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Issue #110
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Other Titles from Hanging Loose Press

Every title published by the press has been kept in print.
Good literature stays good.


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"Mary Ferrari is a wonderful writer."--Kenneth Koch. Nadine Gordimer says: "Mary Ferrari's poetry has the unexpectedness of life."
Poetry, 128 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-04-1, $12.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-05-8, $20.00.  

Gerald Fleming, One
“Gerald Fleming is a remarkable writer, made more so by his commitment to the prose poem, a form which at its best, as here, is a delicious treat on almost every occasion. His new volume, One, takes on the monosyllable and wrestles it into dizzying and wonderful pretzel-esque works which may appear, at first glance, non-pretzel-esque. You'll probably love this book as much as I do.”—Frederick Barthelme Poetry,
ISBN: 978-1-934909-97-3 $18

Gerald Fleming, Night of Pure Breathing
GERALD FLEMING's poetry and prose poems have appeared widely over the past thirty years. He has won numerous awards and fellowships, and between 1995 and 2000 he edited and published the literary magazine Barnabe Mountain Review, whose archives can be found at U.C. Berkeley's Bancroft Library. His book of poems Swimmer Climbing onto Shore appeared from Sixteen Rivers Press in 2005. He taught in the San Francisco public schools for thirty-seven years, and has published three books for teachers, the most recent of which is Rain, Steam, and Speed (Jossey-Bass/Wiley). He lives in Lagunitas, California.
ISBN: 978-1-934909-15-7 $18

Ed Friedman, Two Towns
Ed Friedman grew up in 1950s Los Angeles. He made his way to New York City in the early 70s, where he worked on magazines, collaborated with artists and composers, played in bands, and participated in the active St. Mark's Poetry Project community. In 1987 he became the Poetry Project's Artistic Director, a position he held until 2003. His previous books of poetry and prose include: The Telephone Book; Humans Work; Mao & Matisse; Away; and Drive Through the Blue Cylinders.
Paper, ISBN 978-1934909-942 , $18.00.

Ed Friedman, MAO & MATISSE
". . .a new lyricism that provides a rarity these days: pure pleasure."--Ron Padgett.
Poetry, 96 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-20-1, $12.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-21-8, $20.00.

"You can count on Ed Friedman's book to take you on a fine ride." --Ed Sanders.
Poetry 88 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-95-9 $13.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-96-6 $21.00

Joanna Fuhrman, The Year of Yellow Butterflies
The poems in The Year of Yellow Butterflies combine elements of surrealism and wry humor as well as riffs on autobiography, science fiction and unhinged nostalgia. Fuhrman explores the relationship between the mind and the body and playfully examines how gender, technology, capitalism and culture affect this relationship.
paper: 978-1-934909-454, $18.

Joanna Fuhrman, UGH UGH OCEAN
Born in New York City, Joanna Fuhrman has lived in Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Washington. She has taught poetry at the University of Washington, homeless shelters, and public schools. Her poems have appeared in such publications as: American Poetry: Next Generation, Lit, Hanging Loose, and New American Writing. Now living in Brooklyn, she teaches poetry through Teachers & Writers Collaborative and is the 2001-2003 coordinator for the Monday night readings at the Poetry Project at Saint Mark's Church in the East Village. Her first book, Freud in Brooklyn, was also published by Hanging Loose Press.
Poetry, 72 pages
TP: 978-1-931236-17-1, $13.
HC: 978-1-931236-18-8, $21

An “impressive first collection...Ms. Fuhrman’s poems show that when the poet has fun writing, readers will have fun, too.” -David Lehman, The Wall Street Journal. “Her use of image, sound and semantic nuance warms every page with the intricate brocade of human experience.” -John Olson, Rain Taxi.
Poetry, 68 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-72-0 $13.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-73-7 $21.00

Joanna Fuhrman,Moraine
“The poems in Joanna Fuhrman’s Moraine are just as layered and organic as the landforms alluded to in the title. Fuhrman sifts through the debris of modern day life and makes beautiful new sculptures with the rubble she finds. At home with the narrative, collage, and abstract leaps, her poetry is as unpredictable as it is inevitable. Fuhrman is a queen of drama, rather than a drama queen. A royal highness of storytelling, she reigns supreme in these polyphonic, textured, and generous poems.”—Denise Duhamel
Poetry :
paper, ISBN 1-931236-53-4 $15
HC ISBN 1-931236-54-2 $25

