Contenders.  His last book, That Special Place: New World Irish Stories, draws on his experiences as a founding member of the acclaimed Irish band Celtic Thunder. His work is included in the Oxford Book of American Poetry, three Best American Poetry collections, and has been featured on “The Writers Almanac” and NPR’s “All Things Considered.” Winch is the recipient of an NEA Fellowship in poetry, among other awards.
ISBN: 978-1-931236-80-5 (paper)Price $15
ISBN: 978-1-931236-81-2 (cloth)
Price $25

Terence Winch, THAT SPECIAL PLACE: New World Irish Stories
 Poet, fiction writer, and musician, Terence Winch is the author of eleven books and chapbooks, most recently the poetry collections The Drift of Things and The Great Indoors. His work has appeared in such publications as The Paris Review, The American Poetry Review, Verse, The New Republic, and New American Writing, and in more than 20 anthologies, including Best American Poetry. He has won fellowships and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Fund for Poetry, and the Maryland State Arts Commission. A native of the Bronx, he has lived in the Washington, DC, area in recent years.
   Winch has also enjoyed a long parallel career as a performer and composer of traditional Irish music, primarily as a member of the group Celtic Thunder, with whom he has recorded three albums, including a winner of the INDIE award. Now, in That Special Place: New World Irish Stories, he draws on his music life in the pubs and clubs to map a path through Irish America.
Non-fiction stories, 120 pages
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-931236-33-1, $14.
Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-931236-34-8, $24.

Yolanda Wisher, Monk Eats An Afro
Yolanda Wisher is a Philadelphia-based poet, singer, musician, and educator. Wisher was born in the historic Germantown section of Philadelphia and raised in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where she was named the county's first poet laureate at the age of 23. She is a Cave Canem graduate and received an M.A. in Creative Writing/English from Temple University and a B.A. in English and Black Studies from Lafayette College. Her writing has appeared in Meridian, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Cave Canem Anthologies, among other places and she regularly performs her poetry in collaboration with musicians. In 2013, she co-edited the international anthology Peace is a Haiku Song with Sonia Sanchez. As a teacher, radio host, and founder/director of the Germantown Poetry Festival, Wisher has utilized poetry as a conduit for community-building and youth empowerment for over fifteen years. She lives in Germantown with her husband Mark Palacio, a doublebassist, and their son, Thelonious.
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-934909-423, $18.

Charles Wyatt, Swan of Tuonela
"In his third book of fiction, Wyatt, a musician turned writer, seems to be answering the question, what happened to the hippies? Or, what happened to the artisans who remained artists when hippie values got switched off? Wyatt’s protagonist James, also a musician turned writer, is revealed in a subtle layering of stylistic prose as Wyatt recalls post-hippie Philadelphia and conjures up complex characters, interweaving storylines, and dreamlike remembrances that would make surrealists and psychedelics alike smile with glee. James’s sexual and artistic adventures are rooted in the universal question, what does it means to be human, and in dissecting and celebrating the artist’s lifestyle. A delicately fashioned collection of short stories about the same key character, ala Raymond Carver, Stuart Dybek, or Billy Lombardo, Wyatt’s Swan of Tuonela is artful, insightful, and wonderfully atmospheric. ––Mark Eleveld, "Booklist"
paper, ISBN 1-931236-65-8 $15.00
HC, ISBN 1-931236-66-6 $25.00

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Bill Zavatsky,Where X Marks the Spot
“In poems whose language is as clear and straightforward as that of Williams or Reznikoff, Bill Zavatsky turns the floodlight of honesty onto himself, transforming, by the very act of examination, his demons of anger, self-pity, loneliness, and regret. This is brave and mature work, capacious enough for both elegy and humor.”—Ron Padgett
paper, ISBN 1-931236-67-4 $15.00
HC, ISBN 1-931236-68-2 $25.00

Hannah Zeavin, CIRCA
Hannah Zeavin is from Brooklyn, New York, and lives in New Haven, Connecticut, where she studies at Yale University. A volunteer at the Saint Mark’s Poetry Project, she has also studied at Naropa University and worked as the assistant to the Creative Director of the Summer Writing Program. She is the recipient of the Princeton Poetry Prize and the Alan G. Ross Memorial Mentorship Prize. This is her first collection of poetry.
ISBN: 978-1-934909-09-6 (paperback), $16.00

"Zirlin's vision of things is always keen, his imagination connected to a tangible landscape."--Gary Lenhart, Poetry Project Newsletter.
Poetry and prose, 80 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-81-6, $9.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-82-3, $16.00.  



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