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Christien Gholson,ON THE SIDE OF THE CROW
“Christien Gholson writes like no one else—no one living, that is, as the writer he most resembles is Borges. These interrelated prose poems bristle with images that stun and burst into livid sudden fictions with each new line. An exquisite and exquisitely tight collection; Gholson creates a seamless world that wraps us in ourselves, a layered world, a woven world, a world that makes sense for all its incomprehensible acts. As inventive as Barry Yourgrau and as deep as Barry is light, On the Side of the Crow will make you see. Another excellent collection from one of America’s oldest and most exciting literary presses.”—Lorna Dee Cervantes
paper, ISBN 1-931236-55-0 $15.00
HC, ISBN 1-931236-56-9 $25.00

Merrill Gilfillan, GRASSHOPPER FALLS
“Precise, glistening prose....” -Publishers Weekly.
Fiction , 103 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-68-3 $13.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-69-0 $21.00

"John Gill's poems explore various alternate worlds. . . an engaging and impressive collection."--Robert Phillips, Small Press.
Poetry, 112 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-74-8, $12.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-75-5, $20.00.  

Leonard Gontarek, Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket, Shiva
ISBN: 978-1-934909-89-8 (pbk.) $18.00

Leonard Gontarek, He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Needs
Leonard Gontarek is the author of four books of poems: St. Genevieve Watching Over Paris, Van Morrison Can't Find His Feet, Zen For Beginners and Dj Vu Diner. His poems have appeared in the anthologies, The Best American Poetry, The Working Poet and Joyful Noise: American Spiritual Poetry. He conducts poetry workshops in the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership. He twice received poetry fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and was the 2011 Philadelphia Literary Death Match Champion.
paper, ISBN 978-1-934909-31-7 $18.00

Douglas Goetsch, NOBODY'S HELL
“...tender, yet aware, ironic, but open.” -Cornelius Eady.
Poetry, 88 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-60-7 $13.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-61-4 $21.00

paper, ISBN 978-1-931236-43-0 $15.00
HC, ISBN 978-1-931236-44-7 $25.00

Guillaume de Fonclare , Translated from the French by Yves Henri Cloarec Inside My Own Skin
This tiny gem of a personal narrative is a poignant and heartfelt account of one man's journey along the arc from despair to hope. It expresses a powerful lust for life brought face to face with daily physical pain. It is also a humanist book, identifying with those who have been struck to their core by the violence of war.
paper, ISBN 978-1934909-39-3 $18.00  

"A truly incredible poet. . . definitely good news."--Robert Creeley.
"No one today operates quite like Gustafson."--Chicago Daily News.
Poetry, 72 pages,
$14.00.ISBN 978-0-914610-03-8.  

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Ha Jin's journey has taken him from a rural provincial village to the People's Army, through the Cultural Revolution, then to Chinese and American universities and, finally, to Emory University in Georgia, where he teaches English.
"These poems are unflinchingly lucid, luminous, brave, and the shadows faced in this book are faced with a powerful light."--Thomas Lux.
"A master of lyric."--Asianweek.
"A mind and heart fresh to significance."--Olga Broumas.
Poetry, 72 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-24-9, $18.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-25-6, $28.00.

Wreckage is Ha Jin's third book of poetry. Thomas Lux has written: "These poems are unflinchingly lucid, luminous, brave.", and The Boston Globe has praised his "power." This new collection shows Ha Jin at the top of his form.
Poetry , 104 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-97-3 $14.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-98-0 $22.00

Caroline Hagood, Making Maxine's Baby
Caroline Hagood is a Teaching Fellow and English Ph.D. candidate at Fordham University. Her first collection of poetry, Lunatic Speaks came out in 2012. She has also written on film and literature for the Guardian, the Economist, Salon, and the Huffington Post. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son. Making Maxine's Baby tells the story of Maxine, a homeless woman who lives in the New York City subway system. The book follows Maxine's surreal journey through city and
paper, ISBN 973-194909-46-1 $18.00

Kimiko Hahn, VOLATILE
This collection affirms her well-paced position in poetry and is destined to enrich the art with its power, perception and language.” -Peter Ong. “She is one of our strongest poets.” -Harvey Shapiro.
Poetry, 88 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-56-0 $13.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-57-7 $21.00

Kimiko Hahn, EARSHOT
"Her poetry intoxicates you with her sexual passion, her rigorous intelligence, and the luminous quality of her writing."--Jessica Hagedorn.
Poetry, 96 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-83-0, $10.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-84-7, $18.00.(Out Of Print)

Kimiko Hahn, AIR POCKET
First book.
"Kimiko Hahn is so good in so many different ways, it would be impossible not to wish her well."--Vijay Seshadri, Poetry Project Newsletter.
Poetry, 64 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-51-9, $10.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-52-6, $16.00.(Out Of Print)

"Very imaginative and witty. . ."--Maxine Kumin.
"A splendid collection. . . where the hope for literature resides."--Laurel Speer, Small Press Review.
"Highly worthwhile."--Choice.
Prose poems, 80 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-76-2, $10.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-0-914610-80-9, $18.00. (Out Of Print) 

Robert Hershon, Goldfish and Rose
This is Robert Hershon's thirteenth poetry collection, his other most recent titles being Calls from the Outside World and The German Lunatic. His work has appeared in American Poetry Review, The Brooklyn Rail, Vanitas, The Nation, and The Recluse, among many others, and he has written for the websites of The Poetry Foundation and Best American Poetry. He is co-editor of Hanging Loose Press. Hershon has won two fellowships from The National Endowment for the Arts and three from the New York Foundation for the Arts. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Donna Brook. Poetry
paper, ISBN 978-1-934909-30-0 $18.00

Robert Hershon, Calls from the Outside World
“Bob Hershon’s unsentimental eye for the touchingly odd, the amusingly odd, and the odd that needs correcting because it represents an important failure on the part of a person or a society is everywhere present in this terrific new book. Hershon is the Master of Brooklyn, Baseball, The Movies, Childhood, Restaurants, European Travel, and a lot besides. These funny, trenchant poems both enrich and ennoble our daily lives.”—Charles North
paper, ISBN 1-931236-57-7 $15.00
HC, ISBN 1-931236-58-5 $25.00

“The latest example of Robert Hershon’s impish wit with its trenchant edge.” -David Lehman, The Wall Street Journal. “He is utterly at ease on the page: amused and amusing, conversational and philosophical.” -Donna Seaman, Booklist.
Poetry, 103 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-70-6 $13.00
cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-71-3 $21.00

Robert Hershon, INTO A PUNCHLINE: POEMS 1984-1994
"Ten years of down-home poems that stay put. . . it doesn't get any better."--Robert Creeley.
"Direct and intelligent. . . wise and compassionate. . . a joyous celebration of city life."--Joel Lewis, Forward
Poetry, 96 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-06-5, $10.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-07-2, $18.00.  

Robert Hershon, A BLUE SHOVEL
Hershon is "like an engaging Thoreau who wants to see what's right there, in the immediate world."--Robert Peters, Small Press Review.
Poetry, 78 pages,
$6.00 ISBN 978-0-914610-14-4.  

"Both wildly funny and deeply serious, that rarest and most precious of qualities possessed only by first-rate satirists."--David Wagoner. Published by SUN.
Poetry, 60 pages, $7.00.

Robert Hershon, Emmett Jarrett, Dick Lourie, Marge Piercy, 4 TELLING
"There should be more books like this anthology."--Library Journal. (Originally published by The Crossing Press)
Poetry, 67 pages, $20.00 (rare). 

Also available by Robert Hershon:  
THE PUBLIC HUG: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, Louisiana State University Press, $12.00.
GROCERY LISTS, The Crossing Press, $10.00.  

Yukihide Maeshima Hartman, A COLORING BOOK
Born in Japan and long prominent in the New York poetry world,
"Yuki Hartman orders his images around with temerity of a lion tamer. He's as gifted a poet as they come."--Charles North.
"What a wonderful poet Yuki Hartman is. His poems have a rare expressiveness. With his loose style and intense vision, his exuberance and intelligence, wild humor and quiet sense of irony, he is one of the best poets writing in New York today."--Paul Violi.
Poetry, 81 pages.
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-26-3, $12.00.
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-27-0, $20.00.

Edith Hodgkinson, SEASON'S EDGE
A powerful first collection by a young Berkeley poet.
"Hodgkinson has a wild will and a way about her."--Contact II.
Poetry, 34 pages,
$4.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-22-9.  

"How difference differs us, and how all difference is divided within--these are the themes that Cathy Hong weaves with her lean language throughout these poems. But it's compassion above all that drives them. We're always aware of their deeply and demandingly human core. This is a stunning book; it speaks with a meticulous anger that Hong has polished into wry insight and eye-opening delight."--Cole Swenson
Poetry, 72 pages
paper, ISBN 978-1-931236-11-9 $17
cloth, ISBN 978-1-931236-12-6 $27

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Hoyt Jacobs, Translating Requiem
Poems and translations by Hoyt Jacobs.
Poetry, ISBN: 978-1-934909-88-1 (pbk.) $18.00  

Emmett Jarrett, GOD'S BODY
This collection, by a co-founder of HL, stands out for its maturity, depth, and range.
Poetry, 33 pages, $4.00. ISBN 978-0-914610-05-2.  

Hettie Jones, Doing Seventy
Doing 70 is Hettie Jones’s third collection, following All Told and the prize-winning Drive. Her celebrated memoir of the Beat Scene, How I Became Hettie Jones, is regarded as a model of the genre, and she has published many other books for children and adults, including No Woman No Cry, with Rita Marley. A longtime resident of Manhattan’s East Village, Jones lectures widely and teaches at The New School and the 92nd Street Y Poetry Center.
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-931236-72-0, $15
Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-931236-73-7, $25.

Hettie Jones, ALL TOLD 
All Told adds to the achievement of Drive, Hettie Jones’s prize-winning first collection. Her celebrated memoir of the Beat Scene, How I Became Hettie Jones, is widely regarded as a model of the genre and she has published many other books for adults and children. A longtime resident of Manhattan’s East Village, she teaches in colleges as well as community institutions and prisons, and is currently at The New School, Eugene Lang College, and the 92nd Street Y Poetry Center..
Paper: TP 978-1-931236-19-8, $14.
HC: ISBN 978-1-931236-20-4, $22

Hettie Jones, DRIVE
Drive is Hettie Jones' first full collection of poems, following two earlier chapbooks, Having Been Her and For Four Hetties. Her celebrated memoir of the Beat scene, How I Became Hettie Jones, is currently available in paperback, and she has published many books for children and young adults, including the award-winning Big Star Fallin' Mama and The Trees Stand Shining. "She knows where all the pedals are but hardly needs them. She flies with language, and there's an unleaded heart in her tank."--Lawrence Ferlinghetti. "Deeply personal and strongly political … a potent and fearless poet."--Booklist
Winner of the Poetry Society of America’s Norma Farber First Book Award.
Poetry, 104 pages
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-50-8, $12.00
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-51-5, $20.00

Hettie Jones, ed., ALIENS AT THE BORDER. Poems from the Writing Workshop at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility which Hettie Jones led for some 15 years. "A gathering of remarkable voices. This collection is a testament to the fact that the mind and the heart cannot be confined." -- Chuck Wachtel. "This small miracle of a book is not what people expect 'prison writing' to be. Each of these women has a unique voice, and the writing is luminous, surprisingly lyrical, tender, and hopeful as a candle in the dark." -- Bibi Wein.
Poetry, ISBN 978-0-937804-66-7, $8.00



"I unreservedly endorse their constant wit, their restless humor, their self-effacing immodesty, their toughly earned joy."--Agha Shahid Ali. "Kashner's poetry flourishes..."--John Ashbery
Poetry, 80pages
Paper, ISBN 978-1-882413-38-6, $12.00
Cloth, ISBN 978-1-882413-39-3, $20.00

"A poet to keep an eye on...very much akin to the work of Octavio Paz and cesar Vallejo." --Choice.
Poetry, 93pages
Paper, ISBN 978-0-914610-07-6, $10.00

David Kirby, A Wilderness of Monkeys
DAVID KIRBY is the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of English at Florida State University. A Johns Hopkins PhD, he has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, and his work appears regularly in the Best American Poetry and Pushcart Prize volumes. Kirby is the author of numerous books, including The House on Boulevard St.: New and Selected Poems, which was a finalist for the 2007 National Book Award in poetry. His Little Richard: The Birth of Rock 'n' Roll was named one of Booklist's Top 10 Black History Non-Fiction Books of 2010, and the Times Literary Supplement called it "a hymn of praise to the emancipatory power of nonsense."

ISBN: 978-1934909-43-0 (pbk.) $18.00

